New WILD CARD Trailer a Vast Improvement; Looks Like Jason Statham’s Best Movie In Years

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I like Jason Statham.  I especially like him in other people’s movies because, as a rule, the sub-genre that’s basically come to be known as “Jason Statham movies” isn’t really my thing.  I get the appeal, it’s just not for me.  But Wild Card (while still not exactly in my wheelhouse) looks like it has more personality than your standard Statham fare.  For one, it’s got a better cast.  And, with a script by the legendary William Goldman (who, to be fair, had seen better years prior to writing Dreamcatcher with Lawrence Kasdan), it looks like it has a lot more personality than some of his other films.  This new trailer is also light years better than the international one released a few weeks ago.

Hit the jump to check out the Wild Card trailer.  The film, directed by Simon West, also stars Michael Angarano, Milo Ventimiglia, Dominik García-Lorido, Anne Heche, Sofia Vergara, Max Casella, Jason Alexander, Francois Vincentelli, Davenia McFadden, Chris Browning, Matthew Willig, Greice Santo with Hope Davis and Stanley Tucci.

Watch: Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza Reunite for COMEDIANS IN CARS GETTING COFFEE During Super Bowl

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Amidst the many, many commercials during this year’s Super Bowl, there was a mini Seinfeld reunion.  Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander reprised their roles from the classic sitcom in a short bit from Seinfeld’s excellent web-series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, and now the full episode is online for all to see.  This is, indeed, the “secret project” that Seinfeld and Larry David have been working on, and like the Seinfeld season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, it’s another fantastic way to explore the possibility of a Seinfeld reunion without actually doing a full NBC-sanctioned episode.

Watch the “George Costanza” episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee after the jump and click here to catch up on the big Super Bowl commercials.

Jerry Seinfeld Teases SEINFELD Reunion “Secret Project”

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A few weeks ago, the internet was sent swiftly ablaze when Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander were spotted in New York City outside Tom’s Restaurant (aka the exterior façade for “Monk’s”) surrounded by filming equipment.  The two were apparently working on something with Seinfeld creator Larry David, and many assumed they were shooting either a Super Bowl commercial or an episode of Seinfeld’s excellent web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.  Well Seinfeld has now gone on the record about the project, teasing a few more details and confirming that other Seinfeld characters will appear in the…thing.  Hit the jump to read on. 

COMMUNITY Episode to Feature the Cast as Puppets, Jason Alexander to Guest Star

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An upcoming episode of NBC’s Community will feature the Greendale Seven (now Eight with Chang) in puppet form.  Titled “Intro to Felt Surrogacy,” the episode takes the study group on a balloon ride that crashes in the mountains where they make the acquaintance of a friendly mountain man (played by guest star Jason Alexander).  Returning to campus feeling a bit awkward about their experience, the Dean (Jim Rash) suggests they act out their story in puppet form.

Community airs Thursday nights at 8pm on NBC.  Hit the jump for the full press release and an image of the cast as puppets.

TV Casting: Sean Bean Replaces Brendan Fraser in TNT’s LEGENDS; Jason Alexander to Guest Star on COMMUNITY

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We’ve got a couple of TV-related casting stories to share this morning.  First up, Sean Bean has signed on to replace Brendan Fraser as the lead in TNT’s espionage pilot Legends.  The series is based on a novel by Robert Littell and follows a former CIA operative now acting as a private detective who has the unique ability to turn himself into a different person for each assignment.  Fraser exited the project after he and showrunner Howard Gordon didn’t see eye to eye on how to approach the lead character, and now Variety reports that Bean is stepping into the lead role.

Bean’s characters have a tendency to, well, die unexpectedly, but I think he’s safe here as he’ll be toplining the series (at least I hope…).  Legends is one of a number of new projects 24 veteran Gordon is spearheading following the immense success of his Showtime series Homeland.  Hit the jump for casting news regarding a Seinfeld alum visiting Community.

Jason Alexander Does a PSA for the Netflix Relief Fund

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A couple weeks ago, I wrote an editorial chastising those who were upset at Netflix’s recent price hike.  I explained that the company needs to raise their prices in order to stay competitive and that no one owes you cheap movies nor are you obligated to stay a Netflix subscriber.  Total strangers disagreed with me in the comments section and now I have seen the error of my ways.

That’s why I’m so glad Jason Alexander has done a PSA for the Netflix Relief Fund.  I was so ignorant to think that having to pay six to ten extra dollars wasn’t the same kind of suffering endured by non-middle-class white people the world over.  So please, drink deep of this white whine and together we can refuse to pay a little more for movies where Jason Statham plays a hitman.


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Most TV shows are worn out by their seventh season.  Curb Your Enthusiasm isn’t one of them.  If anything, the show has become stronger.  I would argue that the show’s real turning point came in season four when Larry was hired to play Max Bialystock in The Producers.  Since then, Curb has found a way to keep an over-arching plotline that helps to balance season-long B-plot with the A-plot of Larry David’s continual comedy-of-manners and errors.  Season five had Larry looking for ways to avoid giving his kidney to Richard Lewis, and season six introduced The Blacks and a beautiful layer of racial humor to the show.  Larry also separated from his wife Cheryl (played by not-his-real-wife Cheryl Hines) over one of the best mismanagements of priorities of all-time.

New Image from Disney’s RAPUNZEL

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By this time next year, you’ll be seeing Disney’s take on the old German fairy tale Rapunzel in theaters, but for now you can analyze this new image from the film. Walt Disney Animation studios promises that with Rapunzel, “you will be transported to a world complete with iconic tower, an evil witch, a gallant hero and, of course, the mysterious girl with the long golden tresses”. Like so many animated features these days, Rapunzel has a stellar voice cast including Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi, Matthew Gray Gubler, David Schwimmer, John Goodman, David Cross, Jason Alexander, and Carol Burnett.  Hit the jump for more:

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