AMC Orders THE WALKING DEAD Companion Series Pilot Episode

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We first told you about AMC’s plan to develop a Walking Dead companion series about a year ago and now the network is finally moving forward with it.  It didn’t get a straight-to-series order like Better Call Saul, but AMC did give the show’s pilot episode the go-ahead.  It’s said to be set in the same zombie apocalypse environment as the original show, but this iteration will focus on brand new characters in an entirely different area.

We’ve seen spinoff series before, but the idea of a “companion” show could put an interesting spin on the scenario.  I know I’ve often wondered what other survivors are up to and, according to AMC President Charlie Collier, so do many other viewers.  Hit the jump for more on The Walking Dead companion series.

THE WALKING DEAD Season 5 Trailer and Comic-Con Panel Recap: Cast and Producers Tease “Spectacular Scope”

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With Breaking Bad over and the second half of Mad Men’s final season poised to wrap up next spring, AMC has struggled a bit to find original programming to match its early successes.  That said, one new show hit really, really, really big.  Entering its fifth season this fall, The Walking Dead is not only a ratings juggernaut on cable television, it also gives network favorites like The Big Bang Theory a run for their money in terms of viewership.  Despite a sort of revolving door of showrunners and behind-the-scenes skirmishes, the ratings have continued to grow and its commercial popularity remains higher than ever.  With a spinoff series in the works as well, The Walking Dead franchise is likely to keep AMC afloat for quite some time.

As they do every year, much of The Walking Dead cast (yes, even Norman Reedus) and executive producers Scott M. GimpleRobert KirkmanGale Anne HurdDave Alpert, and Greg Nicotero made the journey to Comic-Con earlier this Friday to preview the upcoming season and reveal the first trailer.  Watch the first The Walking Dead season 5 trailer after the jump, along with my full Comic-Con panel recap. The series returns on Sunday, October 12th on AMC.

Gale Anne Hurd and Greg Nicotero Talk THE WALKING DEAD, What They Want to Achieve with Season 4, Zombie Kills, and More

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With The Walking Dead returning to AMC for its fourth season, Collider was invited to cover the premiere and catch some time with the cast and executive producers to find out what’s in store.  In the new season, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and the group of survivors thriving in the safe haven of the prison quickly find out that happiness is short-lived, as walkers and outside threats are no match for the danger brewing inside the fences.  The group’s home and new way of life will be thoroughly tested, and their struggle to survive has never been at such rusk.  The 16-episode season will air in two-parts, with the first eight episodes kicking off on October 13th, and the second eight episodes returning in February 2014.

While talking on the red carpet on their way into the Season 4 premiere screening, executive producers Gale Anne Hurd and Greg Nicotero talked about what they want to achieve with this season, balancing the human threat versus the zombie threat, trying to always keep the zombie kills fresh and interesting, that Episode 3 will be “mind-blowing,” how it gets harder and harder to part with cast members, introducing Rosita Espinosa from the comic books, and how Nicotero came to direct the season premiere.  Check out what they had to say after the jump, and be aware that there are some spoilers.

Comic-Con: Gale Anne Hurd, Andrew Lincoln, Chad Coleman, and David Alpert Talk THE WALKING DEAD Season 4

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The Walking Dead is one of the most watched and beloved shows on TV, and fans can look forward to getting their fill when it returns for a fourth season this October 13th.  Following their panel at Comic-Con, Gale Anne Hurd, Andrew Lincoln, Chad Coleman, and David Alpert spoke to the press about what we can expect from the upcoming season.  During the interview they discussed the tone of season four, Rick’s mental state, Carl and Rick’s relationship, how Tyreese will fit in the group, and maintaining the horror element of the show.  Check out what they had to say after the jump.

Comic-Con: THE WALKING DEAD Panel Recap and Season 4 Trailer; Cast and Producers Talk Season 4 and the Return of The Governor; Premieres October 13th

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One of the most popular shows on all of television returns this fall with the fourth season of AMC’s The Walking Dead, and fans are eager to see where the series picks up following some pretty bleak events towards the end of last season. We’ve seen a few teaser images of season four previously, but little has been revealed about where the story might go in the new episodes. However, during today’s The Walking Dead panel in Hall H, we got a much better idea of what to expect from the show’s producers and cast, and we also got a look at an extended trailer for season four. The cast discussed how frequently people die on the show, where we find Rick, The Governor, Glen, and more in the new season, how last season’s events have impacted the group, and more.

