Jack O’Connell and Julia Roberts May Join George Clooney in Jodie Foster’s MONEY MONSTER

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Jack O’Connell is having quite the year thanks to Starred Up and ’71, and he’s still got Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken on the way as well, but apparently things are only going to get bigger for the 2014 breakout star.  A little over a week ago it was announced that O’Connell scored the lead role in Terry Gilliam’s long-awaited Don Quixote and now he might snatch up another high profile project to go along with it, Jodie Foster’s Money Monster.

O’Connell and Julia Roberts are both currently in negotiations to join George Clooney in the film for Tristar Pictures.  Hit the jump for more on Money Monster.

Jack O’Connell Set to Lead Terry Gilliam’s DON QUIXOTE

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Is it finally happening?  Is Terry Gilliam actually going to make his Don Quixote film?  He’s had big name stars like Robert Duvall and Johnny Depp attached without the project ever getting off the ground, but perhaps things will be different with rising star Jack O’Connell aboard.  It’s being reported that O’Connell will lead Gilliam’s long-gestating rendition of the Miguel de Cervantes novel, this time with a budget of $21 million. 

Gregoire Melin’s Kinology is taking Don Quixote to AFM for pre-sales.  This will mark Gilliam’s seventh attempt at trying to make the film happen.  Hit the jump for more on the endeavor and O’Connell’s casting.

New UNBROKEN Trailer Continues to Prove Jack O’Connell Is One to Watch [Updated with New Images and Posters]

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Who’s ready for a Jack O’Connell tour de force?  The guy’s already proven himself thanks to his work in Starred Up and the upcoming limited release ’71, but based on this new trailer for Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken, it looks as though he’s got a lot more to offer.  The narrative is remarkable in and of itself, but O’Connell appears to bring such heart to the role of Louis Zamperini that his performance is bound to up the intensity of the situation tenfold.  Will it be enough to earn him some Oscar buzz?  There’s already some significant competition in the Best Actor category so it might be a reach, but Adam thinks the film’s got a chance at snagging a spot in the Best Picture race, and based on the quality of this new promo, I’m inclined to agree.

Hit the jump to check out the latest Unbroken trailer.  The film arrives on December 25th and also stars Domhnall GleesonGarrett Hedlund, Jai Courtney, Finn Wittrock, Alex Russell, John Magaro and Luke Treadaway. [Update: Universal has also released new images and posters for the film.]

Star on the Rise: Why Jack O’Connell Should Be on Your Radar

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Jack O’Connell may not be a name that you’re entirely familiar with just yet, but before the year is out it will be.  The young British actor has had a banner year in the indie world with striking lead turns in two very different films, the prison drama Starred Up and the Belfast-set war drama ’71.  He made his Hollywood debut with a small supporting role in 300: Rise of an Empire, but his big breakout turn is in director Angelina Jolie’s upcoming World War II drama Unbroken, in which he plays former Olympian, WWII bombardier, and Japanese POW Louis Zamperini.  It’s going to put O’Connell on the map in a big way, but for now head over to Pepsi Pulse to find out why he should be on your radar right now.

Check out Two Clips from Yann Demange’s Exhilarating ’71 Starring Jack O’Connell

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Two ’71 clips have gone online, and they both do a great job at highlighting director Yann Demange‘s ability to build tension and create thrilling action.  The film is set in Belfast in 1971 and centers on a young British soldier (Jack O’Connell) that’s been abandoned by his unit following a riot.  Trapped behind enemy lines, he’s unable to tell friend from foe, and we follow as he tries to find his way home while the locals battle for supremacy.  These clips showcase the lead-up to the riot and O’Connell’s character, Private Gary Hook, on the run from Irish nationalists.  From these two brief clips, you can tell that Demange is a serious talent, and big things could be ahead for him if this movie is even a modest hit.

Hit the jump for the ’71 clips, click here for my review from TIFF, and click here for Steve’s interview with O’Connell from the Berlin Film Festival.  ’71 opens in the U.K. on October 10th; no U.S. release date has been announced.

