GAME OF THRONES Recap: “The Gift”

     May 24, 2015

While it's admirable to put yourself in harm's way in the defense of others, that altruism eventually ends with a blade between the ribs or being thrown into a prison cell. George R.R. Martin's gift to his characters just keeps on giving.

GAME OF THRONES Recap: “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”

     May 17, 2015

Is staying true to one's self the most important thing in a world where nobility and honor ultimately get you killed? And is a life dedicated to deceit worthwhile when no one believes your lies? Tonight's episode answers both questions by saying that, essentially, everything is terrible.

GAME OF THRONES Recap: “Kill the Boy”

     May 10, 2015

Daenerys smokes out the leaders of Mereen's rebellion with dragonfire, while Jon Snow gives the cold shoulder to the men of the Night's Watch, but will Tyrion be able to melt Ser Jorah's heart of stone?

GAME OF THRONES Recap: “High Sparrow”

     April 26, 2015

Things are changing in The Known World. The Holy are being defiled, the defilers are turning pious, and the warm-hearted are turning cold. The only constant is that it's really not safe anywhere for a dwarf.