Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio Talk THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, THE DEPARTED, THE AVIATOR, GANGS OF NEW YORK, Jack Nicholson, and Much More

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Drawing a fully packed house, the 29th Santa Barbara International Film Festival (SBIFF) presented the prestigious Cinema Vanguard Award to legendary director Martin Scorsese and award-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio, on behalf of their working relationship.  Having collaborated together five times now, on Gangs of New York, The Aviator, The Departed, Shutter Island and The Wolf of Wall Street, the two have brought some intriguing stories to the big screen, with the promise of exciting things still to come.  Collider was there to cover and attend the event, and we’ve compiled the highlights of what they had to say during the Q&A.

While there, Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio talked about how they first came to work with each other, the experience of making Gangs of New York, how The Aviator came about, playing a real-life person versus a fictional character, what led them to make The Departed, the experience of making Shutter Island, how they almost made The Wolf of Wall Street first, and what took that film so long to get made.  Check out what they had to say after the jump.

Tom Cruise Seeking Jack Nicholson for Comedy EL PRESIDENTE; Doug Liman to Direct

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Things are heating up for the Warner Bros. comedy El PresidenteTom Cruise has been flirting with the project for some time, and he’s now courting an acting veteran to play a bumbling sleaze of a former U.S. President.  Cruise is wooing Jack Nicholson to sign on as his co-star in the film, going so far as to tell the actor he won’t do the project without him.  The story of El Presidente revolves around an overly committed Secret Service agent (Cruise) who is assigned to the worst former president.  When a threat is made on the ex-president’s life, the two are forced to go on the run together.  It sounds like an action comedy in the vein of Midnight Run and definitely feels like it could be a fantastic vehicle for Nicholson.

Hit the jump for more, including which blockbuster director has agreed to take the helm.

Has Jack Nicholson Retired from Acting? [UPDATED]

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One of the greats may never again return to the screen. A report from Radar Online claims that Jack Nicholson has quietly retired from acting “due to memory loss.”  There’s been no official word from Nicholson’s camp so it’s unclear if the report has merit, but if true, it would be a massive loss for the film community.  The 76-year-old actor last appeared in longtime collaborator James L. Brooks’ 2010 dramedy How Do You Know, so it’s possible that this could be his final onscreen appearance.  Nicholson was offered a key role in Alexander Payne’s upcoming film Nebraska and another one opposite Robert Downey Jr. in The Judge, but he turned both down.  Bruce Dern ended up taking the Nebraska part, while Robert Duvall landed the Judge role.

A 3-time Oscar winner for his turns in As Good as It Gets, Terms of Endearment, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, the 12-time Oscar nominee has been a staple of the Academy Awards broadcast for years.  The report notes that Nicholson won’t be retiring from the limelight, so don’t rule out a front-row appearance at March’s ceremony. [Update: A source tells NBC News (via Digital Spy) that reports of Nicholson's retirement are "100% false" and the actor is "actively reading scripts and looking forward to his next project."]

Jack Nicholson Recruited to Serve as Robert Downey Jr.’s Father in THE JUDGE

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When last we reported on director David Dobkins’ dramedy The Judge, it was to announce that Bill Dubuque had come on to do a rewrite and that Robert Downey Jr. was producing the picture as a starring vehicle. Now it looks as if Warner Bros. has extended an unofficial offer to Jack Nicholson to play Downey Jr.’s father in the film. Originally penned by Nick Schenk with an intermediate rewrite from David Seidler, The Judge centers on an attorney who returns home for his mother’s funeral only to discover that his estranged father, a judge who suffers from Alzheimer’s, is suspected of murder. Hit the jump for more, including how Nicholson’s fussy track record of selecting roles may impact The Judge.

Bill Murray in Talks to Topline 2011 Black List Dramedy ST. VINCENT DE VAN NUYS from Ted Melfi

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With Bill Murray’s film Hyde Park on the Hudson debuting later this year, the comedian has reportedly turned his attention to the 2011 Black List script, St. Vincent De Van Nuys.  The Ted Melfi script, which garnered as many votes as Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, centers on a 12-year-old boy whose parents are going through a divorce.  He then forms an unlikely friendship with the retiree next door (Murray), a war veteran who goes from leading a life of drinking, gambling and prostitutes to one of an unlikely mentorship.  Jack Nicholson had previously been reported as potentially attached to the project.  Now, Variety reports that Murray is currently in negotiations with Twentieth Century Fox and Chernin Entertainment.


