Limited Paper: Bottleneck Gallery Prepares ALTERNATE ENDING, Featuring New Artwork From Godmachine, Mark Englert, and More!

by     Posted 2 years, 9 days ago


With the Mayan Apocalypse just a few weeks away, almost all of Limited Paper’s favorite artists and galleries are working  overtime to get their last round of posters and screenprints out the door before (zombies burst out of the ground/bombs start dropping/the Rapture begins and Kirk Cameron becomes the smuggest guy on the planet).  Getting an early lead on everyone else are our friends at NYC’s Bottleneck Gallery, whose Alternate Ending show opens on Friday.

With new artwork from Godmachine, Mark Englert, Mark Lone, and others, the show looks like a strong showing built around a fun and interesting “What If…?” style concept.  We’re pumped.  Wanna see some prints from that show, find out who else will have artwork debuting at the show?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

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