First Trailer for James Gray’s THE IMMIGRANT Starring Marion Cotillard, Joaquin Phoenix, and Jeremy Renner

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Fresh off the film’s American debut at the New York Film Festival, the first trailer for writer/director James Gray’s new film The Immigrant has landed online.  The story centers on a woman (Marion Cotillard) immigrating to New York City in the 1920s who, when her sister is rejected and sent back to Poland, finds herself lured into the world of prostitution in the hopes of eventually being reunited with her kin.  This international trailer highlights the dichotomy between the two male leads, Joaquin Phonix as the charming man who recruits Cotillard into prostitution and Jeremy Renner as his debonair magician cousin.  Gray has definitely crafted a visually appealing look at the 1920s underbelly, and while Matt found the film misguided in his review, I’m intrigued by the interplay between the trio of main characters.

Hit the jump to watch the international trailer, which is NSFW.  The Immigrant will open in the U.S. sometime next spring.

Director James Grey’s Sci-Fi Thriller Officially Titled TO THE STARS; Plans to Start Filming in 2014

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Director James Gray’s new film The Immigrant finally had its American premiere at the New York Film Festival last weekend, and now the filmmaker looks poised to make a major departure for his next feature.  Gray recently told our partners at Omelete that his next project will be his long-gestating sci-fi thriller, now titled To the Stars.  The story takes place in the near future and concerns an odyssey through the solar system.  The pic revolves around a group of astronauts who go on a mission to bring a renegade colonist back to Earth.  Hit the jump for more.


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There are some settings that don’t quite work with a soft, romantic approach.  There’s no romanticizing child labor or human trafficking or abject poverty.  James Gray’s The Immigrant shows there’s also no romanticizing prostitution in New York City in 1921.  Gray attempts to spin a complicated love triangle though an elegant web, but two of the three main characters get stuck in mushy, bland roles despite the best efforts of the actors.  What’s meant to carry an air of tragedy, damnation, and the hint of redemption ultimately comes off as silly due to Gray’s misguided approach.

James Gray to Write and Direct Crime Thriller WHITE DEVIL for Warner Bros.

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Filmmaker James Gray may be working on a larger canvas for his next project.  The We Own the Night and The Yards director has been tapped to write and direct the Boston crime thriller White Devil for Warner Bros., which is being eyed as a priority project for the studio.  Per Deadline, the contemporary drama tells the story of “a white kid who is adopted into a Chinese family, and who rises to the top of the Chinese Mafia in Boston.”  The pic is apparently based on the true story of John Willis, also known as White Devil John.

The report notes that this is being planned as “a big scale film” for Gray, which is rather promising.  The director most recently helmed the period drama The Immigrant starring Joaquin Phoenix, Marion Cotillard, and Jeremy Renner, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival this past May.  Gray is also attached to direct the “search for El Dorado” non-fiction adaptation The Lost City of Z, which is apparently picking up steam again at Paramount, and he’s developing the assassin-on-the-run adaptation The Gray Man.

Marion Cotillard Talks Jacques Audiard’s RUST AND BONE and James Gray’s NIGHTINGALE

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Jacques Audiard’s Rust and Bone alternates between so many different tones — from tragedy to romance to action to drama — without even the slightest trace of difficulty. It’s a film that’s impossible to quite get ahold of or predict just where it’s going next. And it’s a testament  to the cast (in particular Marion Cotillard and Matthias Schoenaerts) that they are so deftly able to weave in between the jumps and changes in story. Marion Cotillard stars as Stephanie, a killer whale trainer, who after a freak accident, loses both her legs. But what could become an ‘Oh-pity-me’ melodrama instead becomes a story of a woman’s self-discovery and liberation.

In the following interview with Marion Cotillard, she discusses the difficulties (or lack thereof) in playing a double amputee, discovering her character while shooting, and her role in James Gray’s upcoming Nightingale.  Hit the jump to watch.

Mark Wahlberg, Marion Cotillard, and Zoe Saldana Circling Guillaume Canet’s BLOOD TIES

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Mark Wahlberg, Marion Cotillard, and Zoe Saldana may star in French actor Guillaume Canet‘s English-language directorial debut, Blood Ties.  According to The Playlist, the film is a remake of 2008′s Les Liens Du Sang, which Canet starred in but did not direct.  The story is set in the 1970s and centers on “two brothers, one a cop, the other a criminal fresh out of the joint.”  Wahlberg’s The Yards and We Own the Night writer-director James Gray is working on the script with Canet, and now Screen Daily reports that Wahlberg is circling the role of the cop (for those keeping track, this would be the fifth time Wahlberg has played a cop.  There’s no word yet on whom Cotillard (who is also Canet’s partner) or Saldana would play, and Canet may co-star as well.

Canet is probably best known to American audiences for his 2006 thriller Tell No One (Ben Affleck is set to direct the US remake), but he’s also directed the Cesar-nominated Mon Idole and Little White Lies.  Gray’s next film, a period drama tentatively titled Low Life and starring Joaquin Phoenix, Jeremy Renner, and Cotillard is set to start shooting in January.  Hit the jump to check out a trailer for Les Liens Du Sang.

Exclusive: Producer Brian Oliver Talks Steve McQueen Biopic Starring Jeremy Renner and HELLFIRE CLUB; Reveals McQueen Film Will Be 3D

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Back in April, it was announced that actor Jeremy Renner was developing a biopic on “The King of Cool”, actor Steve McQueen. We knew that James Gray (We Own the Night) was writing the script, and commercials director Ivan Zacharias would be making his feature directorial debut, but we haven’t heard much about the project since then. Recently Steve got the chance to speak with producer Brian Oliver (President of Cross Creek Pictures) about his upcoming political drama The Ides of March and he gave an update on the McQueen project. In addition to revealing that the film will most likely be in 3D, Oliver talked about the status of the script, distribution, and Renner’s passion for the pic despite his suddenly very busy schedule.

