Elizabeth Banks Goes Dramatic in the First LITTLE ACCIDENTS Trailer

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The first trailer for director Sara Colangelo‘s debut feature Little Accidents just arrived and it’s some seriously heavy stuff.  Set in a small town recently devastated by a catastrophic mining accident, the drama unfolds when a teenage boy suddenly goes missing, sending the community reeling once more.  The boy’s father (Josh Lucas), an executive at the mining company, is hated for his role in the accident, and in the wake of their son’s disappearance his wife (Elizabeth Banks) finds herself drifting away, drawn instead to the disaster’s sole survivor (Boyd Holbrook).  The trailer paints the film as an exploration of grief,  human relationships, and how we come together or fall apart in the face of tragedy.  It’s the kind of story that provides opportunity for some excellent performances, and I’m particularly excited to see what Elizabeth Banks does with it as a theatrically trained actress who hasn’t had many chances to show off her dramatic chops.

Check out the first Little Accidents trailer after the jump.  The film opens in theaters and on iTunes January 16th.

NBC Orders Rashida Jones’ Comedy A TO Z and Debra Messing Drama THE MYSTERIES OF LAURA to Series

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In addition to ordering the DC Comics adaptation Constantine to series, as well as a couple of other pick-ups a few days ago, NBC has also committed to one new comedy and one new drama.  Briefly:

  • The comedy series A to Z, from executive producers Rashida Jones and Will McCormack (Celeste and Jesse Forever), has been given a series commitment.  The show stars How I Met Your Mother’s “Mother” Cristin Milioti and Mad Men actor Ben Feldman and takes place in the world of an online dating company.
  • On the drama side, the Debra Messing-fronted The Mysteries of Laura will debut on NBC’s schedule.  Based on the Spanish series Los Misterios, the story follows a female homicide detective.  McG directed the pilot.
  • Still no word on the Community renewal/cancelation front.

Hit the jump to read the synopses for both new shows, and stay tuned over the next few days for more 2014-15 TV season news.

Izzard, Winger, and More Join BOYCHOIR; Snow and Macy to Lead DIAL-A-PRAYER; Tahar Rahim Set for LE PÈRE NOËL

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Here are some casting stories for you this morning:

  • Debra Winger, Josh Lucas, Eddie Izzard, and Kevin McHale (Glee) are joining Dustin Hoffman in Boychoir.
  • Brittany Snow and William H. Macy are in talks to lead the indie drama Dial-a-Prayer.
  • Tahar Rahim (A Prophet) will play a criminal Santa in Alexandre Coffre‘s Le Père Noël.

Hit the jump for more on each project.

New Trailer and Images for BIG SUR Starring Jean-Marc Barr, Josh Lucas, and Kate Bosworth

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A new trailer and images for the Jack Kerouac adaptation Big Sur have made their way online.  Directed by Michael Polish, the film takes place after the success of Kerouac’s On the Road and chronicles the author’s struggle with alcoholism and depression in the early 1960s.  I caught the film at Sundance earlier this year and was not a huge fan, but Jean-Marc Barr does a fine job of capturing the sad genius of Kerouac onscreen.  This trailer is a pretty good indication of the film’s overall feel and tone, so if you take a liking to it then chances are you’ll enjoy the feature.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer and to check out the new images.  The film also stars Kate Bosworth, Josh Lucas, Anthony Edwards, Radha Mitchell, and Patrick Fischler.  Check out my interviews with Barr, Bosworth, and Lucas & Mitchell from Sundance.  Big Sur opens on November 1st.

Ben Whishaw Confirmed for IN THE HEART OF THE SEA; Chloë Sevigny Joins LITTLE ACCIDENTS; Kaley Cuoco in Talks for Untitled Jeremy Garelick Comedy

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Here’s more of today’s latest casting news:

Hit the jump for more on each announcement.

