Harry Lennix Talks THE BLACKLIST, Joining the Series, Facing off with James Spader, Character Backstory, and Announcing BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN at Comic-Con

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In the mid-season finale of the hit NBC drama series The Blacklist, which also just happens to be Pt. 2 of the story of “Anslo Garrick,” Liz Keen (Megan Boone) disarms the signal jammers to call in back-up, but runs into trouble along the way.  Meanwhile the fate of Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) hangs in the balance as Red (James Spader) tries to bargain with Anslo Garrick (guest star Richie Coster).

During this exclusive interview with Collider, actor Harry Lennix (who plays FBI Agent Harold Cooper) talked about how he came to be a part of The Blacklist, how much fun it is to face off with actor James Spader, how much of Harold Cooper’s backstory he knows, deciding how he wanted to play this character, how he thinks Harold Cooper feels about Elizabeth Keen, and whether he’d like to get out in the field more.  He also talked about the surreal experience of announcing the Superman/Batman movie at this past year’s Comic-Con, and his hopes that he’ll have some involvement in the film (he played General Swanwick in Man of Steel).  Check out what he had to say after the jump.  

New Trailer for Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL Starring Henry Cavill

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Warner Bros. has released a new trailer for Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel starring Henry Cavill as Superman.  Rather than focusing on the action, the trailer tries to sell us on what would happen if Superman really existed on our planet and would people really accept someone with God like powers.  Of course towards the end of the trailer, we get a good look at some of the big action set pieces and Amy Adams as Lois Lane and Michael Shannon as the villain Zod.  But the fact is, every big budget Hollywood movie has action.  Without a strong story and characters you care about, the action means nothing.  Thankfully, everything I’ve seen thus far on the Man of Steel tells me Snyder has crafted a great Superman film that will deliver everything the fans want and more.  It’s easily one of my most anticipated films of 2013.  Hit the jump to watch the new trailer and then be prepared to start counting down the days to June 14.

Man of Steel also stars Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Antje Traue, Ayelet Zurer, Christopher Meloni, and Russell Crowe star.  Man of Steel opens on June 14, 2013.

2 Teaser Trailers for Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL!

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Warner Bros. has released two teaser trailers for director Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel and they’re awesome.  While both have the same visuals and music, the Yahoo version has Kevin Costner (Jonathan Kent) narration and the MSN has Russell Crowe (Jor-El).  Unlike most trailers that reveal everything, I love how this is a true teaser and it’s only towards the end that you realize you’re watching a trailer for a Superman movie.  Also, the way it uses music and visuals to set the mood is perfect.  As I’ve said many times, Man of Steel is easily my most anticipated movie of 2013 and everything I’ve seen and learned tells me it’s going to be something special.

Man of Steel stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Costner, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Antje Traue, Ayelet Zurer, Christopher Meloni, and CroweMan of Steel opens on June 14th, 2013.  Hit the jump to watch the teaser.

Harry Lennix Joins MAN OF STEEL

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The casting of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel continues, as character actor Harry Lennix (The Matrix sequels) is the latest addition to the cast. Showblitz reports that Lennix will play a high-ranking military officer named General Swanwick. Henry Cavill is set to star as Superman himself, with Amy Adams signed on to play Lois Lane. The rest of the impressive cast includes Michael Shannon as General Zod, Antje Traue as villain Faora, and a quartet of stars portraying Supes’ parents: Russell Crowe and Julia Ormond play Kryptonian parental units Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van, while Kevin Costner and Diane Lane are set as Clark Kent’s adoptive Earth parents. Christopher Meloni also recently entered talks to play an as-yet unspecified major role.

Snyder is directing from a script by David S. Goyer, with Christopher Nolan producing. Man of Steel begins production this month in Vancouver, with a December 2012 release date being eyed.

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