OOP Criterion Sale: Purchase StudioCanal DVD and Blu-ray Criterions Before Lionsgate Owns Them

by     Posted 4 years, 321 days ago

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This morning, Criterion announced they are losing the rights to a number of StudioCanal films.  According to the email, at the end of March over 20 films will no longer be offered on DVD or Blu-ray (if available).  The rights are going to Lionsgate, so they’ll be on DVD in the future, just not on the Criterion label.  Therefore, if you’re a Criterion collector, or just someone that wants to own a great edition of these films, you might want to buy them ASAP or you’ll have to pay a collector price.

But the best part of the email is Criterion saying, “we will be offering these titles at an additional $5 off on our website.” Hit the jump for the list of movies and more info:

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