FLASH GORDON Movie Rights Secured by Fox

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Twentieth Century Fox has secured the rights to Flash Gordon from Hearst Entertainment, with John Davis producing and Star Trek 3 scribes J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay.  First published 80 years ago in a sci-fi adventure comic strip from Alex Raymond, the title hero is a handsome athlete and Yale grad who rockets to the planet Mongo with his faithful companions to put a stop to the evil ruler, Ming the Merciless.  George Nolfi penned a treatment of the reboot and is now on board as producer.  Hit the jump for more.

Over 40 Pictures from Mondo’s Martin Ansin and Kevin Tong Gallery Show in Austin

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Just another week after Mondo’s hit Disney gallery show Nothing’s Impossible where over 300 people were in line by the show’s opening, Mondo had another hit on their hands with the Martin Ansin/Kevin Tong show.  Around 150 people were in line before opening, but it was still just as amazing as the Disney show.  Hot properties such as Robocop, Scott Pilgrim versus the World, and Flash Gordon were all displayed and for sale.  Hit the jump for photos from inside the gallery.

New MONDO Posters for PSYCHO, FLASH GORDON, ALIEN, and More by Kevin Tong and Martin Ansin

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Coming off the tremendous success of their Disney gallery, Mondo will be following it up with another big show.  This one will focus on sci-fi, fantasy, and horror with a bent towards emulating classic movie posters.  The artists handling the work will be two of my personal favorites, Kevin Tong and Martin Ansin.  The films they’ve chosen to do include Psycho, Flash Gordon, and Alien as well as more recent stuff such as Prometheus and a variant of the poster for Hannibal.  Unsurprisingly, these posters are gorgeous (I’m particularly enamored of Kevin Tong’s poster for Psycho) and will likely be snapped up in a heartbeat when the gallery opens on Friday.

Hit the jump to check out the posters that have been released so far.

The Full and Unedited Interview with Producer Neal H. Moritz – Read or Listen Here

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Neal Moritz slice (1).jpg

About two weeks ago, I sat down with producer Neal H. Moritz for an awesome interview where we talked about everything he has in development and how he got into making movies.  Due to how long the interview was, I ran many articles under the headline “Seven Days With Neal Moritz”, and broke up each part by what movies we covered.

Due to how successful the articles were, I figured some of you might want to read the entire interview as it actually happened.  Also, I’m a huge fan of listening to what people have to say and not reading it as a transcript, so besides the full interview, after the jump you can also get the audio.

During the interview we talked about 3D, R.I.P.D., the Highlander reboot, Fast and the Furious 5/6, Shane Black’s Doc Savage, his remake of Total Recall, Flash Gordon, Battle: Los Angeles, Green Hornet, Jack the Giant Killer, Preacher, S.W.A.T. 2, the remake of Escape From New York, Man-Witch, The Boys, Sinbad, and so much more.  It’s an awesome interview and one I cannot recommend enough:

Exclusive: Producer Neal Moritz on Shane Black’s DOC SAVAGE, the Remake of TOTAL RECALL, and FLASH GORDON

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Exclusive Producer Neal Moritz on Shane Black DOC SAVAGE, the Remake of TOTAL RECALL, and FLASH GORDON.jpg

While some of you might have thought I was done with “Seven Days with Producer Neal Moritz,” trust me, I’m just getting warmed up.  Last week I posted what he said about R.I.P.D., Fast and the Furious 5/6 and his remake of Highlander, and tonight’s it’s an update on Shane Black’s Doc Savage, his remake of Total Recall, and what’s up with Flash Gordon.

The quick update is he’s waiting on scripts for all three projects but says he’s about to get Doc Savage and Total Recall.  He went on to say that Shane Black did some work on the Battle: Los Angeles script and while he’s tried to attach him to many projects, it was his love for Doc Savage that finally reeled him in.

And regarding the remake of Total Recall, Moritz said Kurt Wimmer is writing the script and it’s going to be closer to the Philip K. Dick story, We Can Remember It for You Wholesale, than a remake of the Schwarzenegger movie.  He also says they’re not going to Mars but I forgot to ask  if Quato is in the movie.  I hope he is.  Hit the jump for his exact quotes:

Exclusive: Producer Neal H. Moritz on FAST AND THE FURIOUS 5 and 6! Plus Info on the HIGHLANDER Reboot

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Neal Moritz slice (2).jpg

Over the past few months I’ve landed interviews with a few movie producers (Mike De Luca, Dan Lin) that have a lot of projects in development.  Since the interviews cover so many movies, I’ve called the series “Seven Days With…” so I can break down each interview into smaller sections.  While you may have thought the series was over…it was only because I’ve been trying to land my next interviewee and today begins “Seven Days With Producer Neal H. Moritz.”

If you look over Moritz’s IMDb profile, you’ll see he’s producing some huge projects like Doc Savage, Man-Witch, Hench, 21 Jump Street, Jack the Giant Killer, xXx, Battle: Los Angeles, Green Hornet, Flash Gordon, and so many other movies it would be impossible to list them all here.  All you need to know is…over the next week, you can expect tons of updates on almost everything he’s involved with and what he thinks about 3D, how he got started as a producer, and so much more.

While I debated where to start “Seven Days With Neal Moritz”, I went with his very popular franchise and a another franchise that’s about to get a reboot:  Fast and the Furious and Highlander! So if you’re curious about either series, hit the jump for info on Fast and the Furious 5 and 6 as well as what’s up with the reboot of Highlander:

Director Breck Eisner Exclusive Interview THE CRAZIES – Plus an Update on FLASH GORDON

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The Crazies movie poster slice.jpg

Opening on February 26 is The Crazies, Overture Films’ remake of the 1973 George Romero film of the same name.  Starring Timothy Olyphant, Radha Mitchell, and Danielle Panabaker, it centers on a small town whose residents become infected by a virus that causes them to go…well, you know.  Recently, I got the opportunity to do a phone interview with the film’s director, Breck Eisner.  Hit the jump to get his thoughts on remaking Romero, his philosophy on constructing an effective horror movie, an update on his upcoming Flash Gordon reboot, and more.

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