New Trailer for SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR Featuring Josh Brolin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Jessica Alba

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Dimension Films has released a new trailer for co-directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s sequel Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.  The film stars Josh Brolin as the physically altered Dwight (played by Clive Owen in the first film), who is hunted down by the only woman he ever loved, Ava Lord (Eva Green), and then watches his life go straight to hell.  This trailer doesn’t really get into the plot all that much, as it’s more of a flashy, aesthetic teaser than anything.  Frankly, the visuals for Sin City 2 look quite cheap compared to the first film, even though technology has advanced almost a decade since Rodriguez made Sin City.  The cast is promisingly eclectic, though, but right now that’s the only thing holding my interest here.

Hit the jump to watch the new Sin City 2 trailer and sound off with your thoughts in the comments.  The film also stars Mickey RourkeJessica AlbaBruce WillisRosario DawsonJaime KingJoseph Gordon-LevittDennis HaysbertChristopher MeloniJeremy PivenRay LiottaJuno Temple, Stacy Keach, and Julia Garner.  Sin City: A Dame to Kill For opens on August 22nd.

First Trailer for SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR Starring Josh Brolin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Eva Green

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Dimension Films has released the first trailer for co-director Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s sequel Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.  The film stars Josh Brolin as the physically-altered Dwight (played by Clive Owen in the first film), who is hunted down by the only woman he ever loved, Ava Lord (Eva Green), and then watches his life go straight to hell.  While I’m not crazy about the music they chose for this first cut, the character transformations are pretty damn cool.  Returning characters have a whole new look, which makes sense since it’s been almost a decade since the original film.  Newcomers to the franchise have been beat up, cut up, or dolled up to the point that they’re hardly recognizable.  A solid start.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.  The film also stars Mickey RourkeJessica AlbaBruce WillisRosario DawsonJaime KingJoseph Gordon-LevittDennis HaysbertChristopher MeloniJeremy PivenRay LiottaJuno Temple, Stacy Keach, and Julia GarnerSin City: A Dame to Kill For opens on August 22nd.

Jamie Foxx To Write, Produce, and Direct New Horror Anthology For Syfy

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Syfy has just unveiled that Oscar winner Jamie Foxx and his production company Foxxhole are bringing a high-profile horror anthology series to the small screen later this year.  In fact, Foxx is doing just about everything: he plans to executive produce, write and direct the series’ five episodes, which are set to debut in the fall during Syfy’s month-long celebration of all things Halloween.

The as of yet unnamed series will riff off of classics such as Tales from the Crypt and The Twilight Zone, focusing on creepy tales of woe for those engage in bad behavior (as Bela Lugosi would say, “Beware … beware!”.  Hit the jump for more on the series.

SIN CITY 2 Begins Shooting, Adds Jaime King and Jamie Chung; Major Casting Still to Come

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Sin City 2, aka Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, which began shooting in Austin yesterday, has added Jaime King in a returning role and Jamie Chung (Sucker Punch), who replaces Devon Aoki.  Co-directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller are teaming up once again for the sequel to their 2005 hit adaptation. Their co-written script is a mingling of Miller’s comics’ storylines as well as a new story written just for the film by Miller.  One plot was taken from the 1993 comic, “A Dame to Kill For,” and centers on a man named Dwight and his entanglements with a femme fatale named Ava.  Additional info on casting, such as the possible return of Clive Owen and much more, follows after the jump.

Jaime King Talks HART OF DIXIE and Her Directing Debut LATCH KEY

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From executive producer Josh Schwartz (Gossip Girl, Chuck, The O.C.), the new CW drama series Hart of Dixie, premiering on September 26th, follows New York City doctor Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) as she inherits a small local medical practice in Bluebell, Alabama and must learn to adjust to life in a small Southern town. But, Southern hospitality isn’t always so hospitable, as evidenced by the reaction of Brick Breeland (guest star Tim Matheson), the other doctor in town, and his normally sweet southern belle daughter Lemon (Jaime King), whose disposition turns sour upon meeting Zoe.

