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We’re starting up a new weekly feature here on Collider.  Since we know many of you are Blu-ray collectors as well as moviegoers, we’ll be running down the major new releases to home video each week.  Here’s a brief glimpse at what August 21st has to offer.  Click on any title to buy it on Amazon:

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This Season of HOUSE M.D. Will Be the Last

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After much speculation, the producers of House M.D. have finally come to a smart decision. The current eighth season of the medical drama series starring Hugh Laurie will be the last. With Lisa Edelstein opting not to come back this season, the writing was on the wall for Dr. Gregory House to end his practice, and now it’s official. While the show certainly should come to an end at this point, this season has been surprisingly decent, especially with new cast members like Charlyne Yi and Odette Annable. The most recent episode, a departure from the show’s usual formula, was one of the best of the season, and while the writers certainly still have some fight left in them, it’s time to give House and his team a respectful exit. Does that mean we’ll see some old faces stop by for a clean wrap up? We’ll have to wait and see. Hit the jump for a heartfelt thanks and farewell from producers David Shore, Katie Jacobs and Hugh Laurie, as well as a statement from Kevin Reilly, President of Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company.

New Promo for Season Eight of HOUSE

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Though Lisa Edelstein may not be returning as Dr. Cuddy for the eighth and presumably final season of House M.D., it looks like the consequences of the epic end of her relationship with Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) will be in full force. Fox has just released a new promo for the coming season, and it looks like House will be taking some serious punishment from the law and from those who have broken it. And I don’t want to spoil it, but that tagline for the season premiere is pretty damn good. You’ll see what I mean after you check out this short but sweet promo after the jump.

Lisa Edelstein Not Returning for Season Eight of HOUSE

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Last month we found out that Fox had finally renewed House for an eighth season and series stars Robert Sean Leonard and Omar Epps had already signed on to reprise their roles as Wilson and Foreman respectively. Now Deadline has word that Lisa Edelstein, who plays Dr. Cuddy, hospital administrator and on-again-off-again love interest for Hugh Laurie’s Dr. Gregory House, will not be returning for the eighth season. I’ve already said the antics on the show this season were getting a little out of hand, and I was hoping for an end sooner or later, and with a big departure like this, I’m willing to bet next season will be the last. Honestly, I just don’t see where else House can go as a character without rehashing his drug addiction and depression again. Any fans worried about Edelstein’s departure?

Fox Renews HOUSE for Season Eight

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Though there had been some concern about the series getting renewed at Fox for another season, the network announced today they have picked up their long-running medical drama House for an eighth season. Kevin Reilly, President of Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company says, “Over the past seven seasons, House has redefined the medical drama and has given us one of television’s most compelling and iconic characters. From the producers to the incredible writers to the unbelievably talented cast and crew, the House team is fearless in its creativity and I can’t wait to see what they have in store next year.”

In addition, for the returning cast, Deadline says both Robert Sean Leonard and Omar Epps have decided to return for the eighth season as well. Honestly, the end of this season has started to get a little outrageous, and part of me was hoping we might end the series sooner than later. Maybe this eighth season could be its last? We’ll have to wait and see.

HOUSE M.D. Season Six DVD Review

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After spending five seasons with a medical procedural drama, any normal show would be comfortable with little to no development from episode to episode. But this is House M.D. we’re talking about and after the shake-up of core cast members left Dr. Gregory House with a new team, I’ve come to expect only the best from the creative team behind television’s best medical drama. The sixth season of the Hugh Laurie led series delivers even above the highest expectations right from the start of the two-hour season premiere through some of the most innovative episodes of the entire series leading to a a most desired romance that will have dedicated fans jumping for joy. Unlike the strange illnesses that plague House every episode, it’s no mystery that season six of House M.D. is one of the best. Find out why after the jump.

Amy Ryan Returning to THE OFFICE, James Tupper Joins GREY’S ANATOMY, Tammy Blanchard for THE GOOD WIFE & Amber Tamblyn on HOUSE M.D.

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Amy Ryan Returning to THE OFFICE, James Tupper Joins GREY'S ANATOMY, Tammy Blanchard for THE GOOD WIFE & Amber Tamblyn Plays Doctor for HOUSE M.D. slice

The casting updates for series returning this fall just keep on coming. First up, it sounds like some big things are in store for Steve Carell’s last season of The Office as Zap2It reports Amy Ryan will reprise her role as Holly Flax, the former lover/co-worker of World’s Greatest Boss Michael Scott. And this isn”t just going to be a measly one-episode guest appearance as Holly will be returning to Scranton for no less than eight episodes. This isn’t entirely surprising since the end of last season saw Michael asking Sabre CEO Jo (Kathy Bates) to bring Holly back to the branch. Things should get pretty interesting since Holly doesn’t seem to be very pleased that she’s returning to Michael’s home court.

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