MAGIC CITY Movie in Development with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Bruce Willis, and Bill Murray

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Many similarly themed shows came and went in the wake of Mad Men’s success, and one such series was Starz’s Magic City.  The show took place in 1959 Miami and revolved around a club owner, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who is forced to make a deal with a mobster.  It ran for two seasons on the network, but it is now getting new life in the form of a Magic City movie.  Variety reports that creator Mitch Glazer will direct a feature film iteration of the show, with Morgan, Danny Huston, Olga Kurylenko, and Kelly Lynch poised to reprise their roles from the series.  Moreover, Bruce Willis and Bill Murray are being added to the mix as new characters, though specifics aren’t provided at this time.

The Magic City movie will be set in 1962 and once again revolve around Morgan’s Miami club owner.  Further details are unknown, but QED will shop the project to buyers at the American Film Market next week.

Kristen Wiig and Alexander Skarsgard Join THE DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL; Jeffrey Dean Morgan Set for DESIERTO; Rebel Wilson Joins HE’S F-ING PERFECT

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Here’s today’s latest casting news:

Hit the jump for more on each casting announcement.

Starz Cancels MAGIC CITY After Two Seasons

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This coming Friday’s season two finale of the drama series Magic City will also act as the show’s series finale.  Starz announced today (via THR) that it has opted not to move forward with a third season of the Jeffrey Dean Morgan-fronted show, which takes place in 1959 Miami and centers on the owner of a glamorous hotel.  The series suffered from low ratings and mixed critical reception throughout its run, so Starz’s decision isn’t necessarily surprising.  Spartacus still remains the only Starz original series to last longer than two seasons, but the network has plenty of new offerings in the coming months.  The Michael Bay­-produced pirate drama Black Sails begins in January and Battlestar Galactica showrunner Ronald D. Moore’s adaptation of the Diana Gabaldon series Outlander just received a series order.  Moreover, David S. Goyer‘s period series Da Vinci’s Demons was renewed for a second season.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse Is The Mother F%&*^r in New KICK-ASS 2 Image; First Look at Anthony Hopkins in SOLACE

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Universal Pictures has released a new image from director Jeff Wadlow’s upcoming sequel Kick-Ass 2, and this time it’s all about The Mother F%&*^r.  Christopher Mintz-Plasse is seen checking out his new look as the aptly-named supervillain, sporting an outfit that is at once sinister and sexually suggestive.  The film’s red-band trailers promise that Wadlow isn’t holding back for the R-rated follow-up, and I’m eager to see more of the character interplay between Mintz-Plasse, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Chloe Grace Moretz.  The film opens in theaters on August 16th.

Additionally, the first image from the supernatural thriller Solace has been unveiled.  The film centers on a former doctor with psychic abilities who gets roped in by the FBI to aid in a serial killer case.  Anthony Hopkins plays the doctor, while Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Abbie Cornish are FBI agents working to track down the killer, played by Colin Farrell.  Filming is set to wrap on the film this week.  Hit the jump to check out both images.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Talks MAGIC CITY Season 2, How the Chemistry of the Cast Has Evolved, Upping the Intensity, and More

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In Season 2 of the Starz drama series Magic City, Ike Evans (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) will risk everything in a life-and-death battle to rid his Miramar Playa Hotel of the mob and Ben “The Butcher” Diamond (Danny Huston).  But, Ike’s dangerous plan to defeat Ben will have him pitting Ben’s boss, Sy Berman (James Caan), against him, sending Ike down a path that will begin to tear the Evans family apart.

During this exclusive interview with Collider, actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan talked about how excited he was to return for Season 2, how exhausting it is to shoot almost a full hour in nine days, that the intensity will be even great this season, what sort of relationship his character will have with both Danny Huston’s and James Caan’s characters, how the chemistry with the cast has evolved, what the Evans’ family dynamic will be like, and that he’s hoping for a Season 3.  Check out what he had to say after the jump, and be aware that there are some spoilers.

Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. Buddy Up for LET’S BE COPS; Jesse L. Martin to Play Marvin Gaye in SEXUAL HEALING; Jeffrey Dean Morgan Takes SOLACE

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Check out the latest casting additions below:

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Exclusive TV Spot for RED DAWN Starring Chris Hemsworth and Jeffrey Dean Morgan

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Today, we’re premiering a new TV spot for the upcoming remake of Red Dawn.  The film focuses on a group of teenagers who become freedom fighters when their town is invaded and conquered by North Korea.  Presumably, you’re investment in the movie rests on whether or not you can suspend your disbelief that North Korea could take over a 7/11 let alone entire parts of America.

Hit the jump to check out the TV spot.  The film stars Chris HemsworthJosh HutchersonAdrianne PalickiJosh PeckIsabel LucasEdwin Hodge, and Jeffrey Dean MorganRed Dawn opens November 21st.

New “Patriotic Trailer” for RED DAWN Starring Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson

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A new trailer for the Red Dawn remake, dubbed a “patriotic trailer,” has been released online.  Directed by Dan Bradley, the remake stars Chris Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Josh Peck, and Arianne Palicki as a group of teenagers/young adults who must work together in order to repel invading North Korean forces.  It appears that the marketing campaign is now heavily geared toward the film’s patriotic appeal despite the fact that the filmmakers troublingly switched the nationality of the film’s villains from Chinese to North Koreans in post-production by changing the colors of the flags (‘Merica!).  Nevertheless, the film actually looks like it could be kind of fun if it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Hit the jump to watch the new trailer.  The film also stars Isabel Lucas, Connor Cruise, and Jeffrey Dean MorganRed Dawn opens on November 21.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Natasha Calis Talk THE POSSESSION

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Ultimately The Possession lives and dies on the relationship between its two leads: Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Natasha Calis. As Clyde and his youngest daughter Em, the twosome’s bond forms the backbone of the film. Clyde, has for all intensive purposes, completely screwed up his relationship with wife Stephanie (Kyra Sedgwick) and eldest daughter Hannah. The one person who looks or treats him with any sense of fondness is his youngest daughter, Em and Clyde is intent on keeping this so. So imagine his chagrin – when Em gets taken over by an evil Jewish demon in a box and begins to violently distance herself from him. Clyde is then forced to result to increasingly elaborate and dangerous means to bring his daughter back and repair their fractured relationship.

In the following interview with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Natasha Calis, the twosome discuss the strange ‘supernatural’ occurrences that happened on set, why they never want to be near a dibbuk bok and Calis’s two-sided (girl + demon) performance. For the full interview, hit the jump.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Talks THE POSSESSION, MAGIC CITY Season 2, the James Gunn-scripted PURE, His Fondness for Television, and More

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“Tommy – do you mind if I smoke?”

“I don’t care.”

“…Well, even if you did, you’re not filming this… so tough shit.”

And thus began my interview with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the effortlessly charming and hilariously blunt actor behind such memorable roles in film (Watchmen, The Losers) and television (Grey’s Anatomy, Supernatural).  There’s just something down right likable about the guy – and it aids him when asked to play even the darkest of characters or moments.  In the much-better-than-you-think The Possession, Morgan stars as Clyde, a neglectful father trying to rectify his fraught relationship with his daughters after a messy divorce.  Of course – when an evil demon-in-a-box possesses his youngest daughter, said rectifying becomes, well, much more difficult.  It’s a very strong performance that helps elevate The Possession over your typical exorcism and/or horror film.

In the following interview with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, he discusses his distaste for most horror films (and why The Possession is the exception to the rule), his penchant for playing absentee fathers and his upcoming slate of projects (including Magic City Season Two, the James Gunn scripted Pure, and the Chloe Moretz co-starring The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea).  For the full interview, hit the jump.