’71 Review | TIFF 2014

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It’s incredibly exciting to watch emerging talent in movies.  It usually comes in a film that’s completely flying under the radar, you manage to catch it, and then you reach that wonderful position where you get to champion artists.  For a film critic, that feeling is the best, and Yann Demange’s ’71 is a film worth cheering for.  The movie itself is actually grim and intense, but that’s because it’s so damn effective thanks to Demange’s brilliant direction, Gregory Burke’s script, Tat Radcliffe’s cinematography, and Chris Wyatt’s editing.  And at the center is Jack O’Connell, who proves that his past success was no fluke.  He’s the real deal in a movie that’s too daring for Hollywood and all the better for it.

Director David Mackenzie Talks STARRED UP, Full Cast and Crew Rehearsals, Shooting in Sequence, Filming in a Real Prison, Working with Jack O’Connell and More

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At this point, director David Mackenzie has eight feature films to his name, a BAFTA win and he snagged the Prize of the Guild of German Art House Cinemas at the Berlin International Film Festival two times, but he’s still looking to keep things fresh and shake up his process a bit.  His latest film, Starred Up, features Jack O’Connell as Eric, an extremely violent 19-year-old kid who’s prematurely transferred to the same adult prison that his father’s in.

With Starred Up set to begin its limited theatrical run on August 27th in New York City, Mackenzie took the time to talk to us about some of the new methods he used while making it, namely shooting it in sequence and also filming the rehearsals, which didn’t just involve the cast, but the crew, too.  Hit the jump for more on that, Mackenzie’s experience shooting in a former prison, casting O’Connell, having two editors working on the cut while he was in production and more.  You can also click here to read about the Robert the Bruce movie he’s working on.


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[This is a re-post of my review from the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival.  Starred Up opens today in limited release and is also available on VOD.]

In movies, a father/son bond can be repaired in various ways: A game of catch, a cross-country road trip, or a death in the family to name a few. Starred Up finds a new one by putting the reconciliation inside a prison, and showing the attempts of a father to protect his reckless son from getting murdered by other inmates. Supported by excellent performances from Jack O’Connell and Ben Mendelsohn, director David Mackenzie and screenwriter Jonathan Asser have removed the schmaltz from the father/son story by taking two men who aren’t just estranged; they’re both violent and dangerous in a volatile environment. The filmmakers then proceed to further expand the story by offering the son different support structures and choices that further complicate his familial relationship.

Director David Mackenzie Wants Jack O’Connell for His Robert the Bruce Film

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Jack O’Connell
has been around and working steadily for quite a while, but he’s only first becoming a familiar name now and odds are, it’s partially because he delivers an outstanding performance in the upcoming release, Starred Up.  The film is the latest from Perfect Sense and Hallam Foe director, David Mackenzie, and stars O’Connell as a violent 19-year-old who’s prematurely transferred to an adult prison.

That one just hit iTunes and VOD today and will also make its way into select theaters tomorrow, but that won’t mark the end of Mackenzie and O’Connell’s time working together.  While discussing what it took to make Starred Up, Mackenzie also teased that he’s got a new film brewing and he’s interested in giving O’Connell a major role in it.  Hit the jump for more.

First ’71 Trailer: Jack O’Connell Tries to Find His Way Home

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One of the best films I saw at this year’s Berlin Film Festival was ’71, which is the feature directorial debut of Yann Demange (whose credits include some high-profile and acclaimed British television series like Top Boy, Criminal Justice, Secret Diary of a Call Girl).  The film is set in Belfast in 1971 and it’s about a young British soldier (Jack O’Connell) that’s accidentally abandoned by his unit following a riot.  Trapped behind enemy lines, he’s unable to tell friend from foe, and we follow as he tries to find his way home, while the locals battle for supremacy.  One of the reasons the film is so powerful is that it doesn’t portray any character or side in absolutes.  Each person we meet along the way has depth, and Demange doesn’t pull any punches when depicting the violence of the times.

