Jeremy Renner Says “There Are Rumblings” of Hawkeye Joining CAPTAIN AMERICA 3; Talks Upcoming Schedule

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It’s no secret that when an actor signs on to star in a Marvel Studios film, his or her contract also contains options to appear in X number of films for the studio.  The number varies from actor to actor (Samuel L. Jackson signed for nine movies, Chris Evans signed for six), but it helps ensure that the folks at Marvel can call on one of their many comic book characters to appear in any combination of films.  Since The Avengers, the team of superheroes has become more close knit, and so it makes sense that they would begin to populate each other’s movies going forward.  In the case of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Marvel opted to have a S.H.I.E.L.D.-heavy sequel with Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow and Jackson’s Nick Fury playing major roles in the second Cap film.

Production just began on Marvel’s Ant-Man, but the next Marvel film set for release after the Paul Rudd-fronted feature is Captain America 3.  Directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo are likely fine-tuning the script for the third Cap film as we speak, and when we recently spoke with Jeremy Renner in anticipation of his upcoming film Kill the Messenger, he revealed that there are “rumblings” that Renner’s Hawkeye might have a supporting role in Cap 3.  More after the jump.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige Talks Future After THE AVENGERS; Confirms THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA Sequels

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Not long ago, once Marvel Studios had proved itself as a major player in the summer tentpole game, a slate was released for all of the upcoming films from the new studio. Fans relished the thought of seeing Thor, Captain America and The Avengers on the big screen. Well, after this summer only one new film on that slate will be left (The Avengers) and audiences are left wondering: what will Marvel do next? Thankfully, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige recently talked about the future of the studio and what flicks are on the horizon.

In addition to confirming sequels for Thor and Captain America (set in modern-day, no less) he discussed possible spinoffs for Black Widow, Hawkeye and S.H.I.E.L.D as well as the long-talked-about Dr. Strange movie. Hit the jump to see what he had to say.

New THOR Clip Reveals Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye

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A new clip from Thor has been released, and it gives us our first glimpse of Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye. The clip showcases a fight between Thor and a guard in the rain. We get a very brief, and a little awkward, look at Hawkeye. The shot feels very much like it was filmed later and inserted into the scene. However, we’re seeing this clip completely out of context, so it’s hard to judge. Nevertheless, I’m still looking forward to seeing the film in its entirety.

Hit the jump to watch the clip. Thor hits theaters in 3D on May 6th.

Jeremy Renner Near Deal to Play Hawkeye in THE AVENGERS

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When it comes to Marvel casting this week, we’re getting incrementally closer to the real thing.  The Josh Holloway item was just a rumor.  Neil McDonough is “in talks” to play Dum Dum Dugan.  But Jeremy Renner has been talking to Marvel about playing Clint Barton for some time, and now the actor is in “final negotiations” to join The Avengers as Hawkeye.

Renner’s star rose considerably over the last year after his Oscar-nominated turn in The Hurt Locker,  which opened up such opportunities as Peter Berg’s adaptation of Battleship and Paul Thomas Anderson’s untitled opus on religion.  Renner seems to have passed on Battleship, and the Anderson film could take awhile to come together, so the actor remains a free agent ready to don Hawkeye’s purple bow.  More after the jump:

Rumor: Marvel in Talks With LOST’s Josh Holloway

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Of the massive ensemble that Lost employed over the last six years, I think Josh Holloway is in the best position  to vault into stardom after the show ended its run last week.  His manly brand of Southern swagger is suited to fill a void in a Hollywood that often looks overseas for rugged masculinity (see Jason Statham, Sam Worthington, Christian Bale, Russell Crowe).

It seems Marvel took notice: it is rumored that the studio talking with Holloway about starring in an upcoming film.  There’s no word on which character he might play, but it is exciting news nonetheless.  Marvel Studios is really the place to be if you’re looking to launch a film career (though the pay might not be great).  Hit the jump for speculation on roles that might fit the Holloway profile, including Ant-Man, Hawkeye, and Dum Dum Dugan.

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