PETER PAN Image: Allison Williams No Longer One of the GIRLS

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While I sort of love the show Girls, it’s interesting to see which character I am alternately sympathetic to and then repelled by on a weekly basis.  Perhaps it’s a testament to that show’s humanity that it can portray its central characters behaving so atrociously towards each other but still keep us invested because we identify with it on some level.  And Allison Williams’ Marnie can make us cringe with the best of them.

That sense of duality will likely not be in play on NBC’s upcoming staging of Peter Pan, though this take does continue a long held (if intermittent) stage tradition of having a female play the lead.  The special airs on December 4th and also stars Christopher Walken as Captain Hook.  Christian Borle will play the role of Smee as well as the role of Mr. Darling.  Hit the jump for a better look at Allison Williams as Peter Pan.

GIRLS Season 4 Teaser: Lena Dunham Goes for a Bike Ride

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HBO has released the first Girls Season 4 teaser, offering fans a very Hannah Horvath-esque first look at the new season.  The teaser trailer is just a short bit of footage that shows creator/star/writer/director Lena Dunham riding a bike and then running into a bit of trouble, so it’s more of a heads up than an actual trailer.  The teaser also says that the show is currently in production, which isn’t technically true.  Dunham confirmed that they wrapped Season 4 last week, so right now Girls is actually in post-production in anticipation of the early 2015 premiere date.  Though I know the series has its detractors, I find there’s more to like about it than to dislike mostly thanks to the magnetic Adam Driver.  I imagine he’ll have less of a presence this year what with filming Star Wars and all, but the guy turns in consistently fantastic work on the series.

Hit the jump to watch the Girls Season 4 teaser.  An official premiere date has yet to be specified, but if it follows the pattern of the last two seasons, expect the first episode to drop the second week of January.

Felicity Jones Talks BREATHE IN, Her Favorite Moment to Shoot, THEORY OF EVERYTHING, Her GIRLS Guest Spot, and More

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breathe in felicity jones

From writer/director Drake Doremus, the indie drama Breathe In tells the story of British exchange student Sophie Williams (Felicity Jones), who comes to New York to stay with a host family while looking to reignite her musical passion and inspiration.  Frustrated musician turned piano teacher Keith Reynolds (Guy Pearce) reignites his own long-suppressed dreams when he is inspired by Sophie’s talent, and they both must figure out what they truly want out of life.

During this recent exclusive phone interview with Collider, actress Felicity Jones talked about how flattered she was to learn that filmmaker Drake Doremus had created this film so that they could work together again, the differences between Breathe In and Like Crazy, working with a detailed outline that reads like a treatment more than a traditional script, developing an extensive backstory for her character, her favorite moment to shoot, the most challenging scene, and what she enjoys about working this way and having so much creative freedom.  She also talked about playing Stephen Hawking’s wife, Jane, opposite Eddie Redmayne in Theory of Everything, and how she came to do a guest spot on the most recent season of HBO’s Girls, which she’s a big fan of.  Check out our Felicity Jones interview after the jump.

GIRLS Season 3 Finale Recap: “Two Plane Rides”

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A far less divisive episode than Girls‘ Season Two finale, “Two Plane Rides” caused Season Three to quit while it was ahead.  Again, going in the opposite trajectory of last season, this year (with a few hiccups) improved almost every week, particularly when the show went back to relying on vignettes and an artful portrayal of its character’s lives, instead of becoming too mired in their individual (and particularly Hannah’s) neuroses.  At the same time, what is considered a good episode of Girls is still one riddled with head-scratching moments.  Hit the jump for a reminder that “Iowa is not a coast.”

GIRLS Recap: “I Saw You”

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Girls has had a resurgent season.  What started off tepid at best (and horrifyingly grating at worst) gained momentum, and the back half of this third season had been more subdued. The girls were beginning to — possibly — mature and realize things about themselves.  Hannah got a job, and almost became empathetic in her relationship struggles.  Last week, each character seemed on a precipice of self-knowledge, and the question was, would it play out in “I Saw You”?  The answer is … no.  But, hit the jump for what did happen.

GIRLS Recap: “Role Play”

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“Role Play” feels like the Girls episode I have been waiting for since the premiere.  (Well, maybe not literally the premiere, since part of what made it so good were the emotions involved in each girl’s crisis that have been building for awhile).  After a shaky start to the season, Girlshas really propelled itself towards its finale (in two weeks) with promise.  “Role Play” is where everything came together, though, and incorporated every element that makes Girls good even when it can be pretty terrible.  Hit the jump for why “most of it I wrote while on Ambien.”

GIRLS Recap: “Flo”

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Another Hannah-solo run this week on Girls, yet, one that wasn’t entirely off-putting for reasons of Hannah, but rather, her family.  Once again, Hannah was confronted with death and dealt with it selfishly.  Her cousin Rebecca calls her — and all writers, thanks Rebecca — on being entirely self-interested and, frankly, despite Hannah’s protestations, it was rather a case of “if the shoe fits …” “Flo” was another example of a Girls episode that spent all of its time on one vignette, and it mostly paid off.  But what did it leave us with?  Hit the jump for why “Joe has a plate in his head, and you can tell.”

