Vincent D’Onofrio to Play Villain in JURASSIC WORLD [Updated with Character Details]

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The highly anticipated Jurassic World has cast its villain, and it’s not exactly a T-Rex this time around.  Deadline reports that Vincent D’Onofrio has landed the antagonist role in director Colin Trevorrow’s follow-up, about which we know next to nothing.  One assumes the dinosaurs will still be the main threat for the film’s protagonists as D’Onofrio will likely be playing the pic’s human foil—possibly a person favoring monetary potential over the human life, though it’s also possible that Trevorrow has crafted a decidedly different feature in which a human character is actively controlling/using the dinosaurs to attack the core group of heroes.  Hit the jump for more, including news of another cast member being added in a supporting role.

[Update: A new report has revealed the character details for both D'Onofrio's role and the role to be played by Irrfan Khan (Life of Pi), giving us our first hint at the plot of the film. Read on after the jump.]

Chris Pratt Sought for Lead in JURASSIC WORLD; Irrfan Khan Also Circling a Supporting Role

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Riding sky-high off of his casting in the lead of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt is now in very early talks to join the latest installment of Universal’s prehistoric franchise, Jurassic World.  Talks are only in the earliest of stages at the moment and no plot details are available.  Pratt will have to make sure his Parks and Recreation commitments don’t interfere, and then his schedule should be clear for the Colin Trevorrow-directed picture.  Josh Brolin was previously reported as being eyed for the lead, but talks ended without finalizing a deal. The studio is also looking at Irrfan Khan (Life of Pi) for a supporting role.  Bryce Dallas Howard, Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins also star in the 3D sequel due out June 12, 2015. (Via The Wrap)


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Director Ang Lee’s Life of Pi presents a tough sell for mainstream audiences: the main character is oddly named, the cast is not comprised of instantly-recognizable faces and the bulk of the story strands the viewers in a small boat with a boy and a tiger in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But if people take a chance and put their faith in the Oscar-winning director, they’ll experience a beautifully told story about survival, self-discovery, the triumph of the human spirit and the quest for meaning in life, all wrapped up in a well-paced film in which the gorgeous special effects and responsible use of 3D are actually quite complementary.

Based on the novel by Yann Martel, Life of Pi stars Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan, Adil Hussain, Tabu, Rafe Spall and Gerard Depardieu and is in theaters now. Hit the jump for my review.

All of the Deleted Scenes from THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN

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A couple weeks ago, a couple of deleted scenes from The Amazing Spider-Man went online.  The scenes helped to better understand Peter Parker’s origin and clear up some of the ambiguities of the original film.  Now, with the Blu-ray/DVD set to be released on November 9th, all of the deleted scenes have leaked out.  Most of the deleted scenes focus on Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans), so if you were looking for more explanation of the movie’s inconsistencies and plot holes, you won’t find them here.  However, they do make Connors a more sympathetic character, so I can understand why these scenes were shot but later cut.

Hit the jump to check out the deleted and extended scenes, and click here to pre-order The Amazing Spider-Man on Blu-ray/DVD.


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Check out the offerings from our latest poster round-up:

  • The U.K. poster for Ang Lee’s Life of Pi, starring Suraj SharmaRafe Spall, Gerard Depardieu, Irrfan Khan and Adil Hussain. Life of Pi opens in 3D November 21st.
  • A huge banner poster for Cloud Atlas, from directors Lana and Andy Wachowski and Tom Tyker.  Starring Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugo Weaving, Hugh Grant, Jim Broadbent and more, Cloud Atlas opens October 26th.
  • A teaser posters for Warm Bodies, a zombie romance (zomance? zom-rom?) starring Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer, which opens February 1st, 2013.

Hit the jump for the posters and synopses. 

First Clip from LIFE OF PI with an Introduction by Director Ang Lee

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The first clip from visionary director Ang Lee’s Life of Pi is now available.  The scene in question is an extension of the stunning trailer for the film, which was adapted from Yann Martel’s novel by David MageeLife of Pi follows an Indian boy named Pi (Suraj Sharma), a zookeeper’s son who finds himself in the company of a hyena, zebra, orangutan, and a Bengal tiger after a shipwreck sets them adrift in the Pacific Ocean.  Viewed in 2D, the clip can be a bit distracting as there are obvious places where the 3D will be played up; it entertains just the same.

