J.C. Chandor and Oscar Isaac Talk Bradford Young’s Incredible Cinematography in New A MOST VIOLENT YEAR Featurette

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Bradford Young.  Learn that name, because the guy is about to break out in a big way.  The cinematographer has been doing great work for a while now on films like Pariah and Middle of Nowhere, but his 2014 features A Most Violent Year and Selma display some of the best cinematography of the past few years.  The guy has a bold, confident voice, and what’s spectacular about his work is that his approaches to A Most Violent Year and Selma are incredibly different, but both are absolutely phenomenal.  A24 Films has released a new A Most Violent Year featurette in which director J.C. Chandor and Oscar Isaac talk about Young’s work on the film, which follows a businessman and his wife trying to hold on to their company in early 1980s New York.  Young says he wanted to capture a “refined quality of decay” of the city in the film, and he does so to spectacular results.

Watch the A Most Violent Year featurette after the jump.  The film opens in limited release on December 31st before expanding in January 2015.  Selma opens on Christmas Day and expands on January 9, 2015.  Both are well worth seeing.

Director J.C. Chandor Discusses His DEEPWATER HORIZON Movie; Confirms Mark Wahlberg Will Lead the “Big, Dramatic Blockbuster”

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Writer/director J.C. Chandor has made three feature films now, and each one couldn’t be more different from the others.  His debut, Margin Call, is a talky drama that takes place in a Wall Street investment bank over the course of one 36-hour period during the initial stages of the financial crisis.  His second film, All Is Lost, is a nearly silent survival movie dripping with subtext.  And his most recent film, the upcoming A Most Violent Year, is a character-centric crime drama set against the backdrop of a family-run heating oil business in 1981 New York City.  So it didn’t come as a huge shock when Chandor agreed to next tackle Deepwater Horizon, a Mark Wahlberg-fronted film that tells the story of the oil rig disaster of April 2010 that killed 11 people.

Perri caught up with Chandor recently in anticipation of the release of A Most Violent Year, and during the course of their interview the filmmaker spoke quite a bit about his plans and vision for the Deepwater Horizon movie.  He revealed that they’re building a replica of the rig in the Six Flags Great Adventure parking lot, adding that the “big, dramatic blockbuster” will focus on the events on the rig and is solely based on what factually happened during the event.  Read on after the jump.

A MOST VIOLENT YEAR Featurette and Poster Delve Into the American Dream With Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain

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A24 Films has issued a new A Most Violent Year featurette and poster in support of writer/director J.C. Chandor’s (All Is Lost) upcoming crime drama. The featurette is a nice look at not only the making of the piece, but the American economic situation that inspired it.  The film is set in New York in 1981 and revolves around “an American immigrant (Oscar Isaac) and his wife (Jessica Chastain) trying to expand their business as violence and corruption threaten to destroy all they have built.”  I’m excited to see this movie next week, I typically love Isaac and Chastain so even if it’s not all that violent or action-packed, which I’ve heard, I should be just fine watching a solid drama featuring the pair.

Check out the first A Most Violent Year featurette and poster after the jump.  The film also stars Alessandro Nivola and Albert Brooks.  A Most Violent Year opens in limited release on December 31st before expanding in January 2015.  

Jessica Chastain Demands Respect in First A MOST VIOLENT YEAR Clip

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A24 Films has released the first A Most Violent Year clip from writer/director J.C. Chandor’s (All Is Lost) upcoming crime drama.  The film is set in New York in 1981 and revolves around “an American immigrant (Oscar Isaac) and his wife (Jessica Chastain) trying to expand their business as violence and corruption threaten to destroy all they have built.”  This new clip, in no uncertain terms, serves to highlight Chastain’s performance in light of Best Supporting Actress consideration, as she explains to the District Attorney (played by David Oyelowo) how she and her husband must be respected.  This is absolutely one of my most anticipated films of the year, and response from its premiere at AFI Fest was incredibly positive, with many noting that Chandor once again uses a very specific story to draw parallels to what’s going on in our world today.

Check out the first A Most Violent Year clip after the jump.  The film also stars Alessandro Nivola and Albert BrooksA Most Violent Year opens in limited release on December 31st before expanding in January 2015.