Oliver also spoke a bit about the Benjamin Franklin film Hellfire Club, which chronicles Franklin’s time in London before the start of the Revolutionary War when he ran around with the fairly deviant group of intellectuals known as the “Hellfire Club” (behavior included sex parties in caves, to give you a bit of an idea). Hit the jump to see what Oliver had to say about both projects.

Brad Pitt in Talks for James Gray’s THE GRAY MAN

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While currently busy filming the zombie apocalypse drama World War Z, Brad Pitt looks to be lining up his next feature. Variety reports that Pitt is in negotiations to star in director James Gray’s The Gray Man. The script, written by Adam Cozad, landed on last year’s black list and is adapted from the thriller novel of the same name by Mark Greaney. Pitt will play the world’s greatest assassin who finds himself fighting his way across Europe to save the life of his handler and his handler’s family.

Pitt has had his eye on the project for a while, as last November we reported that the actor was looking at starring in the film (he ended up shooting Cogan’s Trade first). Gray (We Own the Night) signed on in January and he detailed how he would distinguish the film from other thrillers by focusing on the point-of-view of the protagonist (Like the Bourne movies…). Hit the jump to read a synopsis of Greayney’s novel.

Marion Cotillard, Joaquin Phoenix and Jeremy Renner Join James Gray’s LOW LIFE

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Writer/director James Gray (We Own the Night) is currently putting together the cast for his next film, Low Life. Marion Cotillard and Joaquin Phoenix are set to star, with Jeremy Renner in negotiations to join the film as well, presumably because he wasn’t too busy already. Deadline reports that the story centers on a woman (Cotillard) who immigrates to America from Poland. During her journey to Ellis Island, she is forced to trade sexual favors for medicine and food to help her ailing sister, then once she arrives in America she falls victim to “a sleazebag” (Phoenix) who advises her to become a prostitute.

Renner is in talks to play Phoenix’s cousin, a charming magician who falls for Cotillard’s character. Filming is poised to begin next year. This marks a comeback of sorts for Phoenix following his sabbatical as a hobo, and it will be his fourth collaboration with Gray. He’s also set to star in Paul Thomas Anderson’s untitled religious drama. Cotillard is gearing up to shoot The Dark Knight Rises, and Renner is currently filming The Avengers before he moves on to The Bourne Legacy later this summer.

Jeremy Renner Developing Steve McQueen Biopic for Director Ivan Zacharias

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Jeremy Renner, who will eventually star in every major franchise in Hollywood, has formed his own production company and is in the process of developing a biopic based on “The King of Cool”, actor Steve McQueen.  According to Risky Business, the biopic will be a starring vehicle for Renner with James Gray (Two Lovers) writing the script and commercial director Ivan Zacharias making his feature directing debut on the project.  Gray will base his script off two books by Marshall Terrill: Portrait of an American Rebel and The Life and Legend of a Hollywood Icon.

Hit the jump for my thoughts on the biopic as well as a brief refresher on Renner’s other projects.

James Gray to Direct THE GRAY MAN

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Direct James Gray (We Own the Night) has signed on to helm an adaptation of Mark Greaney’s novel The Gray Man.  According to Deadline, “the former CIA operative-turned ultimate assassin must fight his way across Europe and past special forces teams from around the world in order to save the life of his handler and the handler’s family.”  The script is from Adam Cozad, who wrote the script for the upcoming Jack Ryan reboot starring Chris Pine.

Gray says he has a plan to distinguish his film from other assassin-on-the-run films.  Hit the jump for details on his plan as well as what The Gray Man means for Gray’s other potential projects.

Brad Pitt Departs THE LOST CITY OF Z

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Brad Pitt has exited James Gray’s adaptation of the non-fiction bestseller The Lost City of Z.  The book centers on Col. Percy Fawcett’s attempts to find El Dorado and his mysterious disappearance during a 1925 expedition to find the city while trekking through the Amazon.  According to Vulture, Pitt left the project due to an impasse with Paramount over compensation for Gray.

But Pitt has plenty else to keep him busy.  A couple days ago, we reported that he had signed on to reunite with his Assassination of Jesse James director Andrew Dominik for the crime drama Cogan’s Trade.  He may also star in an adaptation of Mark Greaney’s spy novel The Gray Man.  Pitt has also been linked to an adaptation of Max Brooks’ book World War Z.  As Pitt plans ahead, the famous actor has two major films set for release next year: Bennett Miller’s Moneyball and Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life.

Brad Pitt May Move Directly to THE LOST CITY OF Z after He’s Done Playing MONEYBALL

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Director James Gray (Two Lovers) may be finally shooting his adaptation of David Grann’s bestselling non-fiction book The Lost City of Z.  We first reported on the project back in December 2008 and in April 2009 we reported that Brad Pitt was attached to star.  Now, Screen Daily reports that Lost City may get in front of cameras once Pitt wraps filming on Bennett Miller’s adaptation of Michael Lewis’ baseball statistics drama, Moneyball.  The film has been gaining major heat from buyers at Cannes due to the combination of the material and Pitt’s star power.

Via Screen Daily, The Lost City of Z “takes place in the early twentieth century and charts 30 years in the life of Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett, a former decorated British soldier turned explorer.”  The film has been gaining major heat from buyers at Cannes due to the combination of the material and Pitt’s star power.

Hit the jump for more on Fawcett’s incredible story.

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