New UNBROKEN Trailer Continues to Prove Jack O’Connell Is One to Watch [Updated with New Images and Posters]

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Who’s ready for a Jack O’Connell tour de force?  The guy’s already proven himself thanks to his work in Starred Up and the upcoming limited release ’71, but based on this new trailer for Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken, it looks as though he’s got a lot more to offer.  The narrative is remarkable in and of itself, but O’Connell appears to bring such heart to the role of Louis Zamperini that his performance is bound to up the intensity of the situation tenfold.  Will it be enough to earn him some Oscar buzz?  There’s already some significant competition in the Best Actor category so it might be a reach, but Adam thinks the film’s got a chance at snagging a spot in the Best Picture race, and based on the quality of this new promo, I’m inclined to agree.

Hit the jump to check out the latest Unbroken trailer.  The film arrives on December 25th and also stars Domhnall GleesonGarrett Hedlund, Jai Courtney, Finn Wittrock, Alex Russell, John Magaro and Luke Treadaway. [Update: Universal has also released new images and posters for the film.]

Jack Huston, Bella Heathcote & John Magaro Talk NOT FADE AWAY

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The famed creator and director of The Sopranos, David Chase, has made his debut as a feature film director (and writer) with the ode to rock ‘n’ roll, Not Fade Away.  Douglas (John Magaro) catches a lucky break when Gene Gaunt (Jack Huston) invites him to join their cover band in 1960’s New Jersey. Though his father (James Gandolfini) doesn’t understand his son’s devotion to music, Douglas immerses himself in the band and in high school dream-girl turned muse Grace Deitz (Bella Heathcote). The film is an homage to rock’n’roll, to music, and to the universal experience of realizing you may not be the next Rolling Stones after all.  For more on the film, here’s 20 images, the trailer and Matt’s review.

At the NYC press day for Not Fade Away, I was able to speak to the three young stars – Jack Huston, Bella Heathcote and John Magaro – about their preparation for these music-intensive roles, their favorite scenes to shoot, some deleted scenes and what’s coming up next.  Hit the jump to watch.


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We experience our lives as constant stream.  We remember our lives as turning points.  These turning points weren’t necessarily the most dramatic moments, but they were emblematic.  More than other moments, this one was special.  David Chase, a storyteller who has consistently eschewed traditional narrative structure, looks into the past to see snapshots of lives in his debut feature film, Not Fade Away.  These snapshots aren’t merely of good times and bad times, but acts of creation and destruction set against a backdrop of a world on the brink of survival.  Anchored by strong performances, Not Fade Away manages to break past the clichés of its settings to find compelling characters.  However, Chase’s desire to escape a traditional narrative structure keeps us at an emotional distance.

20 New Images from NOT FADE AWAY by Writer/Director David Chase

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We have 20 new images to share with you today from writer/director David Chase’s Not Fade Away. The movie centers on a group of friends in New Jersey during the 1960s who want to form a rock band. Since Not Fade Away comes from the creator of The Sopranos, you can expect the film to be anything but a traditional arc from obscurity to stardom.

Starring John Magaro, Jack Huston, Will Brill, Bella Heathcote and James GandolfiniNot Fade Away opens in limited release starting December 21st. Hit the jump to see the new images.

Warner Bros. Puts Jon Favreau’s JERSEY BOYS into Turnaround; Dominic Cooper, Paul Dano, and James Badge Dale Eyed for Roles

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Warner Bros. is second-guessing its musical adaptation of Jersey Boys.  The Jon Favreau-helmed project had been on track at the studio for a January production start date and Christmas 2013 release, but Variety now reports that WB has put the project into turnaround.  The film is based on the smash hit musical and tells the story of The Four Seasons, chronicling the group’s rise in the 1960s with such hits as “Sherry,” “Big Girls Don’t Cry” and “Walk Like a Man.” It’s a whole lot of fun, and having seen the show I’d liken it to a musical version of a lighter Goodfellas.

Hit the jump for more, including why Warner Bros. dropped the project and who Favreau is eyeing for the leads.

David Chase’s Directorial Debut NOT FADE AWAY Will Make Its World Premiere as the Centerpiece Gala Selection of the 50th New York Film Festival

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Director David Chase will see his film Not Fade Away make its world premiere as the Centerpiece Gala selection of the 50th New York Film Festival; not bad for a debut director!  The Sopranos creator/writer brings this coming-of-age tale, set in 1964 where a group of friends decide to form a rock band, led by new-to-the-scene, John Magaro. With a soundtrack produced by Steven Van ZandtNot Fade Away also stars Jack Huston, Will Brill, Bella Heathcote, James Gandolfini, Brad Garrett and Christopher McDonald. Look for the film to see limited release starting December 21st.  Hit the jump for the full press release and some new images from the film.

MY SOUL TO TAKE Blu-ray Review

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My Soul to Take movie image slice

Wes Craven has been making films for nearly forty years now, having made a huge impression with his 1972 picture Last House on the Left. And since then, Craven is just as likely to make a great film as a terrible one. Some horror directors – like John Carpenter – have an obvious hot streak, an uninrupted run of greatness, and most directors have periods where they’re doing great work, and off times. Whereas Craven followed A Nightmare on Elm St. with The Hills Have Eyes II. His 1996 film Scream is one of his best, which came a year after A Vampire in Brooklyn – easily one of his worst. Again, you never know. Craven is decidedly smart, but he’ll also pursue ideas that he seems passionate about or films that promise a paycheck. My Soul to Take was post-converted into 3-D and sat around for a while. It’s fascinating, though I don’t know which of the two categories it most belongs in – regardless, it leaves an impression. My review of My Soul to Take follows after the jump.

SOPRANOS Creator David Chase’s Music Drama Gets Cast; Steven Van Zandt Will Produce and Supervise Music

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Since he turned out the lights on The Sopranos back in 2007, creator David Chase has taken a break from crafting utterly transcendent television (I imagine its very tiring). However, he’s on the comeback trail with not one, but two very intriguing projects. The first is an in-development HBO mini-series called A Ribbon of Dreams about the early days of Hollywood. The second is the Emmy-winning writer’s big screen directorial debut, for which we have an update.

It’s been announced that the film, a “music-driven coming of age story set in 1960’s suburbia,” will star John Magaro (My Soul to Take), Jack Huston (Boardwalk Empire, Twilight: Eclipse) and newcomer Will Brill. Moreover, Sopranos actor Steven Van Zandt (aka Sil Dante), who also happens to be the lead guitarist in Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, has signed on to produce and supervise the film’s music, while serving as an exec producer—a pretty kickass consigliere, no?

Set to be released by Paramount Vantage, production on the pic gets rolling in New York this January. Hit the jump for the full press release.

First Trailer for Wes Craven’s MY SOUL TO TAKE; Plus New Images and Poster

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My Soul to Take movie image slice

Before Wes Craven returned to the Scream franchise to direct a fourth installment, he assembled the likewise teen-centric My Soul to Take, his first feature since 2005′s Red Eye.  Universal has released the first trailer, and it works as a nice atmospheric tease for the horror film, centered around the legend of a serial killer who swore to murder the seven children born the night he died — “Now, 16 years later, people are disappearing again.”  Max Thieriot, John Magaro, Emily Meade, Nick Lashaway, and Denzel Whitaker star.  Check out the trailer, new images and the poster after the jump.

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