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Paramount is good about releasing classics on Blu-ray from time to time, and their latest batch offers one of the greatest films of all time, and an entertaining minor work by a master director. Chinatown is Roman Polanski’s masterpiece. It stars Jack Nicholson as a private dick assigned to find out about an affair that uncovers statewide corruption in California. Alfred Hitchcock’s To Catch a Thief offers Cary Grant and Grace Kelly on the Riviera in beautiful Vista-vision. Both are definitely worth checking out on Blu-ray (if not purchased immediately) and our reviews of both follow after the jump.

Watch a Montage of Famous Actors in Their Feature Film Debuts

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It’s always a fun treat when a now-famous actor pops up in a small role in an older movie you haven’t re-watched in a while.  We previously posted a “Before They Were Famous” supercut, but now someone has edited together a montage of actors in their very first feature film roles. While you’re most likely aware of the majority of these appearances, I’m willing to bet you’ll find at least a few surprises in this video.  I had no idea Jon Hamm was in Clint Eastwood’s “old guys can be astronauts too” movie Space Cowboys, but I now feel compelled to move the pic to the top of my Netflix queue.

Watch Jack Nicholson, Woody Allen, Emma Thompson, Zach Braff and many more make their feature debut after the jump.

Paramount Demands Budget Cut for Alexander Payne’s NEBRASKA; Gene Hackman, Robert Duvall, Robert Forster and Jack Nicholson Considered for Lead

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Alexander Payne’s first film in seven years, The Descendants, has been gathering some very high praise from the film festival as it heads towards its November release date, but the writer-director has run into a bit of trouble on his next project. We reported back in January that Payne had chosen to make the drama Nebraska his next film. The pic centers on an aging alcoholic father who decides to take a road trip from Montana to Nebraska to collect what he believes to be a million dollar Publisher’s Clearing House prize. His estranged son decides to accompany his father in order to keep him out of trouble.

Payne was planning on beginning production in April, but Paramount had some issues. Primary among them was Payne’s insistence that the film be shot in black and white. Hit the jump to see where things stand now, including what actors are being considered to play the lead and my choice of who should land the role.

Special Presentation of THE SHINING to Be Shown with Original Coda [UPDATED]

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Rochester, New York’s Dryden Theater will be showing a special presentation of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining on October 22nd at 8:00pm.  But what makes this presentation even more special is that it will include the original coda to the movie.  The coda played in a few theaters back when the film was first released in 1980, but Kubrick went back in and edited it out.  Kurbick was meticulously about editing his films and he famously (or perhaps infamously) went back and removed 19 minutes from 2001: A Space Odyssey after its original premiere.

If you want to know what’s contained in the coda, hit the jump.  If you live in the New York area and want to check out this screening (and you should), The Dryden Theatre box office opens 45 minutes before a given screening. [Update: The Dryden Theatre has informed us that the movie will not include the original coda.  The print being shown is the 142-minute extended U.S. version that includes footage Mr. Kubrick subsequently cut from the European release.]

Watch 25 Actors Before They Were Famous in Three Minutes, Including Seth Rogen, Jack Black and Natalie Portman

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Thank the Maker for YouTube. With the advent of the video-on-demand digital age, no longer is that TV movie role that Actor X did when he was 11-years-old lost forever, and now someone’s put together a compilation of 25 “before they were famous” first roles for our viewing pleasure. Did you know that Daniel Craig was in A Kid in King Arthur’s Court? How about Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Roseanne or Jake Gyllenhaal in City Slickers? No need to hit up Netflix, some choice scenes are now all in one place.

Hit the jump to watch the montage, which includes 25 sometimes painful scenes featuring Jim Carrey, Denzel Washington, Angelina Jolie, Ryan Gosling, Keanu Reeves, Nicole Kidman, Seth Rogen, Jake Gyllenhaal, Harrison Ford and more.

