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The trailers coming out of the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo have been blowing my mind and promise to blow a hole in my wallet when the new games become available.  If you missed our previous batches of trailers, you can check them out here and here (and don’t miss our villainous update on the new Star Trek game!).  The next round of trailers and demos features the much anticipated Star Wars 1313, in which players control a bounty hunter on one of the many levels of the city-planet, Coruscant.  We’ve also got the next installment in the epic Assassin’s Creed franchise, as well as a contemporary take on assassins from Ubisoft,  a new game from the makers of Heavy Rain which features the voice and likeness of Ellen Page and more!  Hit the jump to check them out.

DEADWOOD Creator David Milch Signs on for Video Game Adaptation HEAVY RAIN

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Heavy Rain sounds like it has a chance to be the first decent movie based on a video game ever.  The game itself is inherently cinematic — a suspenseful noir thriller in which the Origami Killer drowns his victims on exceptionally rainy days and leaves behind folded paper calling cards.  But that potential could easily fall apart at the script stage.  The chances of such happening have just reduced tenfold, as Variety reports David Milch has signed on to pen the adaptation.

Milch has created/co-created two seminal television series in Deadwood and NYPD Blue*, so if he can’t turn in a quality script, we should probably give up on trying to turn these things into movies.  Milch will get to work on Heavy Rain once he finishes work on season one of Luck, the HBO series headlined by Dustin Hoffman due later this year.  Hit the jump for a Heavy Rain synopsis and game trailer.

HEAVY RAIN Video Game to Become Non-Interactive Movie

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One of the major selling points for the PlayStation 3 video game Heavy Rain was that it was basically an interactive movie.  There’s even a mock-up poster that lists the characters’ names as if they were actors.  There was very little in the way of actual gameplay beyond simple button inputs to perform even the most mundane actions (if you’ve ever wanted to feel the excitement of a guy shaving his face, then Heavy Rain is for you).  The story followed four characters hunting for the “Origami Killer” who read the serial killer manual, has a timetable for his kills and little mementos to let you know that he’s a serial killer (in this case, an origami figure and an orchid on his drowned victim).

Deadline reports that Unique Features is close to winning a bidding war on the project.  It’s not a bad purchase.  They’re basically buying something that requires almost no adaptation.

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