Warner Bros. to Offer Movies via Facebook

     March 8, 2011

Warner Bros. plans to begin streaming its movies through Facebook.  Facebook users will be able to rent and stream movies by spending Facebook credits and the studio plans to expand the program in the future to include purchasing as well …

New Banner for TRON LEGACY

     December 16, 2009

Above you will see the new banner for Disney’s upcoming 3D action flick Tron Legacy and like the previous marketing we’ve seen for the film, it looks very, very cool. The banner was originally released to ten lucky Tron Legacy …

Adam Lambert Exclusive Video Interview 2012

     November 19, 2009

Opening this Friday is director Roland Emmerich’s 2012.  As most of you have seen in commercials and trailers, 2012 is about a global cataclysm that causes massive destruction to our planet.  If you’re keeping count, this is Emmerich’s third time …