New Details Revealed about FINDING DORY Setting; Movie Is Mostly Set at One Location

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Last year, we reported that Pixar’s Finding Dory would be about the forgetful fish (Ellen DeGeneres) trying to find her parents with the help of Marlin (Albert Brooks) and Nemo.  We also learned that her story would take the trio from the Great Barrier Reef to along the California coastline.  Granted, the film is still far off and a lot can change when it comes to an animated movie, but it’s not a premise, especially if you have Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy voicing Dory’s parents.  There was also word that the movie would take place at an aquatic park, and that the ending was tweaked in response to the outcry from the heart-wrenching documentary Blackfish, which is about the abuse of orcas at Sea World.

Now a recent interview with Pixar President Jim Morris has provided new details regarding one of the film’s major settings and how it affects the plot.  Hit the jump for more.  Finding Dory opens June 17, 2016.

Pixar Delays THE GOOD DINOSAUR Over a Year to November 25, 2015 and Pushes FINDING DORY to June 17, 2016; MALEFICENT Moved Up to May 30, 2014

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Disney has made a couple of significant release date shifts in its upcoming calendar, one of which could mean that 2014 will pass entirely without a new Pixar movie.  Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur, which just recently saw director Bob Peterson removed from the project, has been moved off its May 30, 2014 date and pushed over a year and a half to November 25, 2015.  This is a massive change and, barring another move from Pixar, could mean that 2014 will be the first year since 2005 without a new Pixar movie.  This isn’t an altogether surprising move, since The Good Dinosaur only just lost its director this summer with only nine months to go before the film’s planned release.  The pic still doesn’t have a firm replacement director, but now Pixar can comfortably move forward without the stress and rush of getting TGD into theaters in a matter of months.

Hit the jump for more release date shift news, including Finding Dory and Maleficent. [Update: Disney has also announced that The Fifth Estate will now open on October 18th wide and the sports drama McFarland has been dated for November 21, 2014.]

Could 2015 Be the Biggest Movie Year Ever?

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With this weekend’s holiday comes the official close of the 2013 Summer Movie Season.  We’ve seen our share of flops (The Lone Ranger), hits (Iron Man 3), and surprises (Now You See Me), and while there are definitely some exciting films on tap for next year, keen fans have already started looking excitedly at 2015.  Why skip over an entire year, you ask?  Well, if all goes according to plan, 2015 will see a perfect storm of sorts, as a crazy number of massive franchises are poised to launch some highly anticipated properties.  Two years from now, The Avengers follow-up will square off against Batman vs. Superman, and a brand new Star Wars film is poised to open alongside the long-promised Jurassic Park sequel.

As the Labor Day weekend is normally a time of relaxation, we thought it might be fun to look ahead to the craziness that will ensue two years from now.  Hit the jump as we run down the nutty release schedule for 2015, including what we know about each film thus far.

Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy to Voice Dory’s Parents in FINDING DORY; Ending Reportedly Changed Due to Controversial BLACKFISH Documentary [UPDATED]

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Pixar made some exciting announcements at its D23 panel earlier today, and in addition to revealing the voice casts for the upcoming films The Good Dinosaur and Inside Out, the studio also revealed a couple of cast additions to the highly anticipated sequel Finding DoryFinding Nemo director Andrew Stanton returns to the director’s chair, and the story takes place roughly a year after the events of the film and focuses on Dory’s quest to find her parents.  Voicing said parents will be none other than Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy, with Modern Family star Ty Burrell also onboard to play a young Beluga whale.

Hit the jump for more, including why the ending of the film has reportedly been changed.  Beware of possible minor spoilers. [Update: We've added concept art and the official logline for the film after the jump as well.]

FINDING NEMO 2 to Be Titled FINDING DORY, and Released on November 25, 2015; Takes Place One Year after FINDING NEMO [Updated with Video]

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Whether you agree or disagree with the wisdom of creating a sequel to Finding Nemo, the film is happening, and now it has an official title.  Disney-Pixar has announced that the new film will be entitled Finding Dory, and will be released on November 25, 2015.  As the title implies, the new movie will have a lot more of the forgetful fish (Ellen DeGeneres), and according to director Andrew Stanton, “One thing we couldn’t stop thinking about was why she was all alone in the ocean on the day she met Marlin. In Finding Dory, she will be reunited with her loved ones, learning a few things about the meaning of family along the way.”  The new movie will take place one year after the events of the first movie, and will bring back not only Marlin (Albert Brooks) and Nemo, but also the Tank Gang as well as other characters.  The story will also take place partially along the California coastline.

