Watch: Ellen Page and Kate Mara Are TINY DETECTIVES in Funny or Die Spoof

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The amount of coverage on the upcoming second season of HBO’s anthology series True Detective has been, well, intense.  Just about every actor on the planet was reported as being on a shortlist, in talks, circling, or eyed for a role in the new season, and while the cast is nearly set with Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn confirmed, Rachel McAdams holding an offer for the female lead, and Taylor Kitsch expected to take a supporting role, speculation continues for a few more unspecified parts.  While we await further development on that front, the excellent duo of Ellen Page and Kate Mara have thrown their hats into the ring for a spinoff of sorts, Tiny Detectives.  The title of the new Funny or Die short is pretty self-explanatory, and yes it’s a very simple joke, but that doesn’t make it any less funny.

See for yourself by watching the Tiny Detectives video starring Page and Mara after the jump.

Derek Huff (Adam Scott) from STEP BROTHERS Bros Out and Rails Against Health Care

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It looks unlikely that we’ll ever get Step Brothers 2, but Funny or Die is giving us the next best thing.  Adam Scott has reprised his role as douchebag brother Derek Huff, who bros out with Mark Cuban, Jeff Probst, and Chris Daughtry.  But more importantly, Derek has got a bone to pick with health care.  With tough guy bravado, Derek proceeds to rattle off all the ways he’s injured himself and ruined his life.  This is ultimately in service of promoting, and while it probably won’t be quite as successful as the Between Two Ferns episode with Barack Obama, I’m all for anything that gets people to sign up.  It also helps that the video is pretty damn funny.

Hit the jump to check out the video.


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Last night I managed to pull myself away from Titanfall long enough to check out Veronica Mars which, surprisingly enough, is playing in a theater within an hour of me. As a fan of the series, the movie hit every note I could have asked for but also confirmed my suspicion that Mars is best suited for the type of long-form storytelling that television permits. Creator/director Rob Thomas does an admirable job of bringing us up to speed on the lives of our favorite Neptune characters against the backdrop of a ten year high school reunion. That said, 107 minutes doesn’t leave much time for breathing in between the introduction, mystery set-up, and resolution. I often felt rushed through the process, longing for 20-22 episodes for Veronica to crack the case as opposed to 75 minutes or so. This small gripe aside, Veronica Mars is a movie made for the fans (and, in no small financial part, by the fans) and I can’t imagine anyone who loved the series walking away from it disappointed by anything other than the fact that it had to end too soon.

We’ll talk a little more about VM in this week’s Top 5 which also includes a considerable amount of Captain America: The Winter Soldier content, our SXSW 2014 coverage, interviews for and Matt’s review of Need for Speed, and President Barack Obama‘s hilarious appearance on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis. Keep doing what you’re doing for a brief recap and link to each of the above.

Barack Obama and Zach Galifianakis Trade Insults on New Episode of BETWEEN TWO FERNS

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On the latest episode of Between Two Ferns, Zach Galifianakis welcomed his most prestigious guest by far, President Barack Obama.  I forgot how relaxed and charming Obama could be, especially after last year’s non-stop series of setbacks and debacles as well as the general misery of being President (if I told you I was going to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to get a job where millions of people would hate me and I would be constantly frustrated and hamstrung, you would think I was crazy).  Obama went on the popular web series to plug the Affordable Healthcare Act specifically to young people, who need to sign up and help lower premiums (as well as help themselves; healthcare companies suck, but going broke because you have no healthcare sucks more).  Thankfully, this plug was done in a hilarious manner as the two men exchange insults, and I highly encourage you to watch.

Hit the jump to check out the episode, and click here to go to  Also, if the comments section didn’t explode with angry, ill-informed political opinions, I would really appreciate it.

