Check out Alex Ross’ THE IRON GIANT Poster for MondoCon; Full Programming Lineup Announced for Mondo’s First Convention

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Next month Mondo will have its very own convention, MondoCon, and they’re starting out with a bang.  Today they’ve announced their full lineup of artists and programming as well as some of the amazing artwork they’ll have available.  One of the hottest items this year will undoubtedly be Alex RossThe Iron Giant poster.  This is the celebrated artist’s first time working with Mondo, and hopefully it won’t be his last.  As for The Iron Giant, Mondo is going all out in celebrating the wonderful film’s 15th anniversary, and in addition to Ross’ poster, they will also be putting the movie’s soundtrack on vinyl for the first time with two package designs from artists Jason Edmiston and Jay Shaw.

But these items are just a small part of a much larger convention that will have plenty of cool events.  Hit the jump to check out Ross’ Iron Giant poster, the vinyl covers, and to learn about what you can expect from this year’s MondoCon.

Mondo Announces First Guests for Inaugural MONDOCON; Reveals THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN Poster by Guest and HELLBOY Creator Mike Mignola

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Mondo, the Alamo Drafthouse’s art boutique, has become a behemoth, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down.  This fall will mark the inaugural MondoCon event, “which will coincide with the first weekend of Fantastic Fest on September 20 & 21 at The Marchesa Hall & Theater in Austin, TX.”  The convention “will bring together unique guests from a variety of areas to celebrate film, music, art, and toys with the world’s finest artists, designers, illustrators, painters, toy creators as well as directors, composers and more. The convention will offer new artwork and products as well as panels and special screenings.”  In other words, not only will you see a bunch of cool stuff, you’ll probably go broke trying to buy as much of it as you can.  Tickets for MondoCon go on sale on June 4th at  Single day tickets will are $35 and full weekend tickets are $70.  Additionally, Fantastic Fest VIP badges will get a full weekend ticket to MondoCon.

Mondo has announced the first round of guests for the convention, and in addition to including some of the usual suspects like Jock, Phantom City Creative, and Jay Shaw, the lineup will also include Hellboy creator Mike Mignola.  Mignola also created a The Bride of Frankenstein poster, which will go on sale at a random time on June 5th (follow @MondoNews for the announcement).  Hit the jump to check out the poster and the press release for MondoCon.

Tom Hiddleston to Star in Ben Wheatley’s HIGH RISE; Filming to Begin in June

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The adaptation of J.G. Ballard‘s High Rise has been stuck in development hell for years, but last year, Kill List director Ben Wheatley signed on to become the project’s latest director.  The 1975 novel “takes place in a tower block, which is supposed to be a gleaming new, exciting and exotic home for its affluent residents, but ends up isolating and factionalizing them into all-out war, with the surface sophistication degenerating to primal savagery.”  Today, Wheatley announced on his Twitter page that production will begin in June, and the film will star Tom Hiddleston.

Hit the jump for more including a cool promo image Wheatley tweeted.

Limited Paper: Mondo Posters For EVIL DEAD 2, ARMY OF DARKNESS; Plus Check out the MONDONOMICON

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Not too long ago, Mondo Creative Director Justin Ishmael mentioned that a few Evil Dead-related items were headed our way, and it appears that tomorrow’s the day we’re going to have a chance to pick them up.  Randy OrtizArmy of Darkness print (which first appeared at a Kansas City Drafthouse screening of that Sam Raimi film), a new Evil Dead 2 print from Jason Edmiston, and the latest Mondo poster book—with a special Mondonomicon cover—are all headed our way, and you can find out how many are available, what they’ll set ya back, and more after the jump.

Limited Paper: Mondo Announces New REPO MAN Posters by Tyler Stout and Jay Shaw

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With the Criterion Collection’s Repo Man on the verge of being releases, we’d been expecting a Jay Shaw print to drop any minute, one to match the design he created for the film’s cover box…and that print did just get announced.  But did anyone expect the other Repo Man poster Mondo’s dropping later this week?  Just weeks after unleashing a slew of new Tyler Stout prints at the Mondo Gallery’s Stout & Taylor show, Tyler Stout’s Repo Man gets announced.  You as shocked as we were?  Think about it while you check out the specs on this week’s Mondo prints, after the jump…

Limited Paper: A Preview of Bottleneck Gallery’s GIZMOS AND GADGETS Show Featuring New Artwork from Godmachine, Cuyler Smith, and Dave Perillo

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Yes, gallery shows are still coming fast and furious in 2013, and this week brings us another new one:  Bottleneck Gallery’s Gizmos and Gadgets opens this Friday, and—from the looks of the preview images sent over by our buddy Joe at the Gallery’s NYC location—it looks to be just as impressive as the work we saw from that Gallery throughout 2012.  Wanna see some amazing new artwork from Godmachine, Cuyler Smith, and Dave Perillo?  Find out when you can plan on getting a crack at purchasing some of this stuff online?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

Limited Paper: On the Eve of the Universal Monsters Show, Mondo Releases a Ton of NYCC Posters (And Jay Shaw’s PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4)

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We’ve just about made it to Mondo’s Universal Monsters gallery show—their biggest show ever, opening this Friday and playing home to nearly 20 posters and 50-plus originals (according to Mondo’s creative director, Justin Ishmael, at tonight’s 3D screening of Creature From The Black Lagoon)—but that doesn’t mean all of Mondo’s other business has been put on hold.  In fact, they’re going to be dropping the remaining prints from their recent New York Comic-Con appearance tomorrow morning.  Wanna know what’s going on sale, what it’ll cost you, and what it looks like?  Meet me after the jump, folks.