With ’71 doesn’t yet have a release date in America, the film opens in the U.K. on October 10th and the first trailer has landed online.  What’s great about the ‘71 trailer is that it sells you on the story and action without ruining any of the twists and turns.  Hit the jump to check it out.

300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE Blu-ray Review

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As the supplements suggest, 300: Rise of an Empire is not a straight sequel to Frank Miller and Zack Snyder’s 300, as it can also be described as a prequel, sidequel, and probably some other words that have been invented to describe modern spin-off films that don’t pick up after the last film ended.  Rise of an Empire is meant to be like a glove to the first film, as it surrounds the original narrative with new material.  The results are a film that doesn’t totally work on its own terms, but does offer a delicious scene-stealing performance from Eva Green.  My 300: Rise of an Empire Blu-ray review follows after the jump. 

New UNBROKEN Trailer and Images Starring Jack O’Connell as Olympian and War Hero Louis Zamperini

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Universal has released a new Unbroken trailer online along with a batch of new images.  Angelina Jolie‘s film tells the incredibly true story of Louis Zamperini (Jack O’Connell), a former Olympian and WWII bombardier whose plane crashed at sea in 1943.  Zamperini and two crewmates floated adrift for 47 days and 2000 miles, eventually finding themselves caught by the Japanese Navy and sent to a POW camp where Zamperini was targeted by a sadistic overseer.  O’Connell looks good and the cinematography is very pretty, but this trailer also features people shouting platitudes like “You can take it, you can make it,” and “A moment of pain is worth a lifetime of glory.”  It looks like prime Oscar-bait, and while it turn out to be a good movie, the sappy tone of the trailer makes me feel like the film should be called “Unbroken: It Will Inspire the Living Shit out of You“.

Hit the jump to check out the Unbroken trailer and images.  The film opens December 25th, and also stars Domhnall Gleeson, Miyavi, Garrett Hedlund, and Finn Wittrock.

STARRED UP: Check out the Trailer and Poster for the Prison Drama Starring Jack O’Connell and Ben Mendelsohn

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Tribeca film has released the Starred Up trailer and poster.  The drama centers on Eric (Jack O’Connell), a 19-year-old who has been in the prison system most of his life, but is now incarcerated in a penitentiary for adults.  Once inside, he must confront his violent tendencies and a renewed relationship with his estranged father (Ben Menedelsohn).  I really liked the film when I saw it at TIFF, and this trailer does a good job of highlighting O’Connell’s excellent performance without giving away too much of the plot.  This is definitely an indie to keep on your radar when it’s released next month.

Hit the jump to check out the Starred Up trailer and poster.  The film hits iTunes on August 26th and will be released in theaters on August 29th.  Starred Up also stars Rupert Friend.

Irons and Miller Join HIGH-RISE; Sarsgaard and Ryder to Lead EXPERIMENTER; Galifianakis Has TULIP FEVER; Butler Set for DEN OF THIEVES

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We have a few casting stories for you this morning.  Briefly:

  • Jeremy Irons and Sienna Miller will join Tom Hiddleston in Ben Wheatley‘s adaptation of J.G. Ballard‘s High-Rise.
  • Peter Sarsgaard and Winona Ryder will lead the biopic Experimenter, The Stanley Milgram Story.
  • Zach Galifanakis has signed on to Justin Chadwick‘s period romance Tulip Fever.
  • Gerard Butler is set to star in the heist drama Den of Thieves.

Hit the jump for more details on these casting bits.

Joe Cornish Set to Direct SECTION 6, a Universal Spy Thriller Starring Jack O’Connell

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Joe Cornish has beaten out competing directors David MacKenzie and Tom Hooper for Universal’s spy thriller, Section 6.  After a bidding war that resulted in the studio’s winning seven-figure purchase, the search for a director turned into a rather lengthy process.  That search is now over with Cornish on board, and Jack O’Connell starring as a young protege.  Here’s the logline: “The historical spy thriller follows the World War I-era formation of British intelligence agency MI6 and its first director, Sir George Mansfield Cummings, who served as the inspiration for M in the James Bond series.”  (Via The Wrap)

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