Director Ivan Reitman Talks DRAFT DAY, Working with Kevin Costner, Filming During the NFL Draft, TRIPLETS, GHOSTBUSTERS 3, and More

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Now playing in theaters is director Ivan Reitman‘s sports drama Draft Day.  The film takes place within the span of one day, the day of the NFL draft.  Kevin Costner plays a general manager who has the opportunity to save football in Cleveland when he trades for the number one pick.  As the day’s events unfold, he finds the lines between his personal and professional life becoming blurred.  Draft Day also stars Jennifer Garner, Denis Leary, Josh Pence, Chadwick Boseman, Sean Combs, Sam Elliott, Terry Crews, Arian Foster, Ellen Burstyn, and Frank Langella.

Recently, I landed an exclusive video interview with Reitman.  He talked about getting to make a sports movie with Kevin Costner, getting the NFL involved in the movie and filming during the actual draft in New York City, collaborating with Costner behind the scenes, the progress of Triplets, his decision to step away from Ghostbusters 3, possible future projects, and more.  Hit the jump to watch.

Report: Phil Lord & Chris Miller Have Turned Down GHOSTBUSTERS 3

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The most (only?) promising thing about the long-in-the-works Ghostbusters 3 might be no more.  A couple of weeks ago, after Ivan Reitman announced his intention to only produce the third Ghostbusters film and not direct, Phil Lord & Chris Miller were reported as being in talks to take the helm as Sony was looking to start production in early 2015.  This was incredibly exciting news, as the duo excel at turning seemingly bad ideas into great movies: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, 21 Jump Street, and most recently The LEGO Movie.  The news also made sense, seeing as how Cloudy, Jump Street, and the impending 22 Jump Street were all made at Sony and Ghostbusters 3 would continue their relationship with the studio

However, just as we were settling into the exciting notion that Lord and Miller might work their magic on the Ghostbusters franchise, it sounds like it may have already vanished.  Hit the jump for more.

THE LEGO MOVIE Directors Phil Lord & Chris Miller Rumored to Be in Talks to Direct GHOSTBUSTERS III

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A couple days ago, we reported that Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II director Ivan Reitman had dropped out of directing the third installment thus reducing the people who want Ghostbusters III down to executives at Sony Pictures and Dan Aykroyd.  Ironically, Ghostbusters III just won’t die.  We’ve been reporting on the movie for years, and production on it always seems to be right around the corner, except it never happens, and pretty much everyone is okay with that.  With the recent death of Ghostbusters co-writer and co-star Harold Ramis, the sequel seemed even more unnecessary, but as we reported yesterday, the production is eyeing an early 2015 start in New York.

So who you gonna call?  The only guys that could make me remotely interested in Ghostbusters III: directors Phil Lord & Chris Miller.  Hit the jump for more.

GHOSTBUSTERS 3 Eyes an Early 2015 Production Start in New York; Ivan Reitman out as Director

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The most consistent cog in the machine to get Ghostbusters 3 up and running over the years is arguably director Ivan Reitman.  Or I should say was since Reitman has exited the helm in the wake of Harold Ramis’ death.  Reitman had been on board the project for quite some time, much of which was spent attempting to sway Bill Murray to join the threequel, especially since Sony and Dan Aykroyd were pleased with the current script.  Now, we’ve heard that not only will there be rewrites to that script, but that Reitman will step aside in order to help find a new director to carry the film forward.  Hit the jump for more on Reitman’s departure, and why this might not be a bad thing for the film, since Sony is now eyeing a production start date early in 2015 in New York.

GHOSTBUSTERS III Script to Be Reworked in the Wake of Harold Ramis’ Death

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Roughly 24 hours have passed since the incredibly sad and untimely death of Harold Ramis, so in relative Internet time, it’s now appropriate to talk about the production of Ghostbusters III.  As Ramis was expected to make a cameo in the long-gestating project, you might have mused, upon hearing the news, just how the threequel would move forward without him.  A new report suggests that, although there will indeed be repercussions, the production will proceed as planned with a few minor tweaks to the script.  Hit the jump for more.