Watch: DOWNTON ABBEY’s Michelle Dockery Is NOT Lady Mary in Funny or Die’s TOUGH JUSTICE with Michael Chiklis

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The fourth season of Downton Abbey kicked off last night here in the U.S. to record-breaking ratings, but star Michelle Dockery is ready to stretch her acting chops a bit with something decidedly different: a cop show.  Funny or Die has released a “trailer” for a TNT series called Tough Justice starring Dockery and Michael Chiklis as mismatched cops, and it seems that Dockery is having some trouble fully letting go of her Downton role as Lady Mary, even in the modern world of hardened cops.  The sketch is really funny and shows that Dockery has some serious skills as a comedic actress.  How long before SNL comes calling?  Hit the jump to watch the video.

New Installment of Zach Galifianakis’ BETWEEN TWO FERNS Features Samuel L. Jackson, Tobey Maguire, and Arcade Fire

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Every time Zach Galifianakis does another Between Two Ferns, it’s cause for much rejoicing.  We haven’t seen a new one in about eight months, but Christmas and Kwanzaa are coming a little bit early this year with a special holiday edition.  This time, Galifanakis’ guests are Samue L. Jack’s Son and Toby (Maguire) along with musical guest Arcade Fire doing a rendition of “Little Drummer Boy”.  It’s as weird, awkward, and funny as we’ve come to expect from this series.

Hit the jump to check out the video.

Zach Galifianakis’ BETWEEN TWO FERNS – Oscar Edition: Part 2 Featuring Jessica Chastain, Sally Field, and Bradley Cooper

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Yesterday, we showed you Part 1 of Zach GalifianakisBetween Two Ferns – Oscar Edition.  Today, Part 2 has gone online and features his interviews with Jessica Cheststain (0 Dark 30), Sally Field (Linkin Park), and Brad Lee Cooper (Silver Lining Cookbook).  Between the two parts, I enjoyed this one more because Galifianakis gets a little more time to play off his guest, especially his Hangover co-star Cooper. There’s also a special surprise by a certain Lewis.

Hit the jump to check out the latest episode of Between Two Ferns.

Zach Galifianakis’ BETWEEN TWO FERNS – Oscar Edition: Part 1 Featuring Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, and More

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It’s been about ten months since the last episode of Funny or Die series Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis, but I guess to make up for the delay, they’re breaking out all the stars.  In the first of a two-part “Oscar Edition”, the show’s guests include Jennifer Lawrence (Silver Linings Playbook), Naomi Watts (The Impossible), Christ of Waltz (Django Unchained), Anne Halfway (French Movie), and Amys Adams (The Master).  Watching these brief interviews, I wish they were expanded out into full segments, but I’ll take as much of Between Two Ferns as I can get.

Hit the jump to check out the latest episode of Between Two Ferns.

Anne Hathaway and Samuel L. Jackson Have a “Sad Off” in New Funny or Die Video

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Anne Hathaway and Samuel L. Jackson are in a competition of sorts since they both have movies coming out on Christmas Day—Les Miserables and Django Unchained, respectively.  In a new Funny or Die video, the two actors decide to have a straight-up competition with a “Sad Off” in order to decide whose movie is more depressing.  Having seen both films, Les Miserables is easily more depressing and Django Unchained is a borderline comedy (there’s one scene that could have been in Blazing Saddles).  But really, their war of words boils down to which is worse: slavery or prostitution.  Despite the dark subject matter, the sketch is pretty damn hilarious, especially since Jackson builds the best gingerbread house ever.

Hit the jump to check out the video.

Don Cheadle’s Captain Planet Grows Power-Hungry in Funny or Die Sequel Video

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A little over a year ago, Don Cheadle took on the role of Captain Planet in a hilariously ridiculous Funny or Die video.  The spoof came hot on the heels of the news that a live-action adaptation of the Captain Planet animated series was in the works, and skillfully pointed out how horribly wrong that idea can go.  Cheadle has once again donned the tights for a sequel Captain Planet video, but this time the character has grown into an environmentally conscious dictator with a penchant for turning everyone into trees.  I actually think this one’s even funnier than the first video, and it features a nice return cameo from Efren Ramirez as the last remaining Planeteer.

Hit the jump to see Captain Planet take humanity down to zero.

