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With TRON: Legacy set to open on December 17th, people are getting jazzed about light-cycle races. Disney is hoping that excitement carries over to their new futuristic racing thriller, Hovercar 3D. Based on an online serial from Australian author Matthew Reilly, Hovercar 3D was optioned by Disney back in 2004. They’re hoping to slap a franchise tag on the property and fill the void left by the conclusion of the Harry Potter series when it ends next year.

The plot, which centers around a young hover car pilot who must use his racing skills off the track to escort a government informant, is being converted for the big screen by screenwriter Blaise Hemingway (The Bracelet). Al Gough and Miles Millar (I Am Number Four) are also involved, according to Reilly’s website. Hit the jump for a further synopsis.

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