Ridley Scott’s Daughter Replaces Him as Director on GUCCI; Penelope Cruz in Talks for Lead

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The upcoming film Gucci, about the luxury Italian fashion house, has become a family affair both on and offscreen, as Ridley Scott‘s daughter Jordan Scott has replaced him as director of the story about Maurizio Gucci, grandson of the brand’s founder, and heir to the empire, who was gunned down in 1995.

The real starring role of the film though is that of Maurizio’s wife Patrizia, who in 1999 was jailed for ordering that murder of her husband.  The part was formerly tied to Angelina Jolie a few years ago when the elder Scott was directing, but now focus has shifted to Penelope Cruz.  For more on the project and how Gucci has a surprising link to Hollywood, hit the jump.

Frank Miller’s “Gucci Guilty” Commercial Starring Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans

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Frank Miller has directed a TV commercial for the new Gucci fragrance, “Gucci Guilty”.  The commercial stars Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans and features music by Friendly Fires.  The ad looks, unsurprisingly, like Miller’s The Spirit.  Personally, I prefer a Gucci ad from a couple years back that starred James Franco.  You can check out both ads after the jump.

Ridley Scott and Leonardo DiCaprio May Re-Team for THE WOLF OF WALL STREET

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Director Ridley Scott is looking to re-team with an actor, and it’s not Robin Hood/Body of Lies/American Gangster/A Good Year/Gladiator star Russell Crowe!  Leonardo DiCaprio has long been attached to an adaptation of Jordan Belfort’s 2008 memoir The Wolf of Wall Street, which was to be directed by Martin Scorsese.  When production stalled, the pair made Shutter Island instead.

Now Deadline reports that Ridley Scott is in early negotiations to step in to direct his non-Crowe Body of Lies thespian from a script by Terrence Winter (The Sopranos), which will retell Belfort’s story of stockbroker excess in the 1990s.  More after the jump:

Angelina Jolie and Leonardo DiCaprio Could Wear GUCCI for Ridley Scott

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Being a man with no style or money, I know very little about Gucci other than women seem to go apeshit for their purses and shoes and other fashion items that are supposed to be important for one reason or another.

But the “Gucci” movie isn’t one that men should run from (although they may seriously want to reconsider that title) because it’s about the 1995 murder of Maurizio Gucci, plotted by his ex, Patrizia Gucci.  Directed by Ridley Scott, multiple sources say that the director is courting Angelina Jolie and Leonardo DiCaprio to play the leads.  Hit the jump to give thanks that Ridley Scott didn’t decide to make “Monopoly” his next movie.

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