Weekend Box Office – MADAGASCAR 3 Easily Retains Title as ROCK OF AGES and THAT’S MY BOY Bomb

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Not even close. For the second weekend in a row, DreamWorks Animation’s Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted is America’s number one attraction; down just 41% with an estimate of $35.5 million. Though down a much more substantial 60%, Fox’s Prometheus managed to hold on to second place thanks to two widely underperforming debuts. Those would be Rock of Ages and That’s My Boy which, even when combined, couldn’t come close to challenging for first place.

Title Weekend Total
1 Madagascar 3 $35,500,000 $120.4
2 Prometheus $20,200,000 $88.8
3 Rock of Ages $15,060,000 $15
4 Snow White & the Huntsman $13,805,000 $122.6
5 That’s My Boy $13,000,000 $13
6 Men in Black 3 $10,000,000 $152.6
7 The Avengers $8,848,000 $586.7
8 Best Exotic Marigold Hotel $2,200,000 $35.1
9 Moonrise Kingdom $2,181,000 $6.7
19 What to Expect When You’re Expecting $1,330,000 $38.7

JACK AND JILL Sweeps Literally Every Single Category of the Razzies

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Well this is quite something. The “Adam Sandler plays a brother and sister” movie Jack and Jill has just made cinematic history: the “comedy” swept literally every single category of the Razzie Awards, which honor the worst in cinematic achievement. Sandler took home Worst Actor and Worst Actress, Al Pacino nabbed Worst Supporting Actor, and the film itself was honored with a triple Worst Couple for Sandler and Katie Holmes, Sandler and Pacino, and Sandler and Sandler. All in all, it was a pretty great/terrible night for Adam Sandler.

Hit the jump to see the full list of nominees that Jack and Jill bested in each category. I keep hoping in vain that the actor will try his hand at drama again, but Grown Ups 2 is on the horizon and this unfunny streak appears to have no end in sight. As such, I’m assuming this isn’t the last time we see Sandler’s name on a Razzie list.

JACK AND JILL Blu-ray Review

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Adam Sandler had a moment there where he seemed to have found what made him a great funnyman and showed that he had acting chops. And though he’d been great before, that moment was around 2008 and 2009 when he made You Don’t Mess With the Zohan and Funny People, but since then he seems to have regressed. After Funny People didn’t work, he’s now making the movies he made fun of in Funny People. Sandler churns out a movie or two a year with his crew of regulars (which includes director Dennis Dugan, Allen Covert, Nick Swarsdon, Jonathan Loughran, Peter Dante and a peppering of his old SNL chums), and in Jack and Jill all the familiar faces show up while Sandler plays twins – with one of the twins being a girl! Cross-dressing is an old comic trope, but Sandler and company do little with it. The film’s saving grace is Al Pacino playing himself. Our review of Jack and Jill on Blu-ray follows after the jump.

Weekend Box Office – IMMORTALS Stays On Top with $32 Million; JACK AND JILL Second with $26 Million

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Jack and Jill gained some ground on Saturday, though not enough to slay the Immortals.  The 3D action/fantasy film finished first with an estimated $32 million from 3,112 locations. Considering that the film’s distributor was expecting a top opening of $26 million that has to be seen as a win.  And even if the film’s total does look somewhat anemic compared to past 3D hits, with the year we’ve had I’d prefer to focus on the positive.

Title Weekend Total
1 Immortals $32,000,000 $32
2 Jack and Jill $26,000,000 $26
3 Puss In Boots $25,500,000 $108.8
4 Tower Heist $13,200,000 $43.9
5 J. Edgar $11,470,000 $11.5
6 Harold and Kumar 3D $5,900,000 $23.2
7 In Time $4,150,000 $30.6
8 Paranormal Activity 3 $3,625,000 $100.8
9 Footloose $2,735,000 $48.8
10 Real Steel $2,000,000 $81.7

Friday Box Office – IMMORTALS 3D Surprise Number One with $15 Million; JACK AND JILL in Second with $9.8 Million

