Cuba Gooding Jr. to Star in Fox Drama Pilot GUILTY

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Cuba Gooding, Jr. is heading to the small screen. The actor is set to star in the legal drama pilot Guilty for Fox. THR reports that Goodling will play “an ethically questionable defense attorney who uses his unique methods to solve cases he’s been banned from handling after he’s stripped of his license to practice law after being falsely convicted of fraud.” The protagonist uses his “unorthodox techniques” to solve cases and plan out his revenge on those who set him up.

Essentially this is the premise of pretty much every procedural on television, but what separates the good from the bad is an interesting character. Gooding is a charismatic actor, so if the writing’s there then I think Guilty has potential. Greg Berlanti (Everwood, No Ordinary Family) set the series up at Fox, and McG (This Means War) is set to helm the pilot and executive produce the show should the network choose to pick it up to series. This would mark the first TV series for Gooding.


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Opening this weekend is the action-comedy This Means War. Directed by McG, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy portray the world’s deadliest CIA operatives who are also inseparable partners and best friends…until they fall for the same woman (Reese Witherspoon).  Rather than giving up and allowing one of the two to continue seeing Witherspoon, Hardy and Pine put their CIA gadgetry and know-how to work in order to derail each another’s relationship with the girl.  For more on the film, here’s six clips and Matt’s review.

During the recent Los Angeles press junket, I was able to land an exclusive video interview with McG.  We talked about making This Means War, the battle with the MPAA over rating and what they had to cut to get a PG-13, test screenings, deleted scenes, and what will be on the Blu-ray (it’ll have a Bond-style title sequence).  In addition, with McG attached to so many other projects, I got updates on his TV pilot Guilty (about a lawyer that’s been disbarred), Spring Awakening, Dead Spy Running (a spy movie that Stephen Gaghan is writing and possibly directing), Face It (a romantic comedy), Monster Squad (he’s not involved anymore), Medieval (the status is up in the air at Regency), Tink (will star Elizabeth Banks as Tinkerbell), I Am a Genius of Unspeakable Evil and I Want to Be Your Class President (they haven’t cracked the script yet), Puzzle Palace (a thriller like Die Hard about a boy who has to break in to 1 Police Plaza in New York), Ouija (he’s not involved anymore), The Girl Who Conned the Ivy League (will star Amanda Seyfried as a girl who steals someone’s identity to attend an Ivy League school), and we also talked about the 30 to 40 minutes of deleted scenes from Terminator Salvation and an alternate ending where Skynet wins.  Hit the jump to watch.

TV Pilot News: NBC Greenlights Ryan Murphy Comedy THE NEW NORMAL Starring BOOK OF MORMON’s Andrew Rannells; McG to Direct and Produce GUILTY

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to pilot season. Networks are busy greenlighting pilots left and right in order to boost their Fall 2012 schedules, and we’ve got news concerning two of the more high profile shows being developed. First up, Deadline reports that NBC has given a pilot order for The New Normal. The half-hour comedy was created by Ryan Murphy and Ali Adler and revolves around a blended family of a gay couple and a woman who becomes their surrogate. Book of Mormon breakout Andrew Rannells is set for one of the three leads in the single-camera half-hour comedy, while the other two roles have yet to be cast. Hit the jump for much more, including news concerning a pilot for McG.

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