Full-Length A MOST VIOLENT YEAR Trailer: Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain Expand Their Empire in 1981 New York

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A24 Films has released the full-length A Most Violent Year trailer for director J.C. Chandor‘s (All Is Lost) upcoming crime drama ahead of the film’s AFI Fest debut.  The film is set in New York in 1981 and revolves around “an American immigrant (Oscar Isaac) and his wife (Jessica Chastain) trying to expand their business as violence and corruption threaten to destroy all they have built.”  This looks to be very much a crime drama in the vein of The Sopranos, in that the focus is more on how the business impacts the family rather than the crime business itself.  Chandor has been a talent to watch since his debut feature Margin Call, and after seeing him shift gears so dramatically with All Is Lost, I’m really curious to see what he has up his sleeve with this new film.  Additionally, Isaac and Chastain are two of the best actors working today, so the prospect of seeming them lead a character-centric crime drama such as this is highly enticing.  Can’t wait for this one.

Watch the new A Most Violent Year trailer after the jump.  The film also stars Albert Brooks, David Oyelowo, and Alessandro Nivola and opens in NY and LA on December 31st before expanding in January 2015.

J.C. Chandor’s A MOST VIOLENT YEAR to Open AFI Fest 2014

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J.C. Chandor’s only got three feature films under his belt, but there’s a good chance every single one of them will wind up with some awards season glory.  His feature directorial debut, Margin Call, earned him a Best Writing Oscar nod, then All Is Lost scored Robert Redford a Best Performance nomination at the Golden Globes and now we’ve A Most Violent Year poised to earn some acclaim of its own.

The American Film Institute just announced that the movie will celebrate its world premiere as the Opening Night Gala of AFI Fest 2014.  Hit the jump for more on A Most Violent Year.  The film is set to hit theaters on December 31st and stars Oscar Isaac, Jessica Chastain, David Oyelowo, Alessandro Nivola and Albert Brooks.

Oscar Beat: Patricia Arquette Going Supporting for BOYHOOD While A MOST VIOLENT YEAR Enters Awards Race

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A couple of interesting developments have surfaced in the past 24 hours with regards to the current awards race.  While you may be saying, “Adam, it’s September, the awards race is still months away,” I’d counter by pointing out that the fall film festivals traditionally signal the start of the very long Oscar season—by this time last year, critics were already buzzing after the debuts of 12 Years a Slave and Gravity on the festival circuit.  I provided live Oscar Beat updates from TIFF just last week, but now we’ve got a couple of news-y bits of awards content to attend to.  Firstly, IFC Films has opted to submit Patricia Arquette in the Best Supporting Actress category for Boyhood instead of Best Actress, greatly increasing her chances of winning.

And secondly, A24 Films has officially set director J.C. Chandor’s highly anticipated All Is Lost follow-up A Most Violent Year for limited release on December 31st, crashing the awards race with an Oscar-qualifying run.  Much more after the jump.

A MOST VIOLENT YEAR Trailer and Poster; J.C. Chandor’s Film Starring Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac Opens Dec 31 in NY and L.A.

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J.C. Chandor is definitely on the rise, with a surprising amount of people favoring his dark horse Robert Redford film All Is Lost over Alfonso Cuaron‘s Gravity juggernaut in last year’s “solo and in peril” sweepstakes.  And A Most Violent Year definitely looks like it could be the film that really solidifies his place on the map.  The film is set in New York in 1981 and revolves around “an American immigrant (Oscar Isaac) and his wife (Jessica Chastain) trying to expand their business as violence and corruption threaten to destroy all they have built.”

A24 has just released a trailer for the film that’s incredibly intense and foreboding and surprisingly successful in making you feel like you know these characters already.  Oscar Isaac is such a chameleon, I had to look twice to make sure this was in fact the same Isacc from Inside Llewyn Davis. And of course Jessica Chastain has never delivered a bad performance.  The trailer doesn’t even really show Albert Brooks, but after Drive I’m hoping he plays a similarly menacing figure.  Hit the jump to check out the trailer and poster for A Most Violent Year.  The film opens in NY and LA on December 31st.

DEEPWATER HORIZON Movie Finds Potential New Director in ALL IS LOST Helmer J.C. Chandor

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Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura’s film Deepwater Horizon has been in development for quite some time.  About two years ago, we reported that director Ric Roman Waugh was in talks for the project.  But things never stay the same in Hollywood and, needless to say, at some point during the development process he fell off the project.  The new helmer in talks for the project is All ls Lost writer/director J.C. Chandor.

I actually have yet to see All Is Lost, but I hear it’s a total knockout (some people I trust prefer it to the similarly structured Gravity), so on paper this seems like a wise decision.  Lionsgate/Summit and Participant are going to need someone who can craft a taut piece of work without coming across as disrespectful to the lives that were lost (and the environmental damage that ensued) that day.  Hit the jump for more on Deepwater Horizon.

