FROZEN FEVER Short Film Coming to Theaters in March 2015 with CINDERELLA

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Who knows what’s going on with Frozen 2 - Idina Menzel certainly doesn’t – but that doesn’t mean we won’t see Anna (Kristen Bell) and Elsa (Menzel) on the big screen again.  In fact, Walt Disney Studios just announced that the upcoming Frozen short film, Frozen Fever, will hit theaters with Cinderella on March 13, 2015.

Frozen directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee returned to helm Frozen Fever, which focuses on Elsa and Kristoff’s (Jonathan Groff) attempt to throw Anna the best birthday party ever.  The piece will also feature a brand new original song by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez.  Hit the jump for more on the release of Frozen Fever.

Idina Menzel Clarifies Statement on FROZEN 2; Says She Has “No Idea” about the Film’s Current Status

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This weekend, people got really excited when Idina Menzel, who voiced Elsa in Frozen, said Frozen 2 was in the works.  While this should be evident to anyone who knows that studios like money and tend to make sequels to billion-dollar films, it built a self-feeding furor and also misleading stories as if Menzel was confirming a movie in active development.  “In the works” is such a broad term that it could mean anything from the idea stage to active pre-production.  Additionally, a voice actor is not the most reliable source when it comes to figuring how and when a studio and filmmakers will proceed with their blockbuster animated movies.

Menzel stopped by Today this morning, and when asked about her Frozen 2 comments, she clarified [via THR], “You know, I have no idea — I just assumed that because it’s so successful that’s what they’re up to!”  She made an assumption that anyone would make.  And if you look at her original quotes, you can see they were far from declarative.  I would love to see Frozen 2 soon, but we’re not getting it in the near future, and when we do hear about it, the big announcement probably won’t come from a voice actor.

Idina Menzel Says FROZEN 2 Is “In the Works”; Exercises Common Sense

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How badly do people want to see Frozen 2?  Enough to seize on a comment from an actress who is correct in assuming that a movie that made over a billion dollars worldwide will probably get a sequel.  Speaking to The Telegraph about Frozen 2 and the stage musical, Idina Menzel (the voice of Elsa) said those projects are “all in the works,” although when asked if she was involved with both, she replied, “Ah, yeah sure… Not the stage show – I don’t know what will happen with that – but the movie hopefully. We’ll see. I’m just going along for the ride.”

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FROZEN Blu-ray Review

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It’s no shock that Frozen — the great animated film by Disney — became a hit, but it’s a little surprising it became a phenomenon.  Currently the film is still in theaters, even though it’s now on DVD and Blu-ray, and it’s about to cross the $400 Million dollar mark domestically, while it’s now the twelfth highest grossing film of all time worldwide (unadjusted, of course), and could cross into the top ten when all is said and done.

Hit the jump for my Frozen Blu-ray review.

Academy Exercises Common Sense; Idina Menzel to Perform “Let It Go” at the Oscars

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The Oscars are all about pageantry, but oddly they don’t feature musical performances of the Best Original Song nominees every year.  Part of that is for a show that’s always worried about running long on time, but perhaps it’s better to cut one of the 18 self-congratulatory tributes rather than the live performances.  Thankfully, the Academy will be embracing their Best Song category this year.  Pharrell Williams was already announced to perform “Happy” from Despicable Me 2, and now the show will also feature Idina Menzel performing one of the biggest hits of the year, “Let It Go” from Frozen.  Since Williams was already tapped to perform, it’s not surprising that the Oscars would also go after a singer for another nominated song, and it’s certainly not surprising for “Let It Go”, which is the clear frontrunner in the category.  It also helps that the album is the longest-running #1 soundtrack since 2003, and Disney has held sing-along screenings.

In case you need to hear the amazing song again, hit the jump to watch the scene from Frozen.  The 86th Academy Awards will be held on Sunday, March 2nd.


