New Trailer and Poster for REDEMPTION Starring Jason Statham

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A new trailer and poster have been released for Redemption (known as “Hummingbird” overseas).  The film stars Jason Statham as an ex-special forces soldier who winds up homeless after going on the run from a court marshal. Joey then steals another man’s identity, and befriends a nun (Agata Buzek).  As we saw in the previous trailer, this is a more dramatic role for Statham, but the action beats are still there.  This leaves me wondering if Statham has even done a movie where he doesn’t hit somebody.  If so, Statham should make a family film.  I would see Cheaper by the Dozen 3 if it starred Jason Statham.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer and poster.

Trailer for HUMMINGBIRD Starring Jason Statham

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A trailer has been released for Steven Knight‘s Hummingbird.  The film stars Jason Statham as “Joey, ex-special forces soldier who winds up homeless after going on the run from a court marshal. Joey then steals another man’s identity and befriends a nun (Agata Buzek).”  It’s become increasingly easy to write off Statham’s movies because he basically plays the same character: The Guy You Don’t Hunt or Betray or Else He’ll Kick Your Ass.  However, this trailer for Hummingbird looks surprisingly dramatic, and while I can’t help but giggle at Statham’s long-hair wig, Knight’s film could be a more than welcome change of pace for the actor.

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Opening this weekend is director Taylor Hackford’s (Ray) Parker.  Based on the novel Flashfire by Donald E. Westlake (published under the pseudonym Richard Stark) the crime thriller stars Jason Statham as the title character, a professional thief with a strict personal code of ethics.  Parker doesn’t steal from people who can’t afford it, he doesn’t hurt people who don’t deserve it, and if you break his rules he will hunt you down and make you pay.  When his team double crosses him on the job and leaves him for dead he tracks them to Palm Beach with a mission for vengeance.  The film also stars Jennifer Lopez, Michael Chiklis, Nick Nolte, Clifton Collins, Wendell Pierce and Micah Hauptman.

During the recent Los Angeles press day I got to talk with Statham.  He talked about Hackford’s approach to the action genre, what it took to pull off the stunts, what kind of movie he’d like to make in the future, stepping into the role of producer on Heat, whether he’ll ever direct a film, and more.  In addition, we got updates on Crank 3, Homeland and Hummingbird.  Check out the full interview after the jump.

First Synopses and Images for Jason Statham’s HUMMINGBIRD, Colin Farrell’s DEAD MAN DOWN, and Paul Bettany’s BLOOD

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hummingbird dead man down blood

This article offers the first synopsis and image for three movies, where the uniting theme is Avenge Death Of Innocent Female:

  • Hummingbird – Afghanistan veteran and identity thief Joey Jones (Jason Statham) uses “his connections in the Chinese mob” to find the person who killed his pregnant girlfriend.  Hummingbird is the feature directorial debut of Eastern Promises writer Steven Knight.
  • Dead Man Down – Swedish filmmaker Niels Arden Oplev follows up The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo his original dragon-tattooed girl, Noomi RapaceColin Farrell plays the right hand man to an underground crime lord in New York, who must avenge the deaths of both his wife and daughter.
  • BloodPaul Bettany and Mark Strong play detectives who investigate the brutal murder of a young girl who desperately resort to “taking matters into their own hands in an attempt to coerce a confession.”  Nick Murphy (The Awakening) is directing.

Hit the jump for the synopses and images.

Jason Statham to Star in HUMMINGBIRD

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There has been a lot of recent talk that Jason Statham might join the Transformers franchise or maybe even the Fast and Furious films. While that’s all still up in the air, we can confirm Statham’s next project. News from the American Film Market tells us that Statham will re-team with producer Stuart Ford’s IM Global for the action-drama Hummingbird. The picture seems tailor-made for Statham as it centers on an ex-Special Forces soldier looking for a way out of the criminal underworld of London. A twist of circumstance allows him to assume another identity and act out his vengeance through his own particular brand of redemptive justice.

Hummingbird will be the directorial debut for Steven Knight, the Oscar-nominated screenwriter behind Eastern Promises and Dirty Pretty Things. The film is slotted to shoot on location in London in early 2012. Hit the jump for more.

Steven Knight to Make Directing Debut on HUMMINGBIRD

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Screenwriter Steven Knight (Eastern Promises) is set to make his directing debut on his script for the thriller HummingbirdDeadline reports that the film “follows a damaged ex-special forces soldier, who finds himself trapped in the criminal underworld, and assumes another man’s identity to exact revenge.”  The story is a good fit for Knight whose previous credits also include Stephen Frears’ Dirty Pretty Things.

While I dug Dirty Pretty Things, I think Eastern Promises had a weak script and worked more because of the direction and the performances.  However, regardless of what I think of his track record (and it’s tough to judge writers solely by their credits due to the WGA’s bizarre arbitration rules), Knight is currently one of Hollywood’s hottest screenwriters.  He’s working on the script for a remake of Le Cercle Rouge, a Robert F. Kennedy biopic, the Bobby Fischer drama Pawn Sacrifice, and Eastern Promises 2.  Filming on Hummingbird is expected to begin this fall.

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