New York City INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS Benefit Concert to Include Performances by The Avett Brothers, Jack White, Patti Smith, Marcus Mumford, and More

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With Inside Llewyn Davis, writers/directors Joel and Ethan Coen take on the 1960s Greenwich Village folk music scene.  The film is sure to be supremely entertaining, but if the Coen brothers’ O, Brother Where Art Thou? is any indication, we’re also in for one hell of a soundtrack.  In anticipation of the film’s release, the Coen brothers, executive music producer T Bone Burnett, and producer Scott Rudin have put together a benefit concert called “Another Day, Another Time: Celebrating the Music of Inside Llewyn Davis.”  The concert will take place on September 29th at The Town Hall in New York City, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the National Recording Preservation Foundation.  Tickets go on sale this Wednesday, August 21st at

Taking part in the concert will be an impressive lineup of artists including The Avett Brothers, Marcus Mumford, Conor Oberst, Patti Smith, Jack White, Colin Meloy, Milk Carton Kids, and many more.  Additionally, Inside Llewyn Davis stars Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan, John Goodman, and Stark Sands will perform.  Hit the jump for more details.  Inside Llewyn Davis opens in theaters on December 6th.

Hans Zimmer Replaces Jack White on THE LONE RANGER

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There’s been a bit of a behind-the-scenes change on director Gore Verbinski’s upcoming adventure pic The Lone Ranger.  This past April, welcome news came in the form of Jack White signing on to pen the score to Verbinski’s Western, but it appears that scheduling issues have gotten in the way and White has exited the project.  In his stead will be frequent Verbinski collaborator Hans Zimmer, who of course composed the unforgettable score for the director’s Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Disney explained in a statement (via The Playlist) that White “has contributed several pieces of music to the production,” but became logistically unavailable when the film’s release date was pushed from May to July.  It’s a bummer that we won’t get to hear an original Western score from White, but Zimmer isn’t too shabby as a replacement.  Hopefully White’s work will see the light of day at some point, either in the finished film as a couple of standalone tracks or as part of an EP  The Lone Ranger is set to open on July 3, 2013.

Jack White to Score THE LONE RANGER Starring Johnny Depp

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Well this is interesting.  Director Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean) is currently in production on his big-budget iteration of The Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer, but it appears he’s already found the perfect person to compose the score for the film.  Disney announced today that the incredibly talented Jack White will write, produce and perform the score for the Disney pic.  Though at first White may seem like an odd choice, I think his inclusion speaks to the vision Verbinski has for The Lone Ranger.  The director crafted a superbly entertaining Western with last year’s Rango, and I think White is a swell choice to write the music for his Western-leaning take on The Lone Ranger.

Apparently White was Verbinski’s idea, and Depp responded enthusiastically to the choice.  Though White has done some fine acting in the past (Cold Mountain, Walk Hard), he’ll be too busy with his touring schedule to make an appearance in the film.  Nevertheless, I can’t wait to hear White’s rendition of the “William Tell Overture.”  Hit the jump for a refresher on the Lone Ranger theme song and for a sample of Jack White’s work.  The Lone Ranger opens on May 31st, 2013.

Lindsay Lohan to Host SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE on March 3rd

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That’s right, folks. Despite the fact that Lindsay Lohan has nothing to promote and the troubled actress really doesn’t have much of a career beyond some risque photo-shoots showing up on the internet every couple weeks, the Freaky Friday and Mean Girls star is set to host Saturday Night Live on March 3rd with musical guest Jack White, making his debut as a solo artist outside of his work with The White Stripes and The Raconteurs.

NBC announced the news during a commercial break on this past weekend’s SNL with host Maya Rudolph, and while we’re not sure how the new episode with Lohan is going to turn out (or if people even care anymore), last weekend’s episode was an absolute laugh riot. Not only did it mark the return of SNL veteran Rudolph as host, but Justin Timberlake, Amy Poehler (on both Weekend Update and a Bronx Beat sketch), Bill O’Reilly and Kate Upton all made surprise appearances, and you can check out those and a few of our favorites sketches from the show after the jump.

Exclusive: Jimmy Page, Jack White and Director Davis Guggenheim Video Interview IT MIGHT GET LOUD

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It Might Get Loud movie image - slice.jpg

If you’re a fan of Jimmy Page, The Edge or Jack White, you’re going to love Davis Guggenheim’s documentary “It Might Get Loud”. That’s because the documentary gets up close and personal with all three musicians by taking a behind the scenes look at how all three create music. While I’m not a musician, I was fascinated by how much they revealed about why they got into music and how they work. Trust me, it’s a great film.

So to help promote the film which opens tomorrow, I recently interviewed Jimmy Page, Jack White and Director Davis Guggenheim. During the interview they talked about playing together in the film, what did they learn by working together, their thoughts on Rock Band and Guitar Hero, and what will be on the eventual DVD. Watch the interview after the jump:

Jimmy Page, Jack White and Director Davis Guggenheim Interview IT MIGHT GET LOUD

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Jack White, Jimmy Page, and Davis Guggenheim image - It Might Get Loud press day Los Angeles.jpg

Telling the personal stories, in their own words, of three generations of electric guitar virtuosos — Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), The Edge (U2) and Jack White (The White Stripes) — It Might Get Loud revolves around a day when the three musicians sat down together in an empty soundstage to share their stories, teach each other songs and play. Revealing how each developed his unique sound and style of playing guitars, the documentary follows the musicians to influential locations and provokes rare discussions as to how and why they write and play.

Exciting and intriguing not just for musicians, but also for fans of music or anyone who’s ever dreamed of being a rock star, It Might Get Loud gives rare insight into why music resonates, moves and inspires us. At the press day for this new documentary, Jimmy Page and Jack White joined director Davis Guggenheim to talk about their own personal, intimate experiences with the instrument that they have become famous for. Here’s what they had to say:

5 Movie Clips from IT MIGHT GET LOUD

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It Might Get Loud movie image - slice.jpg

If you’re a fan of Jimmy Page, The Edge or Jack White, you’re going to love Davis Guggenheim’s documentary “It Might Get Loud”. That’s because the documentary gives you an up close and personal look at all three musicians with great interviews and a behind the scenes look at how all three create music. While I’m not a guitarist or a musician, I was fascinated by how much all three revealed about how they got into music and how they work. Trust me, the film is great.

The other very cool part about the documentary is when all three musicians met for a rock’n roll summit. For part of the documentary, Davis Guggenheim had all three meet on an empty soundstage without any plan. They brought their guitars and equipment and sat around talking. As you might imagine…eventually they started playing together. So, as I said, if you’re a fan of any of these great musicians, or just an aspiring guitarist, it’s really worth checking out. Anyway, to help promote the film, I’ve been given five clips and you can watch them after the jump:


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It Might Get Loud movie image 5.jpg

Sony Pictures Classics has just released the first poster for “It Might Get Loud” and it’s after the jump. I recently saw the film and was fascinated by how different The Edge (U2), Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), and Jack White (The White Stripes) played guitar. If you’re a musician or have ever played an instrument, I think you’ll find “It Might Get Loud” fascinating. Also, Jimmy Page shows off part of his home and where Zeppelin recorded their 4th album for the first time. It’s very cool.

The poster and synopsis after the jump:

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