Warren Beatty Courts Garfield, Baldwin, Bening, La Beouf, Nicholson, Mara for Howard Hughes Project

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We heard on Monday that Warren Beatty made a deal with Paramount to produce, write, direct, and star in a new project after a decade-long hiatus from filmmaking.  At the time, there were whispers this was the opportunity for Beatty to play legendary movie mogul Howard Hughes, a role the actor has long coveted.  Story details are still scarce, but Deadline hears this is indeed a Hughes-centric project that “involves an affair [Hughes] had with a young woman in the later years of his life.”  Beatty’s script is not a biopic, per se.  That is understandable, since Beatty is older now (74) than Hughes when he died (70).  Deadline’s initial report suggested it may be a comedy.

Beatty is going all out to assemble a supporting cast, meeting with Andrew Garfield, Alec Baldwin, Shia La Beouf, Jack Nicholson, Evan Rachel Wood, Rooney Mara, and wife Annette Bening (duh).  Hughes had a lot of famous friends, and I encourage you to match this list of actors to their Old Hollywood counterparts in the comments.  Given Beatty’s age, though, the film presumably takes place during Hughes’ recluse years — I do not know who kept him company at this stage in life.  More after the jump:

Matthew Vaughn Going After Retired Superheroes with THE GOLDEN AGE

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Director Matthew Vaughn seems to be enjoying the world of superheroes.  After directing Kick-Ass and now at work on X-Men: First Class, Vaughn tells Deadline that he’s circling yet another superhero project with The Golden Age.  The film is based on a yet-to-be-published comic by Jonathan Ross, husband of frequent Vaughn co-write Jane Goldman.  The story centers on a group of “retired superheroes who help out their grandchildren when their middle-aged parent screw up the world.”

Vaughn’s dream-casting is to get Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson, and Warren Beatty to play the superheroes, but that may be difficult since Eastwood announced Gran Torino would be his last performance and Beatty hasn’t done a film in about a decade.  Vaughn says the success of The Expendables and Red proves there’s a market for older lead actors: “You have these great star names and they’re mainly playing supporting roles now. I want to give them the lead again and let them have some fun.”  Hit the jump for more on the project.


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Roger Corman is perhaps the most prolific and influential Hollywood filmmaker mainstream America has never heard of.  Alex Stapleton’s documentary Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel attempts to rectify that injustice by not only examining Corman and his filmography, but also by attempting to explain why the writer-director-producer is more than just a low-budget schlockmeister.  Yes, the majority of Corman’s filmography is populated by cheap exploitation flicks, but through Stapleton’s documentary, we get a clearer picture of Corman’s contribution to American cinema.  Corman’s World is a great primer on Roger Corman’s filmography and an uplifting celebration of an unknown Hollywood legend.

AMERICA LOST AND FOUND: THE BBS STORY Criterion Collection Blu-Ray Review

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Bob Rafelson started a production company called Raybert (a combination of his name and producer Bert Schneider) when he was working on the Monkees television show. But Rafelson had cinematic aspirations, and so he took the Monkees to the big screen and started a production company with Bert and Steven Blauner called BBS. Between Raybert and BBS they made seven films: The Monkees’ feature film Head; Dennis Hopper’s seminal biker movie Easy Rider, Rafelson’s masterpiece Five Easy Pieces, Jack Nicholson’s directorial debut Drive, He Said, Henry Jaglom’s first film A Safe Place, Peter Bogdanovich’s career starting film about small town sexuality The Last Picture Show, and Rafelson’s The King of Marvin Gardens. Seven film in four years, with regulars Karen Black, Jack Nicholson, Bruce Dern, Ellen Burstyn, and stars like Peter Fonda, Cybil Shepherd, Jeff Bridges, and Orson Welles, made during one of the most tumultuous and artistically rewarding periods of American cinema. This is why the Criterion Collection exists, and America Lost and Found: The BBS Story is one of those great collections in that it documents the progress, and success and failures of this organization. My review of the Blu-ray set of the film follows after the jump.

4 Clips from HOW DO YOU KNOW Starring Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd, and Owen Wilson

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We have four clips from the upcoming James L. Brooks film How Do You Know.  The plot centers on a love triangle between an athlete who has been cut from her team (Reese Witherspoon), an innocent businessmen who may be headed to jail (Paul Rudd), and a narcissistic baseball player (Owen Wilson).  Hopefully, How Do You Know will showcase the warm, character-centric dramedy that Brooks can deliver when he’s at his best.

Hit the jump to check out the clip.  How Do You Know opens December 17th.

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