Pilot Casting News: John Malkovich as Blackbeard in NBC’s CROSSBONES; Plus Christian Slater and Josh Lucas Cast in New Series

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It’s already been a busy season for pilot casting, and the biggest trend seems to be the number of movie actors who are taking roles on the small screen.  The jury is out on what kind of a stage we are in with movies right now (the Sequel Era?) but we’re definitely in the Second Golden Age of TV, and it makes sense that these actors art looking to get in on it (of course, where that leaves TV actors is fodder for another day).  Here are a couple of the latest ones to make the jump:

  • John Malkovich is set to star in NBC pilot drama series Crossbones
  • Christian Slater is looking to make his return to TV in the ABC pilot Influence
  • Josh Lucas has been cast in the Michael Bay A&E drama pilot Occult

For more on these projects, hit the jump.

Josh Lucas and Radha Mitchell Talk BIG SUR, Getting Kerouac’s Rhythmic Dialogue Down, the Neal/Jack Relationship, and More at Sundance 2013

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One of the many films making its premiere at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival is writer/director Michael Polish’s adaptation of the Jack Kerouac novel Big Sur.  Though his work has long been described as unfilmable, there has been a bit of a boom in Kerouac feature films in the past year or so, and Big Sur marks a very faithful adaptation of one of the author’s darkest works.  The film stars Jean-Marc Barr as Kerouac and chronicle’s the author’s struggle with alcoholism and depression in the early 1960s following the publication of On the Road.

This week in Park City, I had the chance to speak with Josh Lucas and Radha Mitchell, who play Neal and Carolyn Cassady in the film.  The actors talked about the pressure of tackling such a beloved property, vocalizing Kerouac’s distinct dialogue rhythms, portraying the complexities of the Neal/Jack relationship, and more.  Read on after the jump

First Trailer for the Jack Kerouac Adaptation BIG SUR Starring Jean-Marc Barr, Kate Bosworth, and Josh Lucas

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We finally saw a feature film adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s “unfilmable” novel On the Road hit theaters last year, and in 2013 another of Kerouac’s novels is coming to the big screen.  The first trailer for writer-director Michael Polish’s adaptation of Big Sur has been released online.  The film tells the story of Kerouac’s move from New York City to Northern California, and stars Jean-Marc Barr as Kerouac, Josh Lucas as Neal Cassidy, and Kate Bosworth as Billie, the love interest of both men.  Polish shows a strong eye for visuals in this trailer, and Barr looks to give an impassioned performance as Kerouac spirals into depression.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.  The film also stars Radha Mitchell, Anthony Edwards, and Henry Thomas.  The pic will premiere at the upcoming 2013 Sundance Film Festival, which runs from January 17 – 27th.

First Trailer for STOLEN Starring Nicolas Cage and Malin Akerman

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The first trailer for the action thriller Stolen has been released.  Previously referred to as Medallion, the film reteams Nicolas Cage with his Con Air director Simon West.  Cage plays a former master thief who only has a few hours to find his daughter when she is kidnapped and locked in the trunk of a New York taxi cab.  Malin Akerman plays Cage’s ex-girlfriend with whom he teams up to find his daughter, while a long-haired Josh Lucas plays the antagonist, Cage’s former partner who’s gone a bit off the deep end.  Despite the cheesy “movie trailer man” voice over, the film actually looks like it could be a fun ride.  The Taken comparisons can’t be ignored, but under the direction of West Stolen doesn’t seem to be taking itself too seriously.  And was that a stuffed animal I saw in Cage’s arms or was I dreaming?

Hit the jump to check out the trailer.  The film also stars Danny Huston, Sami Gayle, and M.C. GaineyStolen opens on September 14th.

72 Images for J. EDGAR Starring Leonardo DiCaprio

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You are intrigued by J. Edgar.  Leonardo DiCaprio stars as J. Edgar Hoover, the controversial founding director of the FBI.  The supporting cast—Armie Hammer, Naomi Watts, Judi Dench, Josh Lucas, Ken Howard—is more than solid.  And director Clint Eastwood is a reliable octogenarian.  Barring unexpected critical disappointment, J. Edgar is a lock for a Best Picture nomination come Oscar season.

To satisfy that intrigue, Warner Bros. has released 72 (count ‘em, 72) new images from the film.  The collection includes quite a few of DiCaprio in old age makeup (a sight that fascinates me), and several behind-the-scenes shots of Eastwood working out a scene. J. Edgar opens in limited release on November 9, and expands nationwide on November 11.  Bask in the period detail of 72 photos after the jump.

