GET THE GRINGO Starring Mel Gibson to Be Released Straight to Video-On-Demand [Updated with Trailer]

by     Posted 2 years, 325 days ago

A big chunk of the future of home entertainment seems to involve video-on-demand. More and more releases are branching out to the VOD market, offering new movies in the comfort of one’s own home months ahead of their theatrical release. It’s not a terrible model, and given the text-heavy state of theatrical moviegoing across the country, it’s hard to blame people for wanting to watch a film in peace and quiet. Mel Gibson’s Icon Productions is making a ballsy move with the actor’s next feature, Get the Gringo (previously titled How I Spent My Summer Vacation), as the film is set to be released directly to the VOD format. The actioner is skipping the theatrical release altogether, and a Blu-ray/DVD release will follow the VOD window. Hit the jump for more details. [Update: We've updated the article with the first trailer for the film]

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