New to Blu-ray: OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN, THE MUPPET MOVIE, GIRLS Season 2, and More

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Here’s a look at this week’s new Blu-ray releases:

Danielle Harris Talks HATCHET III, Working with BJ McDonnell, Adam Green’s Presence on Set, AMONG FRIENDS, THE FARM, and More

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In Hatchet III Danielle Harris returns as Marybeth Dunston, the series protagonist seemingly doomed to repeatedly watch friend, foe, and family alike literally ripped apart at the hands of Victor Crowley.  The Hatchet films have always succeeded as pure slashers that deliver over the top old-school kill scenes, and revel in gooey, chunky, slimy practical effects without ever themselves too seriously.  With BJ McDonnell, cameraman for the first two films, stepping in to direct Adam Green’s script Hatchet III is bigger, more action packed final chapter to the trilogy, jam packed with guns and explosives.  While the addition of so much firepower diminishes some of the old-school slasher sensibilities, McDonnell is clearly in tune with what fans of the series have come to expect in terms of character and tone.  Odds are if you enjoyed the first two, you’ll have good time with Hatchet III.

The day after the film’s Hollywood premiere I jumped on the phone for an exclusive one on one interview with Danielle Harris.  We talked about the possibility of anotherHatchet film, the easy transition to working with BJ McDonnell, Adam Green’s continued presence as producer/writer, working in Louisiana, and the difficulty working with practical effects on the more outlandish kills.  We also discussed her directorial debut Among Friends, the status of The Farm, and more.  Hatchet III also stars Zach GalliganKane HodderCaroline WilliamsDerek MearsRileah Vanderbilt and Sid Haig.  Check out what she had to say after the jump.  Please be aware that there are some spoilers.

Collider Goes to the Premiere of HATCHET III

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hatchet 3

Last night I attended the premiere of Hatchet III at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood.  While I was there I got a chance to check out the film and chat with the folks involved on the red carpet.  The film itself is a fun final act to the trilogy, and though it’s more in the vein of action-horror, as opposed to the straight up slasher style of the first two, it’s a fitting (possible) end of the franchise.  While fans might have worried with Adam Green stepping down as director, director BJ McDonnell, who worked as a cameraman on the first two films, understands the tone and the characters previously established, and with Green on board as Writer/Producer Hatchet III feels right at home in the saga of Honey Island Swamp.  As a bonus, the film is loaded with Easter eggs for fans of the series, so odds are if you enjoyed the first two you’ll have a good time with this one.  While I was there I was able to talk to Adam Green, Danielle Harris, Kane Hodder, Derek Mears, Zach Galligan, Rileah Vanderbilt, Caroline Williams and Robert Pendegraff.  Hit the jump to for the see what the cast and crew had to say.

Adam Green Talks Season 2 of HOLLISTON, the Upcoming Holiday Special, HATCHET III, KILLER PIZZA and More

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FEARnet’s original, off-beat, multi-camera horror-comedy sitcom Holliston returns for a 10-episode Season 2 in Spring 2013, but to tide fans over until then, there will be a one-hour holiday special airing on December 18th.  Set in the small town of Holliston, Massachusetts, the show follows the lives of two friends (Adam Green and Joe Lynch), chasing their dream of becoming successful horror movie filmmakers, as they struggle with financial woes and the opposite sex.  The show also stars Corri English, Laura Ortiz, Dee Snider from Twisted Sister and Oderus Urungus from GWAR.

During this recent exclusive phone interview with Collider, Adam Green talked about doing a holiday episode to lessen the wait until Season 2 airs in the Spring, what fans can expect from the upcoming season, other themed episodes that will be coming up, already knowing what’s to come for Seasons 3 through 5, if he gets them, how unexpected the fan support was for Season 1, the special features that he put together for the DVD, the changes networks proposed for the show prior to the deal with FEARnet, and how much fun they have with their guest stars.  He also talked about what fans can expect from the continuation of Victor Crowley’s story in Hatchet III, whether or not the family film Killer Pizza (which he wrote with the hopes of directing) might ever get made, and what Digging Up the Marrow, which started out as a documentary, has evolved into.  Check out what he had to say after the jump.

Dark Sky Films Greenlights HATCHET 3

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Citing strong DVD sales and an insatiable thirst for cinematic bloodshed (all right, I made that last one up…sort of), Dark Sky Films has greenlit production on a third installment of writer/director/producer Adam Green’s Hatchet franchise. According to Variety, Hatchet III (as I’m tentatively titling it) will pick up where its predecessor left off and could follow an outline cooked up by Green prior to beginning production on Hatchet II. Additionally, the report makes it seem as if there is a solid chance that Green won’t be helming the picture, citing his “trepidation about the possibility of handing the franchise to another filmmaker.”

Joining Dark Sky (who also released Ti West’s excellent 2009 horror film The House of the Devil) in producing Hatchet III is Green’s own ArieScope Pictures. Official announcements regarding Hatchet III‘s director and cast are expected in the near future. Hatchet II starred horror icons Danielle Harris, Kane Hodder, and Tony Todd and enjoyed an unrated theatrical release courtesy of AMC before being pulled from theaters prematurely.

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