Also starring Rafe Spall, Gerard Depardieu, Irrfan Khan and Adil HussainLife of Pi opens in 3D November 21st.  Hit the jump to see the clip.

Watch Deleted Scenes from THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN That Tease More of Peter Parker’s True Origin

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When Sony’s reboot The Amazing Spider-Man opened this summer, much was made about the fact that the finished film left out plenty of footage that was teased in the trailers.  It wasn’t simply that the theatrical release was missing a few scenes here and there, but it was pretty obvious that a good chunk of the background on Peter Parker’s parents and Parker’s true origin (ie. “The Untold Story”) had been excised in favor of letting that storyline play out over a trilogy of films.

Director Marc Webb, Andrew Garfield, and Emma Stone are all poised to return for the sequel, with Shailene Woodley possibly playing Mary Jane Watson, and now the first film is getting ready to hit Blu-ray and DVD.  The home video release will include a number of deleted scenes, and a few of them have popped up online a bit early, revealing some of Parker’s origin story that was cut.  Hit the jump to take a look.

New International Trailer for Ang Lee’s LIFE OF PI

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A new international trailer for director Ang Lee’s ambitious adaptation of Life of Pi has landed online.  The story centers on a young man (Suraj Sharma) who is stranded at sea with a Bengal tiger following a shipwreck.  The clip gets things started right with the lovely stylings of Sigur Ros, and we get to see quite a bit of new footage on land.  The trailer opens as a frame story as we see the journalist character that was previously played by Tobey MaguireLee decided to recast the role after he saw that Maguire’s starpower made the scene feel off, so now we see Rafe Spall in the part.  Every piece of footage we’ve seen thus far has been gorgeous, and I can’t wait to see Lee’s Life of Pi on a giant screen when it hits theaters.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.  The film also stars Irrfan Khan, Adil Hussain, and Gerard DepardieuLife of Pi opens in 3D on November 21st.

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Confirmed as First in Trilogy; Plus Was Spidey’s True Origin Edited Out of the Film?

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Amongst the massive amount of unbridled enthusiasm for The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, it seemed for a bit that Sony’s reboot The Amazing Spider-Man might hit theaters with little fanfare.  The pic finally premiered this past Tuesday to a record-setting $35 million and fairly positive reviews, and though we won’t know the full box office impact until later this weekend, the film is certainly off to a promising start.  With a healthy box office take, a sequel for The Amazing Spider-Man is all but guaranteed (writers were recently hired to perform a rewrite of James Vanderbilt’s follow-up screenplay).  Now an official message from Sony confirms what we already knew: The Amazing Spider-Man is the first in a planned trilogy.

Hit the jump for much more, including evidence that a great deal of Spidey’s origin was cut out of The Amazing Spider-Man at the last minute, and the possible inclusion of the Sinister Six in further films.  Beware, MAJOR SPOILERS for The Amazing Spider-Man follow.

New Trailer for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone

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A new trailer for director Marc Webb‘s The Amazing Spider-Man has gone online.  Compared to the first trailer, we get a much better idea of what the plot/driving force for Peter Parker entails, there’s quite a bit more action, and we get some great looks at The Lizard.  Given that the release is a couple of months away, we’re finally starting to see some of the finished visual effects shots come in, and they actually look kind of great.  The webslinging has an edge to it and The Lizard has much more texture.  I like Andrew Garfield a whole lot, and the biggest draw for me here is the character work between Garfield and Emma Stone.  They look to have some great chemistry and Garfield brings out a dickish side of Peter Parker that we didn’t really see in Sam Raimi‘s trilogy.  Overall, I’m pretty encouraged by this new clip and I’m hoping the full film delivers.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.  If you missed our interview with Webb regarding his thoughts on the new trailer, the CG for The Lizard, the point of view scenes, the sequel, and a lot more, be sure to check it out.  The film stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Martin Sheen, and Sally FieldThe Amazing Spider-Man opens in 3D on July 3rd.