ALL IS LOST Blu-ray Review

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When you’ve got Robert Redford starring in your movie, that’s really all you need.  Sure, having a talented cast is nice, and shooting in exotic, far-flung locales is a perk for everyone involved, but sometimes the best storytelling just comes down to a man and his boat.  In writer-director J.C. Chandor’s All Is Lost, all of Hollywood’s movie-making pageantry is cast aside in favor of a stripped-down style of storytelling that follows one man in his repeated attempts to defy death using nothing but his wits and meager provisions.  The solo survivalist angle is a tough task for any actor, but if Redford can’t do it, then no one can.  Hit the jump for my review of All Is Lost on Blu-ray.

ALL IS LOST Helmer J.C. Chandor to Write and Possibly Direct Vince Lombardi Film for Legendary

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Filmmaker J.C. Chandor took on the recent financial crisis in his talky director debut Margin Call and then chronicled one man’s nearly dialogue-free attempt to survive on the open ocean in All Is Lost, and now he’s setting his sights on something entirely different yet again for another upcoming feature.  Deadline reports that Chandor is writing with an eye to direct a film about legendary football coach Vince Lombardi, who as head coach led the Green Bay Packers to five NFL championships and won the first two Super Bowls.  Hit the jump for more on the project.

12 YEARS A SLAVE and NEBRASKA Top 2014 Independent Spirit Awards Nominations

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The 2014 Independent Spirit Awards nominations have been announced, and director Steve McQueen’s excellent drama 12 Years a Slave tops the nominees with seven nods, including Best Feature, Best Director, and Best Actor.  Nebraska is not far behind with six nominations, and the Robert Redford drama All Is Lost also did well with four nods.  The much-beloved Short Term 12 failed to land a Best Feature nomination, but Primer director Shane Carruth’s twisty second feature Upstream Color landed nods for Best Director and Best Editing.  The Best Actor category is a strong mirror of the very tight Oscar race in the same category, and the wonderful Shailene Woodley and Brie Larson nabbed Best Actress nominations for The Spectacular Now and Short Term 12, respectively.

Hit the jump for the full list of nominations and additional commentary.  The Independent Spirit Awards will be hosted on March 1, 2014.

Oscar Beat: Box Office, Best Picture, and GRAVITY

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Though it’s only October, we’re already in the thick of awards season.  We’ve seen frontrunners emerge from the fall festival circuit, and now some of the year’s potential heavy hitters are starting to open in theaters, providing some hard data for the all-important “audience reception” factor in the Oscar race.  Gravity emerged as a potential frontrunner for a number of awards—including Best Picture—when it screened at the Toronto International Film Festival, Venice, and Telluride earlier this year, and now the film can add “box office hit” to its resume, as the pic opened to a record-breaking $55.5 million in its first weekend and only dropped an incredible 21% in its second weekend.

In today’s edition of Oscar Beat, we examine the importance of box office in the Oscar race and what this means for Gravity and the other awards contenders going forward.  Additionally, I update my predictions to reflect movements in the recent weeks.  Hit the jump to read on.

New Image of Robert Redford Alone at Sea in J.C. Chandor’s ALL IS LOST; Release Date Set for October 25

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all is lost robert redford

All Is Lost is a very intriguing project.  It first caught our eye because Robert Redford stars in “a solo performance of one man lost at sea and his battle against the elements to stay alive.”  The twist: Redford says he has no dialogue.  That is a brave choice for writer/director J.C. Chandor in his second feature film, especially after a Best Original Screenplay nomination for his debut, Margin Call.

Despite the intrigue, we know little about All Is Lost other than the logline, the dialogue-free tease, and this image.  Steve is at CinemaCon right now and found a little more info.  First, we will be able to see what All Is Lost has to offer sooner than expected, as we’ve learned Roadside Attractions has set an October 25 release date.  Second, Steve snapped a picture of a new image of Redford weary at sea that Roadside has on display.  Check out the full image after the jump.

ALL IS LOST, the New Film from MARGIN CALL Director J.C. Chandor, Is Dialogue-Free

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all is lost robert redford

Writer-director J.C. Chandor landed a breakthrough flick with 2011′s Margin Call.  Chandor picked up an Oscar nomination for his screenplay, and his follow-up feature, All Is Lost, nabbed Robert Redford for the lead.  According to the press release from August, “Redford stars in a solo performance of one man lost at sea and his battle against the elements to stay alive.”  As we saw from Life of Pi, it’s not easy to make a movie where a single actor is stranded in the middle of the ocean.  But at least Pi Patel had a tiger for conversation.  Redford’s character will be silent.

Hit the jump for more.

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