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Surprise! After two financially bruising weekends, things are looking up for the American box office. With estimates for Friday’s top five coming in higher than expected, it looks like this weekend should easily top 2010 levels. But that’s not the surprise. The surprise is which film is leading the charge. Relativity Media’s Immortals was Friday’s breakout hit – taking in an estimated $15 million from 3,438 locations. That puts the 3D action title on track to earn $35 million by Sunday, a figure that significantly beats the film’s most optimistic early projections. In fact, a few days ago the smart money was on a third place finish for Immortals behind Adam Sandler’s Jack and Jill and two-time champ Puss in Boots. Instead, Jack and Jill is tracking well below Sandler’s recent comps, taking in $9.8 million on Friday for what should be a $24 million weekend. And, after its limited release on Wednesday, director Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar took in an estimated $4.2 million from its expanded run in 1,901 locations.  Details tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1 Immortals $15,000,000 $15
2 Jack and Jill $9,850,000 $9.8
3 Puss In Boots $9,000,000 $92.3
4 Tower Heist $4,900,000 $35.5
5 J. Edgar $4,250,000 $4.3

New Posters for JACK AND JILL and GOON

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At the end of Scott’s review for Human Centipede 2, you’ll find the film’s poster.  That poster is less horrifying and the movie is probably less horrifying than Adam Sandler’s upcoming “comedy” Jack and Jill.  I’m starting to suspect that Sandler may be some kind of evil genius who is conducting a social experiment to see just how awful he can make his movies and why people keep coming to see them.  Or he just likes money and doesn’t give a shit if his movies are terrible.

There’s also two new posters for Goon, a movie I dug when I caught it at TIFF.  Seeing a close-up of Jay Baruchel miming cunnilingus is also less horrifying than anything related to Jack and Jill.  Hit the jump to check out the posters.  Jack and Jill opens November 11th.  Goon has distribution but no release date has been announced.


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Entertainment Weekly has posted its fall movie preview, which offers quite a few new images for us to pore over.  Most notably, this is our first official look at Leonardo DiCaprio in J. Edgar.  And we’ve seen Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander in a number of promotional images, but this looks like the first still from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  After the jump, you’ll also find new images of Chloe Moretz and Asa Butterfield in Hugo, George Clooney and co-stars in The Descendants, Laurence Fishburne and Kate Winslet in Contagion, and Adam Sandler and Adam Sandler in Jack and Jill.

First Trailer for JACK AND JILL Starring Adam Sandler

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With the Kevin James “fat guy gets hit in the head with various objects” comedy Zookeeper opening today, it’s time for the trailer for an equally terrible-looking movie: the Adam Sandler-starred Jack and Jill. In the film, Sandler plays the dual roles of twin brother and sister Jack and Jill. Katie Holmes and Al Pacino (yes, that Al Pacino) co-star. The trailer looks like it could actually be a semi-amusing SNL sketch, but the premise holding up for a feature-length film seems more like a test designed to see how you fare under torture.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer. Directed by Dennis Dugan, Jack and Jill also stars Shaquille O’Neal, Dana Carvey, Regis Philbin and Santiago Segura. The film hits theaters November 11th.

Tarsem Singh’s IMMORTALS Set for November 11th

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Immortals, the new film from The Fall director Tarsem Singh, has set its release date as the easy-to-remember November 11th (11/11/11).  The Greek mythology action flick stars Henry Cavill as Theseus, who, with the help of the gods, must lead his men in battle against the Titans.  The film also stars Freida Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire), Kellan Lutz (Twilight), Isabel Lucas (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen), Stephen Dorff, John Hurt, and Mickey Rourke.

Immortals, which is being released in 3D, will share the weekend with the Adam Sandler comedy Jack and Jill. [Variety]

Spanish Comedian Santiago Segura to Play Adam Sandler’s Beau in JACK AND JILL

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Before you pop that newly purchased copy of Grown Ups into your Blu-ray player, check out this bit of news: Adam Sandler’s significant other in the upcoming movie Jack and Jill will be played by Santiago Segura (Torrente), a Spanish comedian known for his portrayal of an angry, unemployed policeman. Let that sink in for a minute.

Maybe it would help if I told you that Sandler will not only be playing Jack, but also cross-dressing as Jill. For clarity’s sake, Segura will be the love interest of Jill. The premise of Jack and Jill is that Jill visits her brother Jack for Thanksgiving and then refuses to leave, complicating his lifestyle and opening up all new comedic possibilities. Segura is only the latest addition to this strange cast which also includes Al Pacino, Dana Carvey, Shaquille O’Neal, and Regis Philbin.

Hit the jump to see where I think Jack and Jill will rank in Sandler’s movies.

First Photos of Adam Sandler in Drag; Plays Twin Sister in JACK AND JILL

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Think what you will about Adam Sandler, but his movies make money.  Since 1998, 11 of his 16 movies have broken 100 million dollars at the domestic box office.  That’s a winning percentage for any movie star.  And even though most critics didn’t enjoy Grown Ups (his lastest movie), the film went on to gross over 264 million at the worldwide box office.  What I’m trying to say is…Sandler is very popular and I wouldn’t bet against him.