First Trailer for RED DAWN Remake Starring Chris Hemsworth, Adrianne Palicki, and Josh Hutcherson

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The first trailer for the long-delayed Red Dawnremake has been released.  Watching this trailer, I’m reminded of why we now use aliens for all of our invasion movies.  Being a superpower, it’s tougher to imagine the U.S. getting invaded by almost any other country.  The original worked in 1984 because it preyed on Cold War fears, and those fears no longer exist.  Even when China was the foe for the remake (a post-production change was made so that we wouldn’t lose money from their bustling economy; now the baddie is North Korea, which is laughable since they can’t even get a working rocket let alone an invasion force), there wasn’t too much fear, although that would at least provide a credible war.  I will say that the rah-rah freedom on display is kind of cute, and it’s interesting that the remake focuses on the characters going on a mission rather than simply trying to survive like in the original.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.  The film stars Chris HemsworthJosh HutchersonAdrianne PalickiJosh PeckIsabel LucasEdwin Hodge, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  Red Dawn opens on November 21st.

Sneak Peek at the Trailer for the RED DAWN Remake

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A sneak peek at the upcoming trailer for the remake of Red Dawn has gone online.  For those unfamiliar with the film, it’s about a group of teenagers who decide to take up arms and fight against a foreign invasion.  In the original 1984 version, it was the Russians, and the remake wanted to update the invaders to the Chinese.  However, after they finished shooting, the producers discovered that this might hurt distribution in China, so they decided to do some CGI change-ups to the flags and turn the invaders into North Koreans (in the hopes that you don’t notice that Chinese people and Korean people don’t look the same).

If you forgot that there was a remake of Red Dawn, you’re not alone.  The film was completed years ago, but had to sit on the shelf while MGM went through a financial meltdown (a fate shared by The Cabin in the Woods).  The movie was picked up for distribution by Film District in September 2011, and it will finally hit theaters on November 21st.  The film stars Chris Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Adrianne Palicki, Isabel Lucas, Josh Peck, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Connor Cruise.  Hit the jump to check out a sneak peek at the trailer.


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While I’ve interviewed many people over the past seven years, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is one my favorites.  No matter where and when we talk, he’s always brutally honest and willing to have fun.  Which brings me to last week at Comic-Con.  When my scheduled interview had to be changed at the last minute, Morgan was the one who suggested meeting up after he’d finished his press for the day so we could have an extended conversation.  Needless to say, I immediately said yes.

During  the interview we talked about his thoughts on Before Watchmen, Watchmen‘s extended cut, his upcoming horror movie The Posession (here’s the first trailer) which also stars Kyra Sedgwick, and Natasha Calis, Red Dawn, Magic City, what it’s like to film on location in Miami, being at Comic-Con, and The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea with Jessica Biel and Chloe Moretz.  Hit the jump to watch.



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Check out our round-up of the latest posters below:

  • Resident Evil: Retribution – The fifth installment of the Resident Evil franchise from director Paul W.S. Anderson stars Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez, Sienna Guillory, Oded Fehr, Boris Kodjoe, Johann Urb, Kevin Durand and Bingbing LiResident Evil: Retribution opens September 14th.
  • The PossessionFrom producer Sam Raimi (Spider-Man) director Ole Bornedal (Nightwatch) comes this horror film based on real life events.  The Possession, starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kyra Sedgwick, Madison Davenport and Natasha Calis opens August 31st.
  • The BabymakersThe heist/adventure/comedy directed by Jay Chandrasekhar (Super Troopers) stars Olivia Munn, Paul Schneider, Noureen DeWulf and Aisha Tyler. The Babymakers opens August 3rd.

Hit the jump to check out the new posters and synopses.


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After more than a decade of directing for television, Ami Canaan Mann (Friday Night Lights, Morning) returns to feature films with the dark crime drama Texas Killing Fields.  The script was first commissioned a decade ago by her father, director Michael Mann (Heat, Public Enemies), who acts as producer here.  At one time director Danny Boyle (Trainspotting, 127 Hours) was attached to the film, but he backed out, stating that the film was too dark to ever get made.  The film stars Sam Worthington, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jessica Chastain, and Chloe Grace Moretz.  Hit the jump for my review of the Texas Killing Fields Blu-ray.

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