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Two Kubrick films left out of the original Kubrick Box set and Papillon. What do these films have in common? All three have recently been put out by Warner Brothers. For Lolita and Barry Lyndon, it’s a bare bones affair, but for Papillon, it’s got a nice book casing, and a period featurette. Actually with Papillon the best supplement is the packaging itself. Still, these are catalog films that it’s good to see on the format, and our reviews of Lolita, Barry Lyndon and Papillon on Blu-ray follow after the jump.

A STAR IS BORN Blu-ray Review

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Judy Garland, every once in a while, could deliver a great performance. It seems now she’s better known for her personal problems, The Wizard of Oz, and her adoring fanbase. But in A Star is Born she gives one of her best performances in what appears to be a mirror of her own life. Garland plays Esther Blodgett, a singer with great pipes discovered by Norman Maine (James Mason). The two fall in love, but he’s a boozy mess and as she finally achieves stardom he recedes from the spotlight. My review of the gorgeous Blu-ray of A Star is Born follows after the jump.


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Going back to the old masters, going back to the classics is always illuminating. Someone like Alfred Hitchcock knew how to frame a film. He knew where he was putting his camera, and why it was there. As in North by Northwest he achieved one of the great visual representations of sex. Cary Grant lifts Eva Marie Saint up to bed, and then a train enters a tunnel. Not exactly subtle, but undeniably brilliant. My review after the jump.

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