‘Supergirl’ Video Recap Show: Quick to Reactron

     November 10, 2015

Kara lets it slip that Superman is her cousin, inviting some unwelcome attention from the villainous Reactron. Our heroine also still has a bit of a crush on James Olsen but finds herself distracted by myriad issues, including her cousin.


     February 13, 2015

A woefully miscast male lead hinders an otherwise excellent Anna Kendrick performance and swell songs in this ultimately disappointing musical adaptation.

THE LAST 5 YEARS Review | TIFF 2014

     February 10, 2015

Finding a new way to tell a love story is tough.  Relationships are what hold us together, and the wide range of emotions felt throughout them—passion, attraction, anger, jealousy—are what remind us that we are indeed human.  Director Richard LaGravenese’s …