Laika Announces THE BOXTROLLS Featuring the Voices of Ben Kingsley, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Tracy Morgan and More, Plus the Film’s First Concept Image

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Laika and Focus Features are teaming up once again for The Boxtrolls.  Their third production will be the 3D stop motion and CG hybrid animated adaptation of Alan Snow’s “Here Be Monsters.”  The story centers on a posh Victorian-era town of people obsessed with finery and stinky cheese, but are plagued by an underground society of foul monsters who steal their children…and cheese.  Similar in themes to their previous productions Coraline and ParaNorman, the under-dwellers are not exactly what the citizens’ legends say they are.

Directed by Anthony Stacchi (Open Season) and Graham Annable (a story artist on Coraline and ParaNorman), The Boxtrolls features an impressive voice cast featuring Ben Kingsley, Isaac Hempstead-Wright, Elle Fanning, Toni Collette, Jared Harris, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Richard Ayoade and Tracy Morgan.  The Boxtrolls is due out October 17, 2014.  Hit the jump to see the full synopsis along with the first concept image from the film.

Artist Graham Annable Crosses LOST with STAR WARS Plus Matt Gives His Thoughts on Last Night’s Episode, “Everybody Loves Hugo”

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Artist Graham Annable has combined the greatness that is Lost with the greatness that is the original Star Wars trilogy to show how the characters of both series can relate to each other.  We see how Darth Vader and Benjamin Linus can sit down and have a drink or how Jabba the Hutt and Hurley can share a meal.

Check out some of Annable’s Lost-Star Wars doodles [via The Awesomer] after the jump and click here to see more of his work.  I’ve also included a couple of his stand-alone Lost work that I found funny.

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