Bruce Willis Confirmed to Star in Action Thriller FIVE AGAINST THE BULLET

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While producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has been touting Bruce Willis as the potential star of the upcoming action film Five Against the Bullet for quite some time now, Columbia Pictures finally confirmed Willis’ involvement today. The story “centers on a Mexican politician who, after his father is killed by a drug cartel, hires the five best bodyguards from around the world to protect him through a contentious election.” Willis is expected to play one of the bodyguards in the pic, which di Bonaventura hopes will pay homage to films like The Wild Bunch and The Magnificent Seven:

“There are five really great characters, so that’s what’s really fun. There’s actually a sixth character that is sort of a cameo that’s really interesting too. I think we’re going to be able to put together a very eclectic international cast.”

It’ll be interesting to see what actors they surround Willis with now that they’ve (presumably) got their centerpiece for the team of bodyguards. The actor is next set to star in A Good Day to Die Hard, which recently cast Jai Courtney as John McClane’s son. Hit the jump to read the full press release regarding Five Against the Bullet.

Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura Talks MAN ON A LEDGE, LAST STAND, and FIVE AGAINST THE BULLET; Confirms RED 2 and TRANSFORMERS 4

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Since his days as president of production at Warner Bros., producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura had wanted to turn the script for Man on a Ledge into a film. He felt there was an inherent drama to the idea and saw it as a movie where things keep turning on themselves. There was something gripping about the idea of a man on a ledge and whether he was going to jump or not. What attracted him to the script was the potential for impending catastrophe and the possibility for a strong interactivity between the guy on the ledge and the people down below on the ground.

We sat down with di Bonaventura at a roundtable interview recently to talk about how he came aboard to help produce this film. He told us about the similarities Man on a Ledge shares with Red, why it’s dangerous to make movies that have disparate tones, why he would not have made the project without Sam Worthington, and why he enjoys making both smaller, intimate films like this and huge, spectacular films like Transformers. He also confirmed there will be a Red 2 and a Transformers 4, discussed his Arnold Schwarzenegger project, Last Stand, which South Korean director Jee-woon Kim is currently filming, and revealed his plans to make a Western with Bruce Willis entitled Five Against the Bullet.

Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura Says Bruce Willis Will Likely Star in FIVE AGAINST THE BULLET

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Lorenzo di Bonaventura is one of the more prolific producers in Hollywood.  In addition to producing the Transformers franchise and Red, di Bonaventura also produced the upcoming thriller Man on a Ledge.  Our correspondent Sheila Roberts was able to speak with di Bonaventura during a roundtable conversation at the press junket for Man on a Ledge and while we’ll have the full conversation up closer to the film’s release, we wanted to share a few tidbits with you today. In addition to confirming development on Transformers 4, the producer revealed that Bruce Willis is likely to star in the shoot-em up Five Against the Bullet.  Hit the jump for the details.

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