Collider Attends a FLASHFOWARD Pilot Screening – Read Richard’s Reaction Plus Info from the Q & A

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Whenever normal people hear the phrase “science fiction,” they run for the hills and never look back.  I am not one of those people, so it was with great pleasure that I accepted an invitation to see an advanced screening of the pilot for ABC’s new series FlashForward at the Arclight in Hollywood, followed by a Q & A with the producers and much of the cast.

Like the brilliant Lost and Battlestar Galactica before it, FlashForward is not your typical sci-fi and it should appeal to geeks and normal’s alike.  The makers of this show understand that it’s human drama and not cool visuals that make for compelling science fiction.  Set your phasers on fun and read more after the jump!

ABC Has A Quick Flash of FLASH FORWARD; The First 17 Minutes Now Online

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ABC has just posted its first look at a new series created by “The Dark Knight” scribe David S. Goyer. The new show “Flash Forward” takes place in a reality where every individual in the entire world has seen a glimpse of his or her future, and the predictions aren’t pretty. Check out the first 17 minutes for yourself, and catch my thoughts on the preview, after the jump.

Report on ABC’s New Show FLASH FORWARD From Comic-Con

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Flash Forward ABC TV show image (4).jpg

Flash Forward, the new sci-fi show for ABC, premiered the opening fifteen minutes at Comic Con, and the cast and crew were there to talk about it.

Produced and co-written by David S. Goyer (of Batman Begins fame) and Marc Guggenheim (writer for Marvel Comics and the upcoming Green Lantern movie) the show is a science fiction story about what happens when everyone in the world suddenly blacks out and has visions of events six months in their future. It stars Joseph Fiennes, John Cho, and Dominic Monaghan. Read a description of the footage, plus the thoughts of the creators, after the jump.

First Look at ABC’s V and FLASH FORWARD

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monica_baccarin_tv_image_abc_V_01.jpgWith their upfront presentation, ABC has revealed clips from two of their upcoming shows: “Flash Forward” and the remake of the miniseries “V”.

I have little familiarity with the original “V” beyond knowing that it’s about an alien race that at first appears benevolent and then not so much.  With this new look, I’ll say I don’t care if Monica Baccarin is attractive (short hair aside).  No one is good looking enough to look down on me from the underside of their spaceship with a massive HDTV, tell me “Don’t panic,” and then not have me panic the fuck out.

What does look intriguing is how these two clips, the aliens are playing to the vanity of man and using powers of manipulation which I think is far more interesting than “We will blast the ever-loving fuck out of your planet with giant lasers.”

Check out the clips for “V” as well as my thoughts on the clip for “Flash Forward” after the jump.

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