THE WEDDING RINGER Red Band Trailer Not Nearly as Funny as THE WEDDING RINGER Green Band Trailer

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I actually like raunchy R-rated comedies quite a bit, so please don’t take this criticism as coming from someone who’s offended.  I’m not.  I’m just not laughing.  I’d still go see The Wedding Ringer when it comes out in January, but it won’t be based off this trailer that’s for sure.  When I started this post, I hadn’t actually seen anything from the film yet (including the earlier trailer) and this red band trailer on its own had me almost ready to write the whole thing off.  But then I went back and watched the green band trailer and actually laughed.  There, I saw a movie that had some jokes and a sense of character.  Here, all I see is every possible use of “fuck” at the marketing team’s disposal, dumped into a trailer with little or no context.

So I’m almost posting this as an experiment.  I’m including the green band trailer again below the new red band trailer.  Tell me which one you actually think works (if at all).  The film was directed by Jeremy Garelick (who did The Break-Up - a movie I really like) and stars Josh Gad, Kevin HartKaley Cuoco-SweetingKen Howard, Olivia ThirlbyCloris LeachmanJenifer Lewis, and Mimi Rogers.  Hit the jump for The Wedding Ringer red band trailer.  The film opens in theaters on January 16, 2015.

Kevin Hart Is a Best Man for Hire in New THE WEDDING RINGER Trailer

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Sony Pictures has released a new The Wedding Ringer trailer for director Jeremy Garelick’s upcoming comedy.  The story revolves around an introverted yet successful tech entrepreneur (Josh Gad) who hires the owner of The Best Man Inc. (Kevin Hart) to be the perfect best man, assemble fake groomsmen, and throw a killer wedding party.  The movie has a lot going for it—a promising comedic duo, a fun premise, and a heartfelt friendship story at its center—and this trailer is quite funny.  I imagine this will be a sizable hit in the empty January moviegoing landscape, and it’s certainly nice to see Lost alum Jorge Garcia onscreen again.

Watch the new The Wedding Ringer trailer after the jump along with a few new images.  The film also stars Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, Ken Howard, Olivia Thirlby, Cloris Leachman, Jenifer Lewis, and Mimi RogersThe Wedding Ringer opens in theaters on January 16, 2015.

Josh Gad and Kevin Hart to Lead Untitled Buddy Comedy; Jeremy Garelick Will Direct

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Two frequent comedy scene-stealers are teaming up to headline a film of their own.  Josh Gad (Love & Other Drugs) and Kevin Hart (Think Like a Man) have been set to star in an untitled buddy comedy for Screen Gems and Miramax, per Deadline.  Hart will play a charismatic guy who provides Best Man services for socially challenged gentlemen that have trouble finding Best Men of their own.  Gad will play a man who seeks out Hart’s services, but he creates an even bigger problem by lying about the names of nine other groomsmen along with his Best Man.  The two then proceed with carrying out the wedding rouse.

Jeremy Garelick, who scripted the film alongside Jay Lavender, will make his directorial debut on the project.  Garelick previously co-wrote the 2006 film The Break Up.  After wowing audiences on Broadway in Book of Mormon, Gad landed his own TV show with NBC’s recently cancelled 1600 Penn.  He’s a consistent comedic talent and should make for a strong pairing with the very sharp Hart, who stars alongside Ice Cube in the upcoming cop comedy Ride Along.


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Today we’re sharing our final portion of Steve’s wide-ranging interview with director Shawn Levy.  Steve recently got the chance to sit down with Levy in order to talk a bit about the visual effects work in Real Steel in lieu of the film’s Oscar nomination for Best Visual Effects.  Over the past few days, we’ve been bringing you various portions of the interview in which Levy gave updates on the many, many projects he currently has in development as:

In our final portion of the interview, we’ve got updates from Levy on Night at the Museum 3, The Fight Before Christmas (which is being rewritten by Jeremy Garelick), The Cannonball Run and The Three Misfortunes of Geppetto (which Levy may not direct after all). Hit the jump to see what he had to say.

Jason Bateman Eyes Role Opposite Vince Vaughn in the Comedy INSANE LAWS

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Jason Bateman is a very busy man. He’s got two comedies opening this summer, The Change-Up and Horrible Bosses, plus he has to keep everyone updated on the Arrested Development movie. Well now he’s in early negotiations to join Vince Vaughn in the comedy Insane Laws. Marking the feature directorial debut of screenwriter Jeremy Garelick (The Break-Up), the film focuses on two best friends whose lives are impacted when their kids begin dating. The situation is exacerbated when when Vaughn’s character’s daughter becomes pregnant.

Deadline reports that the actors recently did a read-through of the script, and that production could begin as soon as the fall. Garelick co-wrote The Break-Up with Vaughn, and performed extensive rewrites on The Hangover (director Todd Phillips claims Garelick was responsible for the lion’s share of the finished script). I think the comedic stylings of Bateman and Vaughn could make for some fantastic on-screen chemistry, so I’m hoping everything comes together on this project. Horrible Bosses opens July 8th, while The Change-Up hits theaters August 5th.

Universal Eyes INSANE LAWS as Starring Vehicle for Vince Vaughn

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Universal is currently in negotiations to acquire a relationship comedy written by Jeremy Garelick (The Break-Up) from Columbia. Insane Laws will be set up as a starring vehicle for Vince Vaughn, who will also produce. The film “focuses on two best friends and how their lives are impacted when their grown children fall in love, with one man’s daughter becoming pregnant by his best friend’s son.” THR reports that with the original deal at Columbia, Garelick was set to make his directorial debut on the project. No word on whether Universal will keep him on as director. Neil Moritz (I Am Legend) is on board as a producer.

Kenny Ortega to Direct Film Based Off of Michael Jackson’s THRILLER Music Video

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It’s been over a year now since Michael Jackson passed away, but Jackson’s popularity is showing no signs of slowing down.  Today, we have news that GK Films is developing a feature film based off of Jackson’s iconic music video, Thriller.  The film will be written by Jeremy Garelick (The Hangover) and will focus on “the song’s folklore, involving Vincent Price and the town he grew up in”. Kenny Ortega, who directed Jackson’s posthumous concert film This is It, has signed on to helm the film.  Hit the jump for a reminder of Thriller’s awesomeness along with some news on what other Jackson projects are in the works.

Jeremy Garelick to Direct AN EX TO GRIND and HASSLE MAN

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After making his name as a screenwriter on The Break-Up and The Hangover, Jeremy Garelick is now busy setting up a slew of directorial projects.  Garelick already has a Baywatch adaptation and something called The Insane Laws in the works, and now he’s added two more: An Ex to Grind and Hassle Man.

Cameron Diaz and Benicio Del Toro are the stars at the center of An Ex to Grind, an adaptation of the Jane Heller novel.  The plot centers around the now-successful wife (Diaz) of a former star athlete (Del Toro) as she devises a scheme to divorce him without paying alimony.  Hit the jump for further details about Hassle Man.

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