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Last night I rewatched Man of Steel for the first time since catching it in theaters back in June. Previously, I wrote that the film had me emotionally invested in Supes in a way that only Grant Morrison‘s All-Star Superman had done before. While I’ve since been blown away by Alan Moore‘s For the Man Who Has Everything tale, my second Man of Steel viewing from yesterday corroborates my previous statement. I see the pic as being good, borderline great thanks in large part to the outstanding performances of Michael Shannon and Kevin Costner. The tragedy of Zod’s story was somewhat lost on me during my first screening (perhaps it was dulled by the impressive array of action set pieces). This time around, though, I felt the full brunt of it and I couldn’t help but sympathize with him for knowing no other purpose than to defend the people of Krypton at any cost. Also, the scene where he introduces himself to the citizens of Earth? Downright frightening. Regarding Pa Kent: although I loved every facet of Costner’s performance the first time I watched the film, I was surprised at how much his scenes still resonated with me on the repeat viewing. Kudos to Zack Snyder and Co. for limiting his screen time and, in doing so, making every single second with him in the frame mean that much more.

My Blu-ray pick of the week aside, this week’s Top 5 features Frozen interviews with Kristen Bell and more, an It’s a Wonderful Life trailer cut in the style of Martin Scorsese‘s The Wolf of Wall Street, Homefront interviews with James Franco and more, the first installment in Allison’s new monthly list of recommended streaming, and Oldboy interviews with Spike Lee, Josh Brolin, and more. As tradition dictates, a brief recap and link to each of the above rests after the jump.


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In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Disney Animation Studios had a marvelous revival and created some of their best films with (in chronological order) The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King.  Since then, the luster has faded but there have been bright spots like Mulan, The Emperor’s New Groove, Lilo & Stitch, Tangled, and Winnie the Pooh.  They even had terrific one with The Princess and the Frog, but as 2D animation dies and the 3D becomes default, the 2009 picture looked like the end of an era.  But with Frozen, directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee have conjured up a film that is among the best in the studio’s history.  The movie gracefully glides around conventions, and combines magnificent music and lovable characters with an artistry and style rarely seen in 3D animated family films.  It is a picture that recalls Disney’s classic films, but also strides boldly into the 21st century.

Idina Menzel Talks FROZEN, Recording the Song Let it Go, Returning to Broadway in IF/THEN, and More

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Over the past few years, Disney Animation Studios has really impressed me.  I thought both Tangled and Wreck-it-Ralph were huge steps forward for the studio, but nothing could have prepared me for how much I loved Frozen.  Loaded with amazing songs (written and composed by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez), great characters (wait until you meet Olaf), and enough humor to keep both kids and parents interested, I’m planning on taking my entire family to see it over Thanksgiving weekend and think it’s going to a huge hit at the box office. If you’re not familiar with Frozen, the story centers on a young dreamer named Anna (Kristen Bell) who teams up with Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), an extreme mountain man, to find her sister Elsa, the Queen of Arendelle (Idina Menzel) who has accidentally trapped their kingdom in eternal winter.

At the recent New York City press day I landed a video interview with Menzel.  She talked about when she realized Frozen might be a special movie, how her character was originally a villain, what it was like recording the song “Let it Go”, returning to Broadway with If/Then, and more.  Hit the jump to watch, and make sure to see Frozen in 3D when it opens November 27th.

New Trailer for FROZEN Features Elsa and a First Listen to One of the Film’s Musical Numbers

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Until this point, I had been underwhelmed by what I’d seen from Disney’s new animated movie musical, Frozen.  It seemed kind of cute, but with too much emphasis on the goofy snowman Olaf (Josh Gad).  But now Disney has released a new trailer that makes me incredibly excited to see the film.  The film centers on a young dreamer named Anna (Kristen Bell) who teams up with Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), an extreme mountain man, to find the Snow Queen, Elsa (Idina Menzel), and put an end to a spell that has trapped their kingdom in eternal winter.  Elsa is also Anna’s sister, and this trailer shows that Elsa isn’t some one-dimensional villain.  She has a power she can’t control and is being persecuted for it.  Anna and Elsa are sisters, and seeing Anna try to help her sister rather than defeat some super-powered baddie is far more interesting.  The trailer also gives us a sample of one of the musical numbers, it sounds good.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer.  The film also features the voices of Alan Tudyk, Santino Fontana, and Chris WilliamsFrozen opens in 3D on November 27th.