That’s why even though the thought of Adam Sandler dressing in drag to play his twin sister in Dennis Dugan’s (Happy Gilmore, You Don’t Mess With the Zohan) new movie Jack and Jill doesn’t seem like a good idea to me (especially after seeing these pictures), I know it’ll still make a ton of money and some people are going to love it.  Hit the jump for more pictures and what we know about the movie:

Shaq Confirmed in Cameo Roll for New Adam Sandler Film JACK AND JILL

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Love him or hate him, Shaq certainly knows how to stay relevant. With a long career spanning many teams in the NBA, most recently with the Boston Celtics, it’s safe to say he’ll go down as one of the most notable players in history. Combine that with his four rap CD’s (one of which went platinum), his film career in movies like Kazaam and Steel (for which he got a Razzie nomination), and his TV show Shaq Vs., one could argue that he’s also one of the most bankable athletes ever. All this proves good for Adam Sandler’s new movie Jack and Jill. The Wrap is reporting that Shaq, alongside Al Pacino, will play himself in a brief cameo in the latest collaboration between Sandler and director Dennis Dugan.

Jack and Jill is the new upcoming Dugan-Sandler movie. The duo have previously worked together on such films as Happy Gilmore, Big Daddy, and most recently Grown Ups. The story is about Jill, a Bronx resident who flies home to L.A. to spend Thanksgiving with her brother Jack. However much to Jack’s dismay, Jill doesn’t leave and comedy ensues. Given that Pacino and Shaq have been confirmed for cameos, it wouldn’t shock me to hear that more celebrities get confirmed as being in the movie over the coming months.

Katie Holmes and Al Pacino to Star alongside Adam Sandler in JACK AND JILL

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Katie Holmes is in talks to star opposite Adam Sandler and Al Pacino in Jack and Jill, directed by Dennis Dugan (Grown Ups). According to THR, Jack, a family man, deals with his twin sister, Jill, when she visits for Thanksgiving then won’t leave. Sandler will play both siblings. Holmes would play Sandler’s wife; Pacino is set to play himself. This marks Holmes’ first major studio film since 2005′s Batman Begins and her first film role since appearing in the 2008 low-budget Mad Money.

Holmes has several movies already wrapped including romantic drama “The Romantics”, the crime thriller The Son of No One and the Guillermo del Toro-produced chiller Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. Holmes’ screen return is a good thing and it will be entertaining to see how her talents stack up against the likes of Sandler and Pacino. I think she might be capable of some good comedy, despite her weak performance in Mad Money. Hit the jump for more on Jack and Jill.


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We have a slew of new release dates for you.  Here’s a list of the films with announced release dates [via Box Office Mojo and Variety], ordered chronologically:

  • The Mechanic starring Jason Statham and Ben Foster – January 28, 2011
  • Kids in America starring Topher Grace – March 4, 2011
  • The Dark Fields starring Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper – March 18, 2011.
  • The Lincoln Lawyer starring Matthew McConaughey – March 18, 2011
  • Bad Teacher starring Cameron Diaz – April 1, 2011
  • One for the Money starring Katherine Heigl – July 8, 2011
  • Colombiana starring Zoe Saldana – September 2, 2011
  • Dolphin Tale 3D starring Morgan Freeman – September 16, 2011
  • Jack and Jill starring Adam Sandler – November 11, 2011
  • Premium Rush starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt – January 13, 2012

Hit the jump to learn about the other films coming out on these dates.

Adam Sandler Interview GROWN UPS

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Adam Sandler has achieved phenomenal success as an actor, writer, producer and musician, and his films have grossed almost $3 billion worldwide. For his latest feature, Grown Ups, he heads an all-star comedy cast of some of his closest friends to tell the story of five childhood friends who reunite 30 years later, when their beloved former basketball coach dies and leads them to return to the lake house where they celebrated their championship years earlier.

During a press conference to promote the film, Adam Sandler talked about writing for his friends, raising his kids with the Beverly Hills lifestyle, playing Salma Hayek’s husband and feeling like a grown-up himself. He also talked about producing the new “Gong Show,” writing Born to Be a Star, producing a film about Richard Pryor with Marlon Wayans in the lead role, and playing both male and female characters in Jack and Jill. Check out what he had to say after the jump:

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