Edgar Ramirez Talks THE LIBERATOR, the POINT BREAK Remake, HOLLAND MICHIGAN, Working with Robert De Niro on HANDS OF STONE, and More

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In The Liberator, Edgar Ramirez plays Simon Bolivar, the legendary Latin American political and military leader who helped lift the yoke of Spanish Colonialism in South America.  Directed by Venezuelan filmmaker Alberto Arvelo, The Liberator is one of the most expensive Latin American films to date, and that price tag shows in the film’s enormous scope.  It follows Bolivar’s transition from spoiled rich kid to revolutionary hero across decades and continents; featuring epic battles, magnificent aerial shots, and a magnetic performance from Ramirez.

Back in June I sat down for an exclusive interview with Ramirez while he was in town for the Los Angeles Film Festival.  He talked about the challenge of taking on such an iconic character, balancing the line between historical accuracy and performance, and what it was like shooting a film with such a broad scope.  He also talked about what to expect from the Point Break remake, the status of Errol Morris’s Holland, Michigan, and working with Robert De Niro on Hands of Stone.  Check out what he had to say after the jump.

Director Errol Morris Talks THE UNKNOWN KNOWN, the “Horrifying” Truth to Donald Rumsfeld, the Construction of False Narratives, and More

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How does one interview perhaps the greatest interviewer of our time?  Errol Morris, a titan of documentary filmmaking, has elicited introspective confessions from both a former US Secretary of Defense and a death-row inmate.  He’s a man that can interview a self-avowed Holocaust denier (as he did with Fred Leuchter in Mr. Death) — and somehow make you, the viewer, understand where this misguided man is coming from.  In Morris’s latest, The Unknown Known, the great interviewer meets his match in the gobbledygook and aphorisms of two-time Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.  The film (a sequel of sorts to Morris’s Academy Award winning The Fog of War) is pretty much just two men in a room – one asking questions, the other finding ways to shy away from answering.  But this isn’t a film necessarily about Iraq or Abu Ghraib or any other political lightening-rod; instead it’s an expose of a man and how he wields/twists/misuses language to justify his means.  A film that posits sometimes when you peel back the layers of a person, you discover the most horrible of truths: that there wasn’t anything there to begin with.

In the following interview with filmmaker Errol Morris, he discusses the ‘horrifying’ truth to Donald Rumsfeld, the perversion of language, the construction of false narratives, his own ‘physical’ presence in his documentaries, and going the fiction route for his next film Holland, Michigan.  For the full Unknown Known interview, hit the jump.

Bryan Cranston and Edgar Ramirez Join Naomi Watts in HOLLAND, MICHIGAN; Lily Collins Is in Negotiations for HOW TO BE SINGLE

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Here’s a look at the latest casting news:

  • Bryan Cranston and Edgar Ramirez will join Errol Morris’ feature directorial debut, Holland, Michigan, the 2013 Black List topper penned by Andrew Sodroski and starring Naomi Watts.
  • Lily Collins is in negotiations to join New Line’s comedy, How to Be Single, based on the Liz Tuccillo novel.

Hit the jump for more on both pictures.

2013 Black List Unveiled; Scripts Include HOLLAND MICHIGAN, AMERICAN SNIPER, and PAN

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The 2013 Black List has been released.  For those unfamiliar, the “Black List” is a list of the most liked unproduced screenplays circulating around Hollywood, as voted on by over 250 film executives, and past Black List scripts include The Social Network, Saving Mr. Banks, The King’s Speech, and Slumdog Millionaire.  This year’s list includes a few films that are already in development, including Jason FuchsPan that Joe Wright is directing, and Jason Dean Hall’s American Sniper which has Bradley Cooper attached to star and at one point had Steven Spielberg directing.  Topping the list is Holland, Michigan, which will be directed by Errol Morris and stars Naomi Watts.

Hit the jump to read this year’s Black List, which is made up of 72 scripts and also includes two films about the making of Jaws, two films about Mr. Rogers, a movie about Stanley Kubrick directing the fake moon landing, and much more.

Naomi Watts in Talks to Star in Errol Morris’ HOLLAND, MICHIGAN; Jennifer Lopez to Star in THE BOY NEXT DOOR; FAST & FURIOUS 7 Adds Nathalie Emmanuel

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A bit more casting news today:

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Documentary Filmmaker Errol Morris Set to Direct Fictional Feature HOLLAND, MICHIGAN

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Errol Morris is known primarily for directing documentaries, and he’s made some of the best ones of the past 25 years.  He even got a guy freed from jail with his magnificent 1988 documentary, The Thin Blue Line.  However, Morris does have one non-documentary feature in his filmography: 1991′s The Dark Wind starring Lou Diamond Phillips.  Morris will now make a return to the fiction form with Holland, Michigan, “a suburban thriller laced with black humor based on a script by first-timer Andrew Sodroski.”  Deadline doesn’t have any other details on the plot, but the production is aiming to begin shooting in the spring.

Morris is also attached to the fiction film, Freezing People Is Easy starring Owen Wilson, Christopher Walken, and Paul Rudd.  It’s based on a This American Life program about a man who tried to run a homemade cryogenics lab, and it went horribly wrong (click here to listen to the episode).  Sadly and ironically, the project is currently in stasis.  Morris’ latest documentary, The Unknown Known: The Life and Times of Donald Rumsfeld, is currently in post-production.  As a side note, Morris co-produced the documentary The Act of Killing, which comes out next week and you should totally see it.

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