TOP 5: THE LONE RANGER, 15 Movies You May Have Missed in 2013 So Far, Christian Bale Not Involved with JUSTICE LEAGUE, THE WAY, WAY BACK, Our Most Anticipated Movies: July to September

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With a production budget in the neighborhood of $150 million and a worldwide pull of just under $50 million entering its second weekend, it’s probably fair to say that White House Down will ultimately be seen by the powers that be as a bust. Blame its proximity to the similarly themed Olympus Has Fallen (which, on the whole, received similar critical reaction but comparatively more box office success) if you will, but having watched and enjoyed the heck out of the film last night I believe at least some of the blame lies at the feet of Sony’s marketing. Whereas Fallen was packaged, and ultimately delivered, as a dead serious action/thriller, I don’t think White House Down marketing did enough to prep its potential audience members for the over-the-top, often times ridiculous, self-aware genre piece they would encounter. The best examples I can give to support this theory are the multiple scenes that left me laughing out loud while the majority of my fellow moviegoers sat quietly, unsure whether the movie was actually asking them to laugh with it or was just that silly and contrived. It’s possible that I’m going Roland Emmerich and co. too much credit, but I went with the former every single time and ended up having a great time with the film as a result.

All White House drama aside, this week’s Top 5 includes a slew of interviews from The Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp and more, a list of 15 movies from the first half of 2013 that you may have missed but definitely deserve a look, Christian Bale insisting that he is not involved with the Justice League movie in any way, The Way, Way Back interviews with Steve Carell and more, and a look at our most anticipated movies from July to September.


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Hard to believe we’re already half-way through 2013.  What’s even more surprising is the number of quality films from the first half of the year that flew under the radar.  Want some quirky horror?  Check out John Dies at the End and 100 Bloody Acres.  Looking for the newest efforts from some up-and-coming writer-directors?  How about Zal Batmanglij’s The East or Quentin Dupieux’s Wrong?  Perhaps historical dramas like No, Lore and Kon-Tiki are more your style.  Whatever your interest, 2013 surely has a film for you, you just might have missed it.  Hit the jump for 15 movies from 2013 that deserve another look.


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Here’s a brief look at this week’s new Blu-ray titles:

Collider’s Most Anticipated 2013 Movies: January to March

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2012 is now officially over, and over the past few weeks we’ve been looking back at what the best of 2012 had to offer.  As we turn our attention to the year ahead, it’s time for the latest installment of our “Most Anticipated” feature.  Throughout 2013, we’ll once again be taking a quarterly look at what Collider’s editors are most looking forward to, and today we’re focusing on the films that will be hitting theaters from January through March.

Hit the jump to see the films that Matt, Adam, Brendan, and Dave are most anticipating in the next few months.

JOHN DIES AT THE END Might Kill You If You Pirate It; Billie Joe Armstrong Pitches “Death Metal Meets BELLE & SEBASTIAN” in THIS IS 40 Deleted Scene

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People may disagree on the legalities of internet piracy, but attempting to steal director Don Coscarelli’s John Dies at the End may actually result in your gruesome death.  That’s the premise of this new anti-piracy warning for the film, which stars Chase Williamson, Rob Mayes and Paul Giamatti.  The twisted horror comedy is now availabe on iTunes and VOD with a theatrical release slated for January 25th.

Already in theaters is Judd Apatow’s This Is 40, though the best parts of the movie might be the deleted scenes on the eventual Blu-ray.  One of those scenes features Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong pitching an odd combination of musical genres to Paul Rudd’s character.  Hit the jump to check out the videos from John Dies at the End and This Is 40. 


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John Dies at the End, a horror comedy from writer/director Don Coscarelli (The Beastmaster, Phantasm, Bubba Ho-Tep), follows John (Rob Mayes) and David (Chase Williamson), college drop-outs who can barely hold out jobs, but who soon find themselves on a journey to save humanity from an otherworldly invasion.  The film also stars Paul Giamatti, Clancy Brown, Glynn Turman and Doug Jones.  For more on the film,watch the red band trailer.

At the film’s press day, actor Paul Giamatti, who’s also an executive producer on the movie, talked about what drew him to John Dies at the End, his most memorable experience of the shoot, working with such new actors, how he sees the industry now, and that he doesn’t think a film like Sideways would even get made today.  He also talked about his upcoming role as Nikita Khrushchev for the HBO movie K Blows Top, the status of Bubba Nosferatu, and his role in Steve McQueen’s next film, Twelve Years A Slave.  Check out what he had to say after the jump.


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When you’re drumming up interest in a picture like writer/director Don Coscarelli’s John Dies at the End, you’ve got to have a red-band trailer. How else are you going to explain to people that this cult classic in the making has legions of topless women in weird masks, gratuitous bloody violence, hellish creatures that eat men whole and a walking, talking meat monster? I mean, I guess you could just say that, but it wouldn’t be nearly as effective.

The picture stars Paul Giamatti, Chase Williamson, Rob Mayes, Clancy Brown, Glynn Turman, Doug Jones, Daniel Roebuck, Jonny Weston and Fabianne Therese.  Look for John Dies at the End on demand starting December 27th with a theatrical release on January 25th.  Hit the jump to watch the new red-band trailer.

New Trailer for JOHN DIES AT THE END from Writer/Director Don Coscarelli

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You ever have a bad trip and come back down to Earth as a hero who is expected to save the world?  Well that’s what happens to the title character in John Dies at the End, the new horror comedy from writer/director Don Coscarelli (Bubba Ho-Tep).  If you like Coscarelli’s prior works, you know what you’re in for in this new trailer.

