Adam Sandler Set to Star in HELLO GHOST for Chris Columbus; Fred Armisen to Star in Untitled Terry Zwigoff Comedy; Liam Hemsworth Treks to CUT BANK

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Adam Sandler (Grown Ups) is set to star in Hello Ghost, a Universal remake of a Korean supernatural comedy.  The story centers on “a man who, after he tries to kill himself, is plagued by the arrival of four ghosts. They won’t won’t leave him in peace until he helps them amend their past by granting them one wish.”  Chris Columbus (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone) will direct the picture from a Karen Croner (Admission) script.  Sandler will next appear in Grown Ups 2 on July 12th while Columbus is in talks to direct the feature-length animated picture, Pixels.  Hit the jump for more, including news on an upcoming comedy starring Fred Armisen (Portlandia) and Liam Hemsworth’s (The Hunger Games) newest picture.

Chris Columbus to Direct Remake of Korean Film HELLO GHOST

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Chris Columbus has signed on to direct a remake of the Korean box-office hit Hello Ghost.  The film centers on a man who tries to kill himself, but survives and becomes haunted by four ghosts.  The ghost won’t stop haunting the man until he helps them fulfill a wish.  If this premise gives you a flashback to the 1993 Robert Downey Jr. flick Heart and Souls, you’re not alone.

Columbus tells Deadline that he’s a fan of Korean cinema after he saw Hello Ghost, he “was immediately struck by the film’s ability to mix comedy, drama and complex emotional themes.  Its strong universal storyline translates to any culture, and I’m looking forward to bringing a version of this wonderful story to the English-speaking audience.”  So if Columbus comes to your door and hands you a copy of Heart and Souls, you’ll know why.

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