During an interview about her role on the new show, actress Jaime King talked about what made her decide to try television, how she enjoys the complexity of her character, and how she feels the big city and small town aspects of this show will help it appeal to everyone. She also talked about how she recently directed her first feature, Latch Key (which she also wrote), in her hometown of Omaha Nebraska. Check out what she had to say after the jump:

Lucasfilm Launches STAR WARS “Use the Force For Good” Cancer Benefit Video Featuring Emma Stone, Bill Hader, Seth Rogen, Zach Galifianakis and More

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Star Wars: The Complete Saga hits Blu-ray tomorrow, which means the Lucasfilm marketing machine is in full swing. While many may be deriding the changes that The Almighty Tinkerer has made this time around, not everything Lucasfilm does is nerd-angering. The studio has launched an initiative to benefit the charity Stand Up to Cancer, and they’ve recruited some big names to help out. The Use the Force For Good intiative has kicked off with a video tribute featuring a number of celebrities reenacting scenes from the series. The clip is actually pretty funny, and includes Aziz Ansari, Zach Galifianakis, Bill Hader, Ed Helms, Ken Jeong, Jaime King, Seth Rogen, Andy Samberg, Emma Stone, and of course Samuel L. Jackson.

Hit the jump to watch the video. Unsurprisingly, Hader is the highlight, as his penchant for impressions leads to some fantastically goofy reenactments.

Something Like a Trailer for MOTHER’S DAY

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Darren Lynn Bousman, best known as the director of Saw II, Saw III, and (you guessed it) Saw IV, is the man behind the remake of the 1980 horror film Mother’s Day.  Rebecca De Mornay stars as the mother who helps her three fugitive sons take care of a few unwanted houseguests.  Bill caught Mother’s Day at Fantastic Fest and thought the result was “a surprisingly fun mixed bag.”

Jaime King, Deborah Ann Woll, Briana Evigan, Alexa Vega, Shawn Ashmore, and  Matt O’Leary star alongside De Mornay in the April 1 release.  Bloody Disgusting found what they refer to as a “German sales promo,” but I wouldn’t judge if you’d like to call it a trailer.  We’ll post the official trailer if/when becomes available, but until then, this sales trailer provides plenty of insight into the look and plot of the film.  Watch it after the break.

MY GENERATION Series Premiere Review

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Following the rousing success of Modern Family’s debut last season, ABC originally slotted two new mockumentaries for this fall: Detroit 1-8-7 and My Generation.  Over the summer, 1-8-7 dropped the structure, which is not the one I would’ve picked if polled.

But for better or worse, the format is more integral to Generation, which catches up with a group of 28-year-olds ten years after they graduated from an Austin, Texas high school together in the year 2000.  An interesting premise, to be sure, and one I was looking forward to.  My review after the jump.

Jamie King to Star in Rom-Com JOURNIES About Journalists in the Online World

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jamie_king_image__4_.jpgDeath Ray Films is developing a romantic comedy that takes place in the world of online film journalists.  Called Journies, it’s being put together as a starring vehicle for Jamie King (Sin City) and it’s being written and directed by Grant Boucher.  Here’s the synopsis:

Journies is a romantic comedy about an aspiring online journalist who gets the scoop of a lifetime when a one-on-one interview turns into an unexpected date with Hollywood’s hottest young ingénue.

Producer Robert Sanchez says, “It’s Notting Hill with a touch of Entourage for the younger, hipper, Comic-Con crowd. Grant’s writing is amazing and his take on our story nailed it.”

Robert Sanchez, Kyle Newman (Fanboys) and Jaime King are producing.  Congrats to IESB’s Robert Sanchez for finally getting his movie about the world of online film journalists off the ground.  I expect he’s going to fill this thing up with plenty of cameos.  Needless to say, he’s going to get a lot of free coverage.

Updates on Frank Miller’s SIN CITY 2 and HARD BOILED

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No matter how much excitement you may have for “Sin City 2″, I can’t imagined it was somewhat diminished by “The Spirit”, a film that had such potential had it only stuck to being bat-shit insane.  However, interest in a sequel to “Sin City” remains high and now the film may finally, after long last, go into production.  For news on that film plus Miller’s planned adaptation of his own comic, “Hard Boiled”, hit the jump.

Behind the Scenes Video from Director Darren Lynn Bousman’s MOTHER’S DAY

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Mothers Day movie image - slice.jpg

I’ve got to give credit to whoever cut this behind the scenes video from director Darren Lynn Bousman’s “Mother’s Day”, as they’ve done an awesome job. Usually production blogs are boring and safe. Not this one. As you’ll see, this one has swearing, talk of serious violence, and some great editing. Whoever cut this must have drank a lot of red bull as it’s one minute of awesome. Take a look. You’ll agree with me.

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