Hollywood! Adapt This: JONNY QUEST

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Last week, in our continuing exploration of fan-favorite properties that remain unadapted by Hollywood, we took a look at Hanna-Barbera’s The Pirates of Dark Water That story didn’t get quite the response that our post for Disney’s Gargoyles did, but I’ll chock that up to Dark Water being more of a niche property.  So let’s return to something a little more familiar.  Today’s subject has been around for almost fifty years in various adaptations but a live-action feature has yet to be cracked.  It’s longevity speaks volumes toward its potential for a contemporary reboot.  We’ll explore this family-focused, action-adventure series after the jump.  Hollywood! Adapt this: Jonny Quest

Jessica Biel talks A-TEAM and Dwayne Johnson talks WITCH MOUNTAIN Sequel, TOOTH FAIRY, JONNY QUEST and NAMOR THE SUBMARINER

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Earlier today I attended the press day for Sony’s new animated movie Planet 51 and in attendance were Jessica Biel, Dwayne Johnson and Justin Long.  While I’ll have a transcript of the entire press conference in the coming days, since Jessica Biel talked about The A-Team and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson gave updates on a possible Witch Mountain sequel, Tooth Fairy, Jonny Quest and Namor the SubMariner, I figured you’d like to read what they had to say tonight.

While I’d love to report major news on any of the movies, it seems nothing is happening on a Witch Mountain sequel, Jonny Quest, or Namor the SubMariner.  But the best news came from Jessica Biel who made it sound like The A-Team might be a lot of fun.  Hit the jump for exact quotes:

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