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If you’re a Mondo fan and headed to New York Comic-Con this weekend, I strongly advise you to get to the con when it opens Friday morning at 9:30am.  That’s because even though most assumed Mondo would release their prints like they did in San Diego (one at a time), I’ve learned that when the doors open, everything is for sale!

But it gets better.

Late tonight, as the convention was closing, I was able to take pictures of everything at the Mondo booth!  If you’ve been wondering what would be sold at NYCC, Mondo has prints for Shaun of the Dead, Lord of the Rings, The Iron Giant, Phantasm, City of the Living Dead, Kill Bill, The Foghorn Leghorn, and Friday the 13th Part III 3D!  In addition, a number of these prints have variants.  Hit the jump for a ton of images and artists info.


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Another busy day in Poster World, folks:  at some point today, Mondo will drop three more of its Fantastic Fest posters on a not-so-unsuspecting populace.  Kilian Eng’s Alexander Jodorowsky’s Dune and the one-two punch of Jay Shaw’s Beyond The Black Rainbow and Wrong will hit the Mondo website in a matter of…what, minutes?  Hours?  There’s no telling—you’ll have to wait for the Tweet to find out—but while we’re waiting on the drop to occur, why don’t we take a closer look at what’s dropping today?  It’s all after the jump, my fellow poster-nerds.

Limited Paper: Gallery 1988 Reveals the Full Lineup for New Gallery Show Featuring Jay Shaw, Josh Budich, and Jeff Boyes

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Earlier in the week, we ran a brief preview about Gallery 1988’s latest show, a “three-man solo show” featuring new art from Jay Shaw, Jeff Boyes, and Josh Budich.  At the time, we shared about half a dozen pictures, bringing you what may or may not’ve been your first look at Shaw’s Klute and Invasion of The Body Snatchers, Budich’s Sorceress and Tetsuo, and—last but not least—the one-two punch of Boyes’ Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind and The Wolf Mobile (based on the original Teen Wolf).  Those pics were all great, to be sure, but they did leave us a little wanting…but all that’s over now.

Wanna see every other print that’s on sale via the good folks at Gallery1988?  Meet me after the jump, folks (and be sure to bring your wallet).

Limited Paper: Jay Shaw, Josh Budich, and Jeff Boyes Team Up with Gallery1988 to Present New Work; Exclusive First Images Here

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We’ve covered the awesome work being done by the Gallery 1988 guys before here at Limited Paper:  they’re the guys behind this summer’s awesome run of Breaking Bad posters, last month’s desperately-needed Arrested Development-themed show, and—most recently– Mark Englert’s Comic-Con exclusive Alien poster (You Are My Lucky Star).  Yes, the Gallery88 guys have been on a roll this year, and this week’s new batch of prints—from Jay Shaw, Josh Budich, and Jeff Boyes—looks to continue that trend.  What sort of new work can we expect from the guys later this week?  Find out after the jump, folks.

Limited Paper at Comic-Con: Mike Mitchell’s ADVENTURE TIME and Jay Shaw’s MIMIC

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Mike Mitchell's ADVENTURE TIME and Jay Shaw's MIMIC slice

Well, folks, here we are:  the end of Comic-Con 2012.  The booths are being disassembled, the nerds are flocking to the exits, booth-babe pictures are being stored on hard-drives, and poster-tubes packed with sweet, sweet limited-paper goodness are being carried triumphantly from the San Diego Convention Center.  What screenprints were we able to score before fleeing the SDCC for the safety of the San Diego airport?  Oh, nothing special:  just a few more awesome Mike Mitchell pieces from Mondo’s ongoing Adventure Time series and a Jay Shaw print autographed by none other than Guillermo del Toro.

Read all about ‘em after the jump, my fellow poster-geeks.

Limited Paper #2: Mondo Mystery Movie X Announced, A Distant Winter Teased By the Phone Booth Gallery, Aaron Horkey’s Jaw-Dropping New Poster and More!

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Limited Paper Mondo Mystery Movie X Announced, A Distant Winter Phone Booth Gallery slice

As you’ve probably noticed, movie-poster collecting has turned into a Ron Burgundy-sized “Big Deal” over the past few years:  everywhere you look, brilliantly talented artists like Aaron Horkey, Tyler Stout, and Ken Taylor are joining forces with places like Gallery 1988IAm8Bit, and the newly-opened Mondo Gallery to create collectible, gorgeously-rendered works of art based on your favorite movies and TV shows, and every time one of these posters drops…a poster-collector is born.

And where do we–the die-hard paper-geeks of the world– go for our news?  For our drop announcements?  For interviews with our favorite artists?  For reckless rumor-mongering about upcoming events?  Last week, we unveiled Limited Paper, a new ongoing series here at designed to keep everyone from poster-collecting veterans to poster-collecting n00bs up to speed on just those issues.  Want to know what’s new in the limited paper world this week?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

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