GHOSTBUSTERS 3 Rumors: Filming to Take Place in Cleveland Next Spring; Jonah Hill and Emma Stone Offered Roles

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After years of teasing fans with promises of a new Ghostbusters movie, there are some new rumors as to the possible production schedule, location and cast of Ghostbusters 3.  Before you get too excited, we posted a similar story about four years ago, so keep that in mind.  This time around, an NBC affiliate in Cleveland is announcing that the film has penciled in a spring 2014 production date.  Another rumor reports that the studio has offered roles to Jonah Hill (This Is the End) and Emma Stone (The Amazing Spider-Man).  While pencil can be erased and offers can be turned down, we’re bringing you this news in the hopes it comes true.  Hit the jump for more.

Rumored Plot Details for GHOSTBUSTERS 3 and POLTERGEIST Remake; Sam Neill Thinks JURASSIC PARK 4 Is a Reboot

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With regard to the sequels to and remakes of your favorite properties from 1982-1993:

  • Dan Aykroyd continues to promise Ghostbusters 3, revealing that the sequel plot centers on troubling research by Columbia University particle physicists.
  • Director Gil Kenan (City of Ember) has begun to cast his remake of Poltergeist for a September shoot in Toronto.  Plot details have surfaced.
  • Sam Neill says it is unlikely he will be a part of Jurassic Park 4, in part because he believes it is a reboot.

More on each project after the jump.

GHOSTBUSTERS 3 Delayed…Again

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Surprise!  Those still crossing their fingers for the very long in-development Ghostbusters 3 were granted a glimmer of hope when we recently learned that the sequel could start filming next summer, but that hope has now swiftly been dashed out.  Due to some financial uneasiness, Sony Pictures Entertainment is currently reassessing all of their projects in the pipeline.  Per THR, any decision on Ghostbusters 3 has been postponed until the end of March, which means that the hoped-for Summer 2013 start date is no longer a possibility.  Should Sony ultimately decide to move forward with the sequel, filming likely wouldn’t be able to get underway until next fall at the earliest.

The most recent draft of the script was written by Etan Cohen, and Ghostbusters I and II director Ivan Reitman had been set to return.  I’m not sure we really need another Ghostbusters movie (especially now that Bill Murray is out), and I remain skeptical as to whether Ghostbusters 3 will actually come to fruition.

Will GHOSTBUSTERS 3 Finally Start Filming in Summer 2013?

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Ivan Reitman‘s Ghostbusters 3 has been in development hell for years, but we’re always hearing that it’s right around the corner.  That may now be the case since we learned in August that the production had given up the ghost of getting Bill Murray to return (even if his character would have been a ghost).  In July, Etan Cohen (Men in Black III) was tapped to re-write the script.  The pieces seem to be falling into place, and now Deadline is reporting that Reitman is planning to shoot the sequel next summer.

If Ghostbusters 3 is going to happen, this is probably when.  We don’t know if the sequel will still function as a reboot where a new, younger team of Ghostbusters are brought in to carry the franchise.  That would probably be the preferred direction for Sony, but perhaps it’s best to focus on one film at a time considering how long it’s taken for the third movie to get in front of cameras.

Dan Aykroyd Says Bill Murray Won’t Return for GHOSTBUSTERS 3

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Dan Aykroyd has somehow become the Mark Millar of his own franchise.  While Mark Millar is an outsider who pretends like he knows the daily goings-on behind the adaptations of his comic books, Aykroyd is actually a producer of the Ghostbuters movies.  However, he exposes the key flaw in trying to give people specific status reports: the facts change on a daily basis.  Just because it’s sunny today, doesn’t mean it’s going to be sunny a year from now.  If everything Aykroyd said about Ghostbusters 3 was accurate, filming would have taken place this past spring.  But the most frequently asked question for Aykroyd hasn’t even been, “When do you start filming?”  It’s been, “Is Bill Murray coming back?”

The chances of Murray returning have always leaned towards no with the star highly reluctant to reprise his role as Dr. Peter Venkman.  There was a time when he seemed slightly up on the idea of the character returning as a ghost, but that’s about it.  Now it looks like Aykroyd is finally willing to move on without Murray.  Hit the jump for more.

