TOP 5: DRAFT DAY, Early Reactions to THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2, Colbert Replacing Letterman, Drew Goddard Directing THE SINISTER SIX, STREET FIGHTER: ASSASSIN’S FIST

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collider-top-5-sliceFor the first time that I can remember since I started writing for Collider in 2010, director Peter Weir‘s The Truman Show made headlines this week when we learned that Paramount is developing a TV series adaptation of the film. While I won’t waste any space today discussing my feelings on the adaptation (mostly because there aren’t any real details to dissect as of now), I will absolutely take this opportunity to talk about my adoration of the film. The Truman Show ranks among my all-time favorites with ease and, if pressed to name a lone favorite, it would likely make that cut too. I actually didn’t watch it until my second year of college, circa 2007, but I credit that first viewing as a benchmark cinematic experience for me; one that helped me begin to understand the impact that a movie could have on a person’s outlook and perception of the world around them. I would eventually go on to dedicate my graduate school research to the film, during which I watched it at least 15 more times; wrote this semi-boring perceptual effects analysis; and wrote/recorded this somewhat less boring seven song record. On paper, these projects were a way to fulfill requirements towards my degree. In reality, it was an excuse to delve further into the headspace of a work that, for all intents and purposes, changed my life.

All personal reflections aside, this week’s Top 5 features interviews for and Matt’s review of Draft Day, early reactions to The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the announcement that Stephen Colbert will replace David Letterman on CBS’ The Late Show, Sony selecting Drew Goddard to direct The Sinister Six, and the first look at Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist. Keep reading for a brief recap and link to each of the above.

Exclusive STREET FIGHTER ASSASSIN’S FIST ‘Ryu’ Teaser Trailer; Plus the New Poster and 16 Images

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A few years ago, we here at Collider premiered director Joey Ansah’s Street Fighter Legacy live-action short film.  At that time, his goal was to make a cool short and something that would show Hollywood how a fighting game could be done in movie form.  Based on the reception from fans and YouTube views, it was a huge hit.

With the success of the short, Ansah and his producer partner Jacqueline Quella, acquired the rights from Capcom and created a multi format series called Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist.  Premiering next month on Machinima as a 12 part series and then airing on TV, the series is about the coming of age of Ken & Ryu (the two iconic Street Fighter characters).  Over the course of the series, we will see how the past, present, and future of all of the Street Fighter characters are intertwined.  The series stars Ansah, Christian HowardTogo IgawaAkira KoieyamaMike MohGaku SpaceShogen HyunriHal Yamanouchi and Mark Killeen.  To help promote the series, we’re premiering the Ryu teaser trailer and you can also check out 16 images and a new poster.  We’ve also got a directors statement from Ansah.  More after the jump.

Capcom Says More STREET FIGHTER Movies Planned

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Capcom is hitting “Continue” on another Street Fighter movie despite suffering a pair of brutal KOs on their previous attempts.  Speaking to, Capcom’s vice president of strategic planning and business development, Christian Svensson said that they’re still moving forward with attempts to successfully bring the long-running videogame franchise to the big screen.  Here is his amazing answer to why Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li was such an astounding failure:

There’s a book to be written there. This is where I have to be careful. Let’s just say there were a lot of people with different ideas as to what was the best route to take with that movie. A path was chosen, a result was had. I think there are some learnings internally that we’ve taken away from that experience.

Hit the jump for more quotes from the interview along with a cool fan-made movie that hit the web recently.

2 New Behind the Scenes Featurettes from STREET FIGHTER: LEGACY – ‘Training for the fights’ and ‘Hair & Make up’

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A few days ago we premiered Joey Ansah’s live-action Street Fighter: Legacy short film.  In just a few days, it’s been watched by almost a million people.  By most accounts, it’s been a huge success with many fans curious how Ansah and his team made the short film happen.  To try and show how much time and energy went into bringing Street Fighter: Legacy to life, Ansah has released two new behind the scenes featurettes and you can check them out after the jump.  The first is ‘Training for the fights’ and the second one is ‘Hair & Make up’.  In the first featurette, they talk about how they shot the film over two and a half days and they only had eight days before the shoot to train.  The second one shows what the had to do to make everyone look the part.  If you liked the short, you should definitely watch these:

Collider Premieres the STREET FIGHTER LEGACY Live-Action Short Film! Plus Two Awesome Behind the Scenes Featurettes

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Earlier this week we premiered two teaser trailers and some images from Joey Ansah’s Street Fighter Legacy live-action short film.  Based on the responses in our comment section and on YouTube, you were all as impressed with the footage as I was and have been looking forward to checking out the entire short film.

While some trailers show you everything, I’m happy to report you haven’t seen any of the money shots in Street Fighter Legacy.  Trust me, if you’re a fan of the Street Fighter video game franchise, about 1:45 in, you’re going to wish you were watching a feature film.

As I said in the first post, while you might not know Joey Ansah’s name, if you’ve seen The Bourne Ultimatum, you’ve definitely seen his work, as he played “Desh” and did the awesome fight scene in Morocco with Matt Damon.  Ansah is the main force behind the Street Fighter Legacy short film. More after the jump:

STREET FIGHTER LEGACY Teaser Trailers – Plus Images from the Live Action Short Film

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Did you ever see The Bourne Ultimatum?  If you did, you’d must remember the awesome fight scene in Morocco with “Desh” (played by Joey Ansah), as it started with Matt Damon jumping out a window and into another building with the camera following him.  While the Bourne series had some amazing fights scenes, this one might have been the best.

So why am I talking about a movie and fight scene from a few years ago?  Because Joey Ansah (Desh) is a huge fan of the Street Fighter video game series and he decided to use some of his skills to make a live-action Street Fighter short film called Street Fighter Legacy.  I spoke to him yesterday on the phone in London and he told me he’s always been disappointed in the Hollywood adaptations of video games and he wanted to show what you could do if you treated the source material seriously.  I’ve seen the entire short and it’s very cool.  Trust me, if you’re a fan of the Street Fighter franchise, you’ll want to see it.

The plan is for Collider to premiere the short this Thursday, but until then, we’ve been given two teaser trailers, some images, and Joey Ansah has given me a short statement on why he wanted to make the film and who is involved.  Hit the jump to check everything out:

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