The picture stars Paul Giamatti, Chase Williamson, Rob Mayes, Clancy Brown, Glynn Turman, Doug Jones, Daniel Roebuck, Jonny Weston and Fabianne Therese.  Look for John Dies at the End on demand starting December 28th with a theatrical release on January 25th.  Hit the jump to watch the new trailer.

TIFF 2012 Midnight Madness Line-Up Announced; Includes SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS, THE ABCs OF DEATH, DREDD, and More

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Last week, the Toronto International Film Festival announced the movies playing in its Special Presentations and Galas programs.  Today, they’ve provided the line-up for their other programs including Midnight Madness.  This is where the more genre-oriented films come out to play, and can break out in a big way.  Last year’s TIFF Midnight Madness included the world premiere of The Raid, and the buzz never died down.  Judging by the line-up, this year’s Midnight Madness will have the same frenzy.  The line-up includes the horror short-film anthology The ABCs of Death, Seven Psychopaths (Martin McDonagh‘s follow up to In Bruges), Rob Zombie‘s The Lords of Salem, Don Coscarelli‘s John Dies at the End, and Pete TravisDredd.

Hit the jump for the full line-up and brief synopses.  The 2012 Toronto International Film Festival runs from September 6 -16th.


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Earlier this year, Don Coscarelli’s John Dies at The End had its unofficial premiere at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, and word following that screening suggested that Coscarelli had crafted another runaway cult hit much like the director’s previous cult hit,  Bubba Ho-Tep.  Based on a novel of the same name by former internet presence David Wong, John Dies at The End was supposedly fast, funny, hallucinogenic, and creepy in all the ways that Coscarelli has proved himself adept at being over the years.  Based on this hype, I was very much looking forward to the flick’s (now official) world premiere at the 2012 SXSW Film Festival.  Did it live up to the hype?  Find out below, my gentle Collider readers…

SXSW Midnighters Line-Up Announced; Includes V/H/S, JOHN DIES AT THE END, and IRON SKY

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SXSW has announced their “Midnighters” line-up for this year’s film festival.  The section includes Sundance premieres V/H/S (my review) and Don Coscarelli’s John Dies at the End, plus other exciting entries like Austin Chick’s Girls Against Boys, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo’s Intruders, Paco Plaza’s [REC] ³ GENESIS, and Timo Vuorensola’s Iron Sky.

Hit the jump for the full Midnighters line-up.  The 2012 SXSW Film Festival runs from March 9 – 17th.

Sundance Film Festival Adds PREDISPOSED, JOHN DIES AT THE END, THIS MUST BE THE PLACE, and OSLO AUGUST 31ST; First Images from the Films

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While earlier this month the line-up for the 2012 Sundance Film Festival was announced, the fest has added four more films to the fest. Predisposed, starring Jesse Eisenberg, Melissa Leo, and Tracy Morgan will screen as part of the Premieres line-up and John Dies at the End starring Paul Giamatti, Chase Williamson, and Rob Mayes has been added to the Park City at Midnight line-up. Additionally, This Must Be the Place starring Sean Penn, Frances McDormand, and Judd Hirsch and Oslo, August 31st starring Anders Danielsen Lie, Hans Olav Brenner, and Ingrid Olava will screen as part of the Spotlight line-up.

Hit the jump to check out the first images from the films as well as a brief synopsis for each. The 2012 Sundance Film Festival runs from January 19 – 29th. Click here for all our coverage.

Paul Giamatti Talks THE IDES OF MARCH, Singing Journey in ROCK OF AGES, Stalking Robert Pattinson in COSMOPOLIS, JOHN DIES AT THE END, and More

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Paul Giamatti The Ides of March interview slice

At this year’s Toronto Film Festival, I was able to speak with Paul Giamatti about starring in director George Clooney’s political drama The Ides of March.  Starring Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Giamatti, Marisa Tomei, Evan Rachel Wood and Jeffrey Wright, the pic takes place during the tension-filled moments leading up to an all-important Ohio presidential primary where a press secretary (Gosling) finds himself in the middle of a scandal that could upend his candidates’ (Clooney) shot at winning.  Loaded with great performances and a smart script, The Ides of March is really well done and definitely worth your time.

During the wide ranging interview, Giamatti talked about how he got involved in the project,what kind of research he did, and how the film isn’t heavy handed.  In addition, he talked about playing Tom Cruise’s manager in Rock of Ages and singing Journey, David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis (where he plays Robert Pattinson’s stalker), John Dies at the End, and reveals that he wants to do a western or a private eye movie.  Hit the jump to watch.

Teaser Trailer for Don Coscarelli’s JOHN DIES AT THE END

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The teaser trailer for the horror comedy John Dies at the End has gone online.  It’s the new flick from Bubba Ho-Tep director Don Coscarelli and it’s got great actors like Paul Giamatti, Clancy Brown, and Doug Jones (who surprisingly is not in make-up) in the cast.  But after watching this teaser trailer, I still have no idea what the movie is about beyond the protagonist tripping balls.  There’s apparently a new intravenous drug with the street name “Soy Sauce” because of its black color, and it causes crazy hallucinations.  I guess it’s tougher to explain than “Old Elvis fights the Mummy”.

Hit the jump to check out the teaser trailer along with the official synopsis, which also doesn’t provide any clarification on the plot.

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