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In case you missed the sneak-preview of footage from Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man, you’re in luck! We’ve recapped it for you here along with images from the film thus far. But what you really came here for is the new trailer, which is much better than the previous one, which started by highlighting a young Peter Parker and finished with a “Mirror’s Edge” style parkour run over the rooftops from Spidey’s perspective. We get a nice look at the budding relationship of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy as well as the friction building between Parker/Spider-Man and George Stacy. You’ve got web-slinging, a nod to Parker’s genius through his high-tech gadgets and chalkboard equations and glimpses of Ifans as The Lizard! Much more encouraging.
The Amazing Spider-Man stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans and opens in theaters July 3rd. Hit the jump to check out the new The Amazing Spider-Man trailer.

Gerard Depardieu, Irrfan Khan, and Adil Hussain Join LIFE OF PI; Tabu in Talks

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Ang Lee’s next project, Life of Pi has been casting over the past few weeks. Its most recent additions include Irrfan Khan (In Treatment), Adil Hussain (Calendar Girls), and Gerard Depardieu (La Vie en Rose). The film, based on the novel by Yann Martel, is about a young boy who is stranded at sea in a lifeboat with a hyena, an orangutan, a zebra, and a tiger. According to Variety, Khan will play the adult version of the lead character Pi, while Hussain will play Pi’s father, a zookeeper. Depardieu will play the part of the chef on the ship which they are traveling on. Though Depardieu is most known for playing Cyrano in Cyrano de Bergerac, I loved him in my childhood for his villainous role of Jean-Pierre in 102 Dalmations. Currently, the Bollywood actress Tabu (The Namesake), is being spoken to about playing Pi’s mother. Lee recently made an interesting choice in hiring newcomer Suraj Sharma as Pi, who will have only a tiger to share the screen with for two-thirds of the film.

For more on this film, as well as a synopsis, continue after the jump:

Irrfan Khan to Play New Villain Van Atter in SPIDER-MAN Reboot; Campbell Scott and Julianne Nicholson to Play Peter Parker’s Parents

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While Spider-Man was already going to have to face down the Lizard in Marc Webb’s upcoming 3D Spider-Man reboot, he now has to contend with a second villain.  According to Heat Vision, Irrfan Khan (who is doing outstanding work on the new season of In Treatment) is in talks to play a new baddie named “Van Atter”.  Annie Parisse (Rubicon) is in negotiations to play Van Atter’s wife.

And if the spidey sense wasn’t already going crazy, the film is throwing Peter Parker’s rarely-seen parents into the mix.  Campbell Scott (Roger Dodger) has been cast as Papa Parker while Julianne Nicholson (Law & Order: Criminal Intent) is in talks to play Mama Parker.  Hit the jump for more on the film, which is set to open on July 3, 2012.

16 Movie Clips from NEW YORK, I LOVE YOU (Almost 16 Minutes of Footage)

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New York I Love You movie poster - slice.jpg

With the short film anthology “New York, I Love You” (a sort of sequel to “Paris, je t’aime”) set for release October 16th, Vivendi Entertainment has released a ton of clips and I’ve posted all of them after the jump. While most film’s get four to eight clips released for promotional purposes, due to how large the cast is and how each person needs a clip when promoting the movie on a talk show, the studio has released a whopping 16 clips and it’s about sixteen minutes of the movie. So if you’ve been waiting for the film, you can see a lot of it right now. If you’re not familiar with “New York, I Love You”, the film’s got a huge cast and eleven directors telling stories about New York City and love. Take a look:


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New York I Love You movie poster - slice.jpg

The first trailer for Vivendi Entertainment’s “New York, I Love You” has been released. This is the film that’s like “Paris, je t’aime”, but while that one had no connective tissue, somehow “New York, I Love You” ties most or all of the short films together.

While a feature film made up of a lot of short films might not appeal to all of you, the cast is ridiculous and it’s something I can’t wait to see. If you’re curious, watch the trailer after the jump. I’ve also included all the director’s involved and the full cast:

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