GIRLS Recap: “Incidentals”

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It’s been a strange season for Girls, but the best thing that can be said about “Incidentals” is that some of it was a little reminiscent of the style and flow of Looking (which, in case you didn’t know, is excellent).  Like last week, the episode had a natural rhythm to it.  Despite some over-done moments, it ultimately felt like the kind of collection of vignettes that is Girls at its best.  Adam still remains the most interesting and compelling character, though, and every minute not spent in his presence feels like a waste.  But what we did get of him was worth it.  Plus, Richard E. Grant returns!  Hit the jump for why Broadway is the most seductive of mistresses.

GIRLS Recap: “Beach House”

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It was that time in the course of Girls, like most any show set in New York, where an episode takes a vacation to the Hamptons.  Or in this case, for those who think the Hamptons are tacky, North Fork.  The girls escape to a beach house on a weekend getaway designed by Marnie, although it quickly becomes a prison of insecurity and self-doubt. Hit the jump for why, “I can’t go in open water, unless I’m menstruating.”

GIRLS Recap: “Free Snacks”

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As noted last week, the lead writer on any Girls episode makes all of the difference.  For his first credit, Paul Simms did a great job of reclaiming the show’s humor, and taking the stories in some new and interesting directions.  “Free Snacks” felt energized from the slog of the last batch of episodes, and was not only chockfull of great dialogue, but actually made some legitimate points to get viewers thinking and talking.  Hit the jump for why “a cappuccino is not a cup of chino!  Fucking animals.”

GIRLS Recap: “Only Child”

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On Girls, more so than almost any other show in recent memory, the name of the writer who gets the lead credit makes all the difference with the content of an episode.  If anyone could get the show out of its current rut, it should have been Murray Miller, whose “Boys” episode from last season, featuring Ray and Adam’s journey to Staten Island, was one of the series’ best.  Unfortunately, “Only Child” wasn’t a hugely successful entry into the Girls canon, because like so many of the episodes this season, it added almost nothing to the development of any of the characters, and it was really just acutely irritating (with one or two exceptions).  Hit the jump for more on how Girls needs to move forward, along with why, “I feel like she is an evil person who pukes on everything. Metaphorically.”

GIRLS Recap: “Dead Inside”

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There are many subjects that Girls does and should tackle, and death isn’t one of them.  Seeing how Shoshannah, Jessa and mostly Hannah don’t emote in an expected manner when it comes to death is of very little surprise.  It’s actually of no surprise.  And again, I draw attention to the fact that it was Adam who, in the past (and even somewhat in the present) is known for having inappropriate reactions to things, yet in this season of Girls, he’s the voice of reason.  Hit the jump for why, “if you died the world would blur. I wouldn’t know what a tree was.”

GIRLS Recap: “She Said OK”

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Adam made another great play to become the star of Girls this week, as he and his sister Caroline (Gaby Hoffman) upstaged Hannah’s 25th birthday party.  Adam’s shift as a character has been interesting, because in the past two seasons he was always painted as the “crazy one,” whereas now he’s probably the sanest.  Sure, he’s awkward with small talk and introductions, and gives Hannah a necklace featuring his own tooth, but it says a lot that that makes him the straight man on the show.  Hit the jump for more.

GIRLS Season Three Premiere Recap: “Females Only” and “Truth or Dare”

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If there’s one thing that the Girls two-part premiere proved, it’s that the show should be called “Adam,” and be exclusively about Adam Driver‘s character, with many special appearances by Ray.  As Adam himself suggested, a rotation of seeing Hannah’s friends every three months or so feels pretty doable.  In that spirit, the Girls premiere was where it needed to be — the only change moving forward is that Hannah is back on medication and in therapy, which means that last year’s strange decent into OCD behavior seems, for now, over with.  What has taken its place was a lot of satire, and maybe even a little bit of real feeling.  Hit the jump for more.

HBO Roundup: New Images from Damon Lindelof’s THE LEFTOVERS, Mike Judge’s SILICON VALLEY, LOOKING, and GIRLS Season 3

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HBO just made some premiere date announcements for season four of Game of Thrones and a couple of other series, but the network has also released the first images from a few new shows as well as the return of one of the network’s comedies.  Briefly:

  • The Leftovers – Created by Damon Lindelof, the new drama takes place after what some believe to be the Rapture and centers on people in a small town that didn’t make the cut.  The show stars Justin Theroux and Liv Tyler and premieres this summer.
  • Silicon Valley – The new comedy series from creator Mike Judge takes place in the high tech gold rush of modern Silicon Valley.  The show stars T.J. Miller and Thomas Middleditch and premieres April 6th.
  • Looking – A new half-hour dramedy series starring Jonathan Groff that follows three friends in San Francisco who explore the fun and sometimes overwhelming options available to a new generation of gay men.  The show premieres January 19th.
  • Girls – The third season of the comedy series starring Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Zosia MametJemima KirkeAdam Driver, and Alex Karpovsky premieres January 19th.  Additionally, HBO has announced that it has already renewed Girls for a fourth season.

Hit the jump to check out images from the aforementioned series.

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