Additionally, it was revealed that season four of The Walking Dead will premiere on AMC on October 13th. Hit the jump to read my full recap of the Comic-Con panel and to see the newly-released trailer.

New Comic-Con Poster for THE WALKING DEAD Season 4; Panelists Announced [UPDATED]

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One of the best Hall H panels I saw at Comic-Con last year was for The Walking Dead.  While the show isn’t without its problems, the series’ Hall H panel was filled with intelligent, candid, and often humorous answers from the cast (it helps when Chris Hardwick is your moderator) and they also debuted the stellar first trailer for season three.  The AMC series is returning once again to SDCC this year, and the network has released a new Comic-Con banner for the upcoming fourth season of the show.  The new season will see yet another new showrunner take the reins, and I’m interested to see how the series will move forward given the events of last season’s finale.  For now, though, I’m hopeful that this year’s Comic-Con panel will prove to be just as entertaining as last year’s.

Hit the jump to take a look at the poster, and check back here for our full recap of the show’s panel during Comic-Con.  SDCC 2013 runs from July 18th – 21st.  The Walking Dead season four will premiere on AMC this October. [Update: AMC has revealed which castmembers will be taking part in the Comic-Con panel on Friday, July 19th. More after the jump.]

2013 Saturn Awards: Gale Anne Hurd Talks THE WALKING DEAD, Plus Interviews with Amy Acker, William Friedkin and BREAKING BAD’s Jonthan Banks

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At Thursday night’s Saturn Awards, we landed red carpet video interviews with Gale Anne Hurd, Amy Acker, William Friedkin, and Jonathan Banks.  Here’s what was discussed:

  • Gale Anne Hurd talked about The Walking Dead, Punisher, the status of Gaiking, and if Walking Dead deserves any of the credit for helping to make World War Z a hit.
  • Amy Acker talked about working for Joss Whedon on Much Ado About Nothing, William Shakespeare, Cabin in the Woods, and what’s next.
  • William Friedkin talked about how he’d rather work in new genres than repeat himself, whether The Exorcist could be made today, The French Connection Blu-ray, if the perception of Cruising has changed since its release,  the resurgence of exorcism films, and more.
  • Jonathan Banks talked about Breaking Bad, the last eight episodes, and his future projects.  If you haven’t caught up with Breaking Bad, you should not watch this interview.

Hit the jump to watch.

THE WALKING DEAD Season 4 Preview Video Features a Look Ahead at Next Season and Commentary from Greg Nicotero, Robert Kirkman and Gale Anne Hurd

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We’re a few months away from season four of AMC’s The Walking Dead, but that’s no reason not to enjoy this behind-the-scenes preview of the in-production series.  This particular video talks about the selection process for the director of the season four premiere, along with a funny little anecdote about how the news was delivered to the lucky soul.  There are plenty of shots from both last year’s episodes and footage from the current production accompanied by commentary from The Walking Dead comic creator Robert Kirkman, and producers Greg Nicotero and Gale Anne Hurd.  Hit the jump to watch the preview and find out who will be behind the lens for the season four premiere of The Walking Dead.

Gale Anne Hurd Talks THE WALKING DEAD, the Show’s Creative Process and Deleted Scenes, Plus Updates on GAIKING and HORIZON

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gale anne hurd slice

With AMC’s extremely popular The Walking Dead returning with new episodes tonight, I recently landed an exclusive interview with executive producer Gale Anne Hurd.  She talked about what it’s been like watching the show become a worldwide phenomenon, pressure from the fans, having a bigger budget for season 3, the status of season 4, deleted scenes, and a lot more.  In addition , we talked about Tremors (which she produced), the success of comic book movies, and I got updates on Gaiking and her USA Network pilot called Horizon.  She says it’s “set in the 1940’s and it’s about a woman whose husband disappears in the Pacific and she begins to wonder if it has something to do with an alien spaceship.”  Hit the jump for more.