Going back and watching Finding Nemo last year, I fell in love with Dory all over again, and her line, “When I’m with you, I’m home,” makes me tear up every time.  Although Pixar recently went on a streak of sequels and prequels (Toy Story 3, Cars 2, and Monsters University), Finding Dory will be their first sequel after the original features The Good Dinosaur (May 30, 2014) and the Untitled Movie That Takes You Inside the Mind (June 19, 2015).  I also wouldn’t be surprised if Pixar ultimately pushes Finding Dory behind Lee Unkrich‘s Untitled Dia de los Muertos movie, which is currently slated for 2016.  Hit the jump for the press release. [Update: We've updated the article with a video of DeGeneres announcing the film.]

Albert Brooks Closes Deal to Return for FINDING NEMO 2; Disney Gives Director Andrew Stanton Another Shot at Live-Action

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This summer will see the return of some of the most famous characters from Pixar’s catalogue with the prequel Monsters University, but in a few years the studio is poised to revive its most popular film yet: Finding Nemo.  We learned last July that Finding Nemo director Andrew Stanton had signed on to helm Finding Nemo 2 as the follow-up to his infamous live-action debut John Carter (it’s really a good movie!), and shortly thereafter Ellen Degeneres signed on to reprise the character of Dory.  Now, six months later, the other major piece of the puzzle has fallen into place as Albert Brooks has finally closed his deal to return.  Hit the jump for more, including the possibility of another live-action film from Stanton.

Andrew Stanton Reflects on JOHN CARTER’s Reception and Explains Why He’s Next Directing FINDING NEMO 2

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For better or worse, John Carter will go down as one of the most talked-about films of 2012.  The sci-fi epic was an ambitious undertaking in its conceit—a feature film adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ 1912 novel has eluded a multitude of filmmakers over the years—but the $250 million film served as the live-action directorial debut of Pixar’s Andrew Stanton.  The co-writer/director had plenty of clout in the animation world with smashing box office and critical successes like Finding Nemo and Wall-E under his belt, but John Carter was an absolutely massive live-action undertaking to cut his teeth on.

As we well know, the film was not the franchise-starter that Disney was hoping for.  Reviews were mixed, but the pic opened to a dismal $30 million and went on to nab a domestic total of just $73 million through its entire U.S. run. With some distance from the pic’s opening and reception, Stanton recently sat down to candidly reflect on the experience and talk about returning to Pixar for a Finding Nemo sequel.  Hit the jump to see what he had to say.

Ellen DeGeneres Returning to Voice Dory in FINDING NEMO 2

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Ellen DeGeneres will just keep swimming as she’s set to reprise her voice acting role as the forgetful fish Dory in Andrew Stanton‘s Finding Nemo 2.  We reported last month that Pixar’s highest-grossing film was getting a sequel, although we won’t be seeing it until 2016.  According to THR, “DeGeneres has not been quiet about her desire to see a Nemo sequel come to fruition, making multiple mentions on her popular syndicated talk show.”  DeGeneres is the first piece of casting for Nemo 2, and while the first film has lots of popular characters, I’m wondering if Pixar is trying to make sure they can lock down Albert Brooks to reprise his role as Marlin.  No plot details are known about the sequel, and Victoria Strouse (October Road) is currently working on the script.

The first Finding Nemo has received a 3D post-conversion, and will arrive in theaters on September 14th.

Andrew Stanton to Direct FINDING NEMO 2; May Direct Another Live-Action Feature for Disney

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Writer/director Andrew Stanton has been behind some of the very best films in Pixar’s repertoire (and that’s saying something).  He co-wrote Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3, and Monsters Inc., and he wrote and directed the magnificent one-two punch of Finding Nemo and Wall-E.  Stanton made his live-action debut earlier this year with the criminally underseen sci-fi epic John Carter, and now it looks like he’ll be returning to Pixar for his next feature, Finding Nemo 2.  Hit the jump for more.

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