2013 Golden Globe Winners Announced; ARGO Takes Best Picture (Drama), Best Director; LES MISERABLES Wins Best Picture (Comedy or Musical)

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The 2013 Golden Globes have just wrapped up.  I only watched the last hour of the ceremony because the Globes no longer have their awards season power due to voting schedule changes.  Reading tweets and Facebook posts, it seems like it was a fairly entertaining show (keep an eye out for Jodie Foster‘s acceptance speech for her Lifetime Achievement Award).  As for the winners, they were very “Globes” in that they were more populist choices that are unlikely to have much bearing on the Oscars.  Argo may have had a good night at the Globes by winning Best Picture (Drama) and Best Director, but I still think Lincoln is the picture to beat when it comes to the Academy Awards, especially since Ben Affleck was snubbed for the Best Director Oscar nomination.

Hit the jump for the full list of winners.

THE SOCIAL NETWORK Wins 4 Golden Globe Awards Including Best Motion Picture (Drama)

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I have just endured three painful hours of the Golden Globes.  Thankfully, folks who deserved awards got them (except for Community, which wasn’t even nominated, so way to screw that up, Hollywood Foreign Press Association).  You can click here to check out my live blog of the entire ceremony, but if you just want a listing of who won what, then hit the jump.  The Social Network took home four Golden Globes including Best Score (Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross), Best Screenplay (Aaron Sorkin), Best Director (David Fincher), and Best Motion Picture (Drama).

Ricky Gervais Returns for 2011 Golden Globes

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Ricky Gervais will be back as host of the Golden Globe Awards next year.  The Hollywood Foreign Press Association and Dick Clark Productions invited Gervais back nine months before the show’s January 2011 telecast, which surprised Gervais, who said “I can’t believe they asked me back after  awful things I said.  Let’s see how far I can go this time,” according to Variety.  Ricky Gervais was the first host the show invited in 15 years, and as ratings went up, it’s a smart move to have him back.  He’s also hilarious, and awards shows need more hosts who bring beer onstage.  It tends to liven things up a bit.

The 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards airs Sunday, January 16, 2011 on NBC.  The show is broadcast live from the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Killer Martin Scorsese Montage from Last Night’s Golden Globe Awards

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While I didn’t think much of last night’s Golden Globe Awards, there were some highlights: Robert Downey Jr.’s acceptance speech, The Hangover winning Best Picture (Comedy/Musical), and the montage of Martin Scorsese’s films as part of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s (HFPA) honoring of him with the Cecil B. DeMille award.  The montage made me want to go back and watch every Scorsese film I’ve seen and rent every one I haven’t.  If it didn’t end with a promo for Shutter Island, it would be perfect.

Scorsese’s speech was also magnificent.  Even before he got to the stage, you could tell that everyone in that room loved him.  It’s hard to be in Hollywood as long as Scorsese and not garner mixed feelings, but you look around that room and people aren’t just standing and applauding, but they’re smiling and cheering.  That doesn’t always happen.  Even at his most controversial (The Last Temptation of Christ), his filmmaking continues to grow, he tells stories that are about universal themes, directs the hell out of them, and its made him both beloved and respected.

Some directors receive this and they the briefly mention DeMille and then talk about their own history and thank the people along the way.  Scorsese, with his vast knowledge of cinema and his devotion to film preservation, understood the greater context of his place in film history.  He spoke about DeMille’s influence and importance, and why it’s so important to keep film preservation alive.  Martin Scorsese loves movies with all his heart and we feel the same way towards him.  Hit the jump to check out the montage and his speech.

Matt Live-Blogs the 2010 GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS

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What the Golden Globe Awards lack in prestige they make up for in being damn entertaining.  The Oscars are a serious affair and you can make all the jokes you want as long as they don’t mock the pomp and circumstance of the ceremony.  The Golden Globes, on the other hand, are selected by the sycophantic Hollywood Foreign Press Association, and they need to keep a modicum of respectability while still netting all the big-name stars they can to come to their party.  Since everyone knows the score, it’s a more relaxed affair with meals, jokes, and giving awards to non-traditional nominees that the Academy may not bother to nominate at all, (e.g. Sacha Baron Cohen for Best Actor in a Comedy for Borat).

I’ll be live-blogging the event tonight (but not the red carpet since I don’t want to mercy-kill myself before the actual awards part begins) and commenting on the awards, the speeches, the jokes, etc.  I’ll be rooting for certain nominees but the Globes are a poor predictor of who will receive Oscar nominations.  It’s best to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

My commentary will start once the event begins (8:00pm EST), and all of my commentary will be after the jump.  For my latest comments, just keep refreshing this article.

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