GAIKING Live-Action Adaptation to Be Produced by Gale Anne Hurd’s Valhalla Entertainment

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It looks like Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim may have opened up a can of gigantic robotic worms for mecha adaptations, because Gaiking, the live-action feature based on the animated 70s series, has now reportedly landed production partners. Gale Anne Hurd’s Valhalla Entertainment, Toei Animation and All Nippon Entertainment Works (ANEW) are teaming up to develop the property. Gaiking centers on a former baseball star who pilots the titular super robot against a host of alien enemies known as the Dark Horror Army.

While Transformers certainly showed studios that giant fighting robot movies can be lucrative, I’m hoping to see an uptick in quality of future mecha movies that are sure to be greenlit going forward. Bring me Robotech, Gundam, Voltron, RahXephon, Escaflowne and more. I, for one, welcome our robot overlords! Hit the jump for the full press release on Gaiking, along with the film’s first image and a teaser trailer of test footage that shows the mecha in motion!

New York Comic-Con: THE WALKING DEAD Panel Recap; Introducing New Characters, More Zombie Kills, Favorite Weapons, and More

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Tonight, the third season of The Walking Dead premieres.  The show seems poised to make it to the next level with fan-favorite storylines from the books finally being used for the TV series.  More importantly, the show now seems ready for these storylines by becoming a popular television series in its own right rather than coasting on name recognition and being the only zombie-horror show on television.  At yesterday’s New York Comic-Con panel for the show, it was all about the fans and letting them pick the brains of the cast and creators before the walkers come shambling back into our homes.

Hit the jump for my panel recap of The Walking Dead, and click here for all of our New York Comic-Con coverage.

AMC to Develop AREA 51 Series Based on Annie Jacobsen’s Book; THE WALKING DEAD’s Gale Anne Hurd Will Executive Produce

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AMC is adding aliens to their collection of meth dealers, zombies and ad men with a new series, Area 51.  With Breaking Bad and Mad Men approaching the end of their runs, the network is keen to develop Annie Jacobsen’s best-selling book about the secretive military installation.  The book features a series of interviews with former servicemen employed on the base and examines the myths surrounding the classified zone.  The Walking Dead executive producer Gale Anne Hurd is set as the EP on Area 51, which will be written by The Good Wife’s Todd E. Kessler; Jacobsen will also co-produce.  Hit the jump for more declassified details on Area 51.

Comic-Con: THE WALKING DEAD Panel Recap and New Trailer for Season 3, which Premieres on October 14

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Though in previous years TV panels were relegated to Sunday in Hall H at Comic-Con, this year the television shows invaded the 6,000 seater on Friday in a big way.  One of the most anticipated panels was for AMC’s The Walking Dead, and Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick hilariously moderated the panel packed with the series’ stars as well as creator Robert Kirkman and showrunner Glen Mazzara.  Hit the jump to read my full recap.


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We’re just 20 days away from the biggest pop culture convention of the year with Comic-Con 2012 coming next month, and slowly but surely studios and TV networks are firming up their rosters of films and series that will take San Diego by storm. This week it’s AMC announcing their line-up of panels for the convention, and the trio of programs hitting the Con is no surprise.

The Walking Dead will make a triumphant return to the convention with an hour-long panel in Hall H moderated by Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick and including special guests like cast members Andrew LincolnSarah Wayne Callies, Laurie Holden, Norman ReedusSteven YeunLauren Cohan, Denai Guerrero and David Morrisey along with Executive Producer and Showrunner Glen Mazzara, Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd, Executive Producer Robert Kirkman and Co-Executive Producer and Special Effects Make-up Supervisor Greg Nicotero.  But that’s not all. Hit the jump for more.

Cast and Crew Tease Season Three of THE WALKING DEAD in New Behind-the-Scenes Featurette

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Summer is only just kicking off, but there’s plenty of viewers who already can’t wait for the fall, if only for the third season of The Walking Dead to premiere on AMC. Thankfully, though there’s months until we see the premiere, AMC is teasing viewers with a behind-the-scenes featurette of the first episode of the third season, already in production. Words like dark, ominous, harder, faster are all tossed around by cast members like Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus. There’s also hints and mentions of new characters we’ve already heard about including David Morrissey as The Governor and Danai Gurira as Michionne . There will be a great link behind the camera from the second season finale to the third season premiere as Ernest R. Dickerson is at the helm of both. Anyway, I’ll let the featurette talk about the rest after the jump.

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