MEN IN BLACK 3 Screenwriter Etan Cohen to Re-Write GHOSTBUSTERS III

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At this point, if Dan Aykroyd has anything to say about Ghostbusters III, I tend to take it with a grain of salt.  Last week, Aykroyd said that the movie had replaced Bad Teacher scribes, Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, with “a new writing staff.” Here’s the grain of truth: Ghostbusters III does have a new writer, but not a staff.  According to Variety, Sony has brought in Men in Black 3 screenwriter Etan Cohen to rewrite the script.  Cohen received sole writing credit on MIB 3, which has grossed more than $600 million worldwide, even though his script wasn’t completely finished when filming began, and it was passed off to other writers (namely Jeff Nathanson and then David Koepp) during production.

With a project the size of Ghostbusters III, I don’t expect Cohen to be the last writer who gets his hands on the script.  In addition to this new gig, he’s also attached to make his directing debut on Boy Scouts vs. Zombies.  Hit the jump for more on Ghostbusters III

Dan Aykroyd Says GHOSTBUSTERS 3 Has a New Writing Team

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Dan Aykroyd continues to be the most vocal supporter of the struggling Ghostbusters 3 project.  Last summer, Aykroyd rekindled our hopes that the film would shoot in the spring of 2012 with or without Bill Murray’s involvement (which clearly never happened).  Then, Aykroyd floated the possibility of recasting Peter Venkman and admitted to needing more time to work on the screenplay by Bad Teacher scribes, Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky. He more recently confirmed that Murray would have nothing to do with the project.  Now it seems as if the writing duo of Eisenberg and Stupnitsky are out as well, as Aykroyd recently commented that a new team was in place.  While I admire the man’s tenacity in bringing a suitable project to the screen, I’m beginning to wonder whether or not we should just leave well enough alone.  More from Aykroyd after the jump. 

Dan Aykroyd Gives Update on Bill Murray-Free GHOSTBUSTERS 3

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Dan Aykroyd has been looking to bring Ghostbusters 3 to life for over a decade, and real studio interest has picked up in the last few years. He’s got a script from The Office writers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky (which apparently Aykroyd is still working on) that would see the original cast handing their proton packs over to some fresh-faced spirit chasers that can really appeal to the kids, with their Twitter and their Justin Bieber. Alas, his good friend Bill Murray (who, I’m told, is also an actor of some repute) is dead-set on playing party-pooper. Today, in an interview with the Telegraph, Aykroyd briefly discussed the film and Murray’s assured absence.  Said Aykroyd:

“At this point it’s in suspended animation. The studio, the director Ivan Reitman and [co-star] Harold Ramis feel there must be a way to do it, but Bill Murray will not do the movie. He doesn’t want to be involved.”

Hit the jump for more.

Dan Aykroyd Addresses GHOSTBUSTERS 3 Rumors; Says He May Recast Peter Venkman

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Ghostbusters 3 has been lingering in development hell for quite some time now, and it appears it’s time for another nothing update from Dan Aykroyd. He previously stated that production would begin this spring, but then we heard that Sony wasn’t exactly keen on moving forward without Bill Murray’s involvement. A script was initially commissioned by Bad Teacher scribes Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg, but now it appears that Aykroyd is still working on the screenplay:

“The script must be perfect. We cannot release a film that is any less than that. We have more work to do.”

Rather than give firm timetables, it appears Aykroyd understands that they’ve got quite a while to go before they can think about production. Hit the jump for more from Akyroyd, including the suggestion that Murray could be replaced, the possible return of Rick Moranis, and what Aykroyd had to say about Murray supposedly shredding the script.

BAD TEACHER Screenwriters and Director Jake Kasdan to Reteam for Untitled Comedy; Plus an Update on GHOSTBUSTERS III

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I still can’t get over how much I liked Bad Teacher and how hard and consistently I laughed throughout.  It’s not one of my favorite movies of the year, but it was certainly the best surprise thus far.  That’s why I’m delighted to hear that screenwriters Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg and director Jake Kasdan are re-teaming for an untitled comedy at Sony.  Here’s the logline according to Deadline: “After a Supercuts manager advises his best friend to break off his engagement, he unexpectedly falls in love with the jilted fiancee, testing both his new romance and his friendship.”  I imagine the worst part isn’t the risk of losing your girlfriend or your best friend.  It’s the realization of working at Supercuts.

There’s no word on a sequel to Bad Teacher even though the film grossed $215 million worldwide off a $30 million budget.  If a sequel doesn’t happen, I would be completely okay with that. In a related story, Eisneberg and Stupnitsky worked on the screenplay for Ghostbusters III and Deadline has a discouraging update on the long-in-development sequel.

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