Larry David Shares a Thanksgiving Story in Animated Short LARRY DAVID’S THANKSGIVING SPECIAL

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The words “Thanksgiving” and “family” are essentially synonymous, and yet it’s the family part that usually makes Turkey Day a disaster.  Whether it’s arguing politics with extended family, a dish being ruined right before dinner, or offensive/racist comments from grandparents, more often than not something goes a tad awry.  Larry David is all to familiar with Thanksgiving squabbles, and he’s put together an amusing animated short called Larry David’s Thanksgiving Special in which he tells a warm-hearted funny story about celebrating Thanksgiving in Brooklyn as a child.

Hit the jump to watch the short.

TOP 5: Disney Buys Lucasfilm, WRECK-IT RALPH, AFM 2012, Francis Lawrence / THE HUNGER GAMES, Election 2012: Zomney Apocalypse & IDIOCRACY’s President Camacho

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Just when I thought my limited edition poster appetite was satisfied, the Halloween season rolls around and Mondo drops this beauty from Ken Taylor for John Carpenter‘s masterpiece. Given that I wasn’t fortunate enough to attend the benefit at L.A.’s New Beverly Cinema where the print’s Regular edition of 225 was released for only $100 (which included a ticket to the screening no less!), I’m now banished to dealing with sellers who are already asking upwards of four times that number. Sigh. What’s a guy to do but drop ridiculous amounts of money on movie art?

But enough of Hoarders: Collectible Movie Poster Edition, standing out from this past week’s headlines is the huge news regarding Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm and the launch of a new Star Wars trilogy beginning in 2015, Wreck-It Ralph interviews with John C. Reilly and more, our American Film Market 2012 coverage, Francis Lawrence helming the remainder of The Hunger Games franchise (including a two-part adaptation of Mockingjay), and special Election 2012 assets including Joss Whedon‘s endorsement of the Zomney Apocalypse and the return of Idiocracy‘s President Dwayne Elizando Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho. Hit the jump for a brief recap and link to each.

IDIOCRACY’s President Camacho Shares His Wisdom on the Election, the Economy, the Middle East, and More

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With only five days left until the Presidential Election, Idiocracy‘s President Dwayne Elizando Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho (Terry Crews) has traveled back in time to give his thoughts on the election, the economy, the Middle East (Mexico and Canada should watch out), jobs, and the “outgo tax” (the constipated shall live like kings).  If you’re worried this won’t have the flavor of Idiocracy, Mike Judge wrote and directed all these shorts.  Also, for those who took issue with Joss Whedon‘s zombie apocalypse warning, these Camacho shorts are decidedly apolitical.

Hit the jump to check out the videos, and don’t forget to vote on November 6th.

Patrick Stewart Is an Olympic Ticket Scalper in Funny or Die Video with Ryan Lochte, Simon Pegg and Maise Williams

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A new Funny or Die video has veteran actor Patrick Stewart (Star Trek: The Next Generation) getting Dickensian (or becoming a Disney version of a Cockney blaggard, you decide) as part of the Olympic scalping game.  Assisted by a young David Copperfield-looking Maisie Williams (Arya from Game of Thrones) as Scraggly Sue, the two swindle Yanks and explain their dastardly deeds via hilarious terminology.

Also featured in the video is swimming star Ryan Lochte (Jeah!), complete with his trademark grill, as well as an appearance by the loveably nerdy Simon Pegg (Hot Fuzz) who calls Stewart (“a Knight, no less!”) out on his ruse.  To check out the video, hit the jump.

Check Out HBO’s THE WIRE as a Musical

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While others have celebrated The Wire‘s 10 year anniversary with, say, a fantastically in depth oral history of the show by its creator, production crew and stars (or you can just check out the Cliff Notes), Funny or Die has created a four-minute preview for a musical version of the series that includes such hits as “I Got the Shotgun, You Got the Briefcase.”

Scoffing at the amateurs involved in the production? Think again – Michael K. Williams (Omar), Andre Royo (Bubbles), Sonja Sohn (Kima Greggs) and, yes, Felicia “Snoop” Pearson (“this is some Cinderella bullshit”) all make appearances. After the jump see the video that “explores the realistic portrayal of the decay of America’s inner cities through the magic of song!”

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