Check out Gabz’ Limited Edition Posters for Tony Scott’s TRUE ROMANCE; Available in “Detroit” and “Los Angeles” Versions

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True Romance is one of Tony Scott‘s best films.  It boasts a great cast and a fun Quentin Tarantino script.  The film has legions of fans, and now they’ll have a chance to own a limited edition poster based on the picture.  Designed by artist Gabz, the posters represent the two main settings: Detroit and Los Angeles.  The blue Cupid on the white background is for Detroit, and the black Cupid on cream is for Los Angeles.  The prints measure 24″x36″; there will be 85 for each the Detroit and Los Angeles version, printed with 6 inks. Each version will be $55.  The prints will be sold online at Odd City Entertainment at a random time on Friday, February 21st.

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Top 10 Alternative Movie Posters of 2013 Featuring Artists Tyler Stout, Aaron Horkey, Ken Taylor, Gabz, Matt Taylor and More

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I know what you’re thinking – not another Top Ten list.  And yes, I know how you feel.  I’ve been looking at all these Top Ten lists everywhere, and as an alternative movie poster connoisseur – not in the pretentious way, mind you – I have been wondering to myself if anyone shared my opinion having seen this year’s expansive list of prints.  This year alone has been insane as far as silkscreen movie poster releases have gone.  Mondo has put out more prints than ever (just compare this with this), Gallery 1988 started stepping it up a bit once they saw how many new prints were being released, new movie poster galleries are getting into the game, and then you have private commissions.

Private commissions are a somewhat new thing.  Groups of collectors form up, pool their cash together, email an artist, and then see what they can do.  Some of the prints that come out of the private commissions are good, and, to be blunt, most are bad.  But the ones that do work out are amazing.  As such, a few are in my Top Ten list.  I’ve had a finger on the pulse of the alternate movie poster world, and I will share with you what I have found.  After the jump, check out the Top Ten alternative movie posters of 2013.

Exclusive Reveal of Gabz and Odd City Entertainment’s FARGO Posters

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Odd City Entertainment just keeps bringing the heat with their print releases.  They came right out of the gate, with a successful and completely sold out Pacific Rim series and now they are proud to announce their next print release will be for the Coen Brothers fan favorite film, Fargo.

On August 21st, the Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas, will be screening Fargo as part of their Summer Classic Film Series.  Focusing on Film Noir, and films that took that genre in a new direction, the Academy Award winning film will be featured on the big screen and in a limited edition screenprint.  Odd City in conjunction with the Paramount Theatre, enlisted the help of polish artist Gabz to tackle this property.  Hit the jump for more.

Exclusive First Look at Odd City Entertainment’s PACIFIC RIM Print Series

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Collectors of movie screen prints have been keeping a close eye on the new company, Odd City Entertainment.  With already two releases under their belts, and a completely sold out subscription, they have been teasing a major announcement via Twitter.  Well they were not overstating, as they have successfully teamed up with Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures, to release a series of prints for Guillermo Del Toro’s new film, Pacific Rim!  Kicking the series off is Polish artist, Gabz.  Check out the print, where and when to get it, and what other artists are participating after the jump.

Limited Paper: Spoke Art Gallery Travels to New York For SCORSESE: AN ART SHOW TRIBUTE

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A few weeks back, we alerted you to an upcoming show being assembled by our friends at the Spoke Art Gallery.  The Spoke Art guys generally operate out of San Francisco, but this Friday they’re taking a field trip to New York’s Bold Hype Gallery to unleash a Martin Scorsese-themed gallery show that looks to be quite the homerun.  Wanna see some preview images from the show and find out what you’ll get if you’re one of the first 100 people in line?  Meet me after the jump, folks!

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