First Full Trailer and New Images for Disney’s FROZEN Featuring the Voices of Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, and Josh Gad

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Disney has released the first theatrical trailer for its upcoming animated film Frozen.  Directed by Chris Buck (Tarzan) and Jennifer Lee (Wreck-It Ralph), the film features Kristen Bell as the voice of a young dreamer named Anna who teams up with Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), an extreme mountain man, to find the Snow Queen (Idina Menzel) and put an end to a spell that has trapped their kingdom in eternal winter.  While the film certainly looks cute and funny, I’m a tad disappointed that this trailer doesn’t showcase the film’s musical numbers.  That being said, the trailer does show hints of a return to the fantastical, cynic-free films that Disney used to make, so here’s hoping we see more of that in subsequent trailers.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer and to check out a couple of new images.  The film also features the voices of Josh Gad, Alan Tudyk, Santino Fontana, and Chris Williams.  Frozen opens in 3D on November 27th.

First Images from Disney’s Animated Film FROZEN

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Disney has released the first images from their upcoming animated film, Frozen.  The film features Kristen Bell as the voice of a young dreamer named Anna who teams up with Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), an extreme mountain man, to find her sister Elsa, the Queen of Arrendelle (Idina Menzel) who has accidentally trapped their kingdom in eternal winter.  Anna and Kristoff are joined on their journey by Kristoff’s trusty reindeer Sven, and a talking snowman/comic-relief, Olaf (Josh Gad).  The film will also have a bit of a love triangle between Anna, Kristoff, and the dashing Prince Hans (Santino Fontana), but the story will focus more on the relationship between Anna and Elsa.  “That’s such an important part of this,” co-director Jennifer Lee tells USA Today.  “Two sisters torn apart by a big family secret.”  Bell adds that Anna is “not a good fighter, she doesn’t have good posture, she’s not very elegant, and she’s constantly putting her foot in her mouth.  But, Bell adds, “she’s a good person and she’s utterly determined.”  That sounds a bit like Disney’s Rapunzel, but I’m sure Anna will have her own personality, and I’m particularly interested to see how she relates to Elsa, since we haven’t really seen that dynamic with a Disney princess before.

Hit the jump to check out the first images from the movie, which features music from The Book of Mormon‘s Robert LopezFrozen opens in 3D on November 27th.

Posters for Disney Animation Studios’ FROZEN Provide First Look at Main Characters [Update: Posters Are Fan-Made]

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New posters for Disney Animation Studios’ Frozen have been released, and they show off our first look at the protagonist, Anna (Kristen Bell) and her wicked sister Elsa (Idina Menzel).  You can see that the filmmakers have kept the evolution of the Disney female character with the large pupils, thin irises, high cheekbones, and thin chin.  We tend to ignore these similarities as long as the plot is good, and hopefully Disney will have another animated hit on their hands with their upcoming feature.

Hit the jump to check out the posters.  The film also features the voice of Jonathan Groff and music by Robert Lopez (The Book of Mormon) and Kristen Anderson-Lopez (In Transit).  Frozen opens in 3D on November 27th. [Update: Disney has informed us that these are fan-made posters created from some unapproved character art, so we've been asked to take them down.]

First Synopsis for Disney’s FROZEN; Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez to Contribute Original Songs

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Walt Disney Studios has made an official announcement regarding their new animated feature Frozen, and along with it comes the first full synopsis.  The film was actually borne out of the long development of The Snow Queen, which was put on hold in 2010 due to story issues.  The pic came back with a new title and a November 2013 release date, and now Disney has confirmed a voice cast consisting of Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel, with Broadway vets Robert Lopez (The Book of Mormon) and Kristen Anderson-Lopez (Winnie the Pooh) tapped to pen original songs for the feature.

Bell voices a young dreamer named Anna who teams up with “a daring mountain man” to find the Snow Queen (Menzel) and put an end to a spell that has trapped their kingdom in eternal winter.  Chris Buck (Tarzan) is onboard as director, and the fairy tale-esque story combined with the addition of two talented songwriters hints that Frozen may harken back to Disney’s earlier animated films.  Hit the jump to read the full press release, which includes the synopsis.

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