First Trailer for J. EDGAR Starring Leonardo DiCaprio

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Warner Bros. has released the first trailer for the biopic J. Edgar directed by Clint Eastwood.  DiCaprio is spot-on here as J. Edgar Hoover. He’s got the accent down, and I’m liking his intensity (but really, did we expect anything less?). I’m still a bit apprehensive about the film given Eastwood’s less than stellar resume from the past few years, but I like what I’m seeing here. It suits the director to get back to character drama after the ethereal nature of Hereafter, and this seems to be on the right track. The film also looks to be taking a delicate approach to Hoover’s suspected “more-than-friends” relationship with Clyde Tolson, played here by Armie Hammer. Overall, I’m impressed (though DiCaprio’s old-age makeup is a bit, um, questionable), but I’m still keeping my expectations relatively low. The film also stars Naomi Watts, Josh Lucas, Jeffrey Donovan, Ed Westwick, and Judi Dench also star.

J. Edgar opens on November 9.  Check out the trailer after the jump.

Josh Lucas to Lead NBC’s Series Adaptation of THE FIRM

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On the big screen it was Tom Cruise who stepped into the role of Mitchell McDeere in the adaptation of John Grisham’s novel The Firm. But as we recently learned, NBC was looking to take the novel to the small screen, and now Deadline reports Josh Lucas (Glory Road) will play McDeere in the TV series that begins ten years after the events of the film and novel. After taking down the Memphis law firm of Bendini, Lambert and Locke, a front for the Chicago mob, Mitch found his life uprooted by spending time in the Federal Witness Protection program. But now he and his family decide to come out from hiding and get back the lives they once had only to find that danger from the past hasn’t completely disappeared and there might be new threats just around the corner.

This will be the first regular TV series gig for Lucas who recently starred in another legal drama in the form of The Lincoln Lawyer. Whether or not Lucas has the same commanding presence as Cruise in the role remains to be seen, but we won’t find out until next year since NBC is putting The Firm together as a midseason series. More casting for the series is likely on the way to stay tuned.

Exclusive Clip from DAYDREAM NATION Starring Kat Dennings and Josh Lucas

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We’ve been sent an exclusive clip from the upcoming film Daydream Nation.  The story centers on a young woman (Kat Dennigns) who moves to a small town and strikes up a romance with both her teacher Barry (Josh Lucas) and her troubled classmate (Reece Thompson).  In the clip, Barry, frustrated with the papers his high-school students have turned in, asks them to write a three page essay on the historical or religious figure they most admire.  Because if there’s anyone teenagers admire, it’s historical and religious figures.

Hit the jump to check out the clip.  Daydream Nation opens in select theaters on May 6th.  If you’re not near one of those select theaters, you still won’t have to wait long to see it.  The movie hits DVD and Blu-ray on May 17th.

Production Begins on BIG SUR Starring Josh Lucas, Kate Bosworth and Jean-Marc Barr

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Filming has commenced on director Michael Polish’s (The Astronaut Farmer) adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s Big Sur. The film stars Jean-Marc Barr as Kerouac, Josh Lucas as Neal Cassidy, and Kate Bosworth as Billie, the love interest of both men. Deadline reports that production just recently began on the film, which tells the story of Kerouac’s move from New York City to Northern California.

Polish wrote and is directing the film, which features a supporting cast that includes Anthony Edwards, Rahda Mitchell, Balthazar Getty, Patrick Fischler, Stana Katic, John Robinson and Henry Thomas. This marks the second Kerouac adaptation in a year, as Walter Salles recently filmed an adaptation of On The Road. That film stars Kristen Stewart, Garrett Hedlund and Sam Riley, Kirsten Dunst and Viggo Mortensen. Hit the jump for a synopsis of Big Sur.

Trailer for DAYDREAM NATION Starring Kat Dennings

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A trailer for the indie flick Daydream Nation has gone online.  The film stars Kat Dennings as a bored teenager who starts a fling with a fellow classmate (Reece Thompson) and then begins an affair with her teacher (Josh Lucas).  Drama and dark comedy ensues.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer.  Daydream Nation briefly hits theaters on May 6th before landing on DVD and Blu-ray on May 17th.

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