Classic Todd Solondz Movie WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE Gets Followed Up By WEINER DOG, Swaps Out Heather Matarazzo For Greta Gerwig

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Welcome to the Dollhouse was a funny, but emotionally brutalizing calling card for director Todd Solondz back in 1996 (it paved the way for the even more brutal Happiness).  So I’m sort of circumspect about the “whimsical” nature that his follow-up film Weiner Dog allegedly has.  The ensemble film is apparently tied together “thematically by a dachshund” but nothing pretty or soft really lasts that long in a Solondz film.

The story will revolve around several interconnected threads, one of which will center on Dawn Weiner, the relentlessly mocked protagonist that Heather Matarazzo played in Dollhouse.  This time out the role (for reasons related to art or commerce I’m not sure, maybe both) will be handled by Greta Gerwig.  Hit the jump for more on Weiner Dog.

12 YEARS A SLAVE Takes Home Best Picture at Critics Choice Awards; GRAVITY, AMERICAN HUSTLE, and LONE SURIVOR Win Genre Awards

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The Critics’ Choice Movie Awards were announced tonight, and 12 Years a Slave took home Best Picture.  The Critics’ Choice Awards have lined up with the Oscars in six of the last seven Best Pictures, but it’s worth noting that the Broadcast Film Critics Association spread the wealth around with genre awards to the other Oscar favorites, Gravity (Best Sci-Fi/Horror Movie) and American Hustle (Best Comedy).  Lone Survivor only managed two Oscar nominations for the sound categories, but found some love here as the Best Action Movie.

Hit the jump for the full list of winners, including ten different acting awards.

Richard Linklater’s BEFORE Trilogy to Play at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival with a Conversation with Linklater, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy

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If, like me, you’ve never seen writer-director Richard Linklater’s Before trilogy starring Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke, now’s your chance to remedy that all in one sitting.  The 29th annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival will host 1995′s Before Sunrise, 2004′s Before Sunset and 2013′s Before Midnight back to back to back on the closing night of the festival, February 9th.  Following the close of the most recent film, Linklater, Delpy and Hawke will participate in an in-depth conversation about the trilogy.  Hit the jump to find out more, including information on where you can purchase tickets. 


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Quite possibly the most unlikely trilogy of all time, director Richard Linklater’s Before series is also one of the best.  Audiences fell for Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy’s young lovers in 1995’s Before Sunrise and were delighted to catch up with the duo again in 2004’s Before Sunset.  Given the rather cliffhanger-like ending to the second film, anticipation was high for a possible third feature but Linklater, Hawke, and Delpy played coy about the prospect of another film for nearly nine years.  That is, until they wrote and shot this year’s Before Midnight almost in secret, only confirming its existence after production had wrapped in Greece.  The result is an emotional and sometimes tough look at life in love, and it’s also one of the best films of the year.  Read my review of Before Midnight on Blu-ray after the jump.

12 YEARS A SLAVE and NEBRASKA Top 2014 Independent Spirit Awards Nominations

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The 2014 Independent Spirit Awards nominations have been announced, and director Steve McQueen’s excellent drama 12 Years a Slave tops the nominees with seven nods, including Best Feature, Best Director, and Best Actor.  Nebraska is not far behind with six nominations, and the Robert Redford drama All Is Lost also did well with four nods.  The much-beloved Short Term 12 failed to land a Best Feature nomination, but Primer director Shane Carruth’s twisty second feature Upstream Color landed nods for Best Director and Best Editing.  The Best Actor category is a strong mirror of the very tight Oscar race in the same category, and the wonderful Shailene Woodley and Brie Larson nabbed Best Actress nominations for The Spectacular Now and Short Term 12, respectively.

Hit the jump for the full list of nominations and additional commentary.  The Independent Spirit Awards will be hosted on March 1, 2014.

Oscar Beat: The Best Actress Race – Can Anyone Beat Blanchett?

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In Collider’s ongoing awards feature Oscar Beat, we recently took a look at the state of the Best Actor Oscar race, which is looking to be one of the most competitive in recent memory.  Likewise, this year’s Best Actress race is chock-full of fantastic performances and serious contenders, but we’ve had a frontrunner for the category since July and Cate Blanchett’s name remains atop the pile as we head into the thick of the race.  Will Blanchett remain the favorite over the next three months or is there another contender more worthy of the trophy?  Can any of the brilliant performances from this year’s smaller indies crack the top five?  Read on after the jump as we examine the current state of the Best Actress category.

Julie Delpy to Pen CANCER VIXEN Adaptation for HBO Films; Cate Blanchett to Star

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Before Midnight co-writer/star Julie Delpy has landed a pretty high-profile writing gig.  Deadline reports that Delpy is closing a deal with HBO Films to pen an adaptation of the Marisa Acocella Marchetto memoir Cancer Vixen: A True Story as a star vehicle for actress Cate Blanchett.  The film will tell the story of a Manhattan cartoonist for magazines like The New Yorker and Glamour who was suddenly diagnosed with breast cancer just as she was about to get married.  Delpy was previously nominated for an Academy Award for co-writing Before Sunset and she also penned the script for her 2012 directorial effort 2 Days in New York.

Blanchett is an executive producer on Cancer Vixen and the idea is for her to star in the film.  The actress is currently fielding a great amount of Oscar talk for her stellar performance in Woody Allen’s latest film Blue Jasmine.  She’ll be seen later this year in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and George Clooney’s The Monuments Men, and she’s next set to play the evil stepmother in Disney’s Cinderella.

2013 Oscar Preview: Possible Contenders from the First Half of the Year

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It’s never too early to start talking Oscar, right?  We’re officially at the midway point of 2013, and while the bulk of awards season is normally concentrated towards the latter third of the year, there have been some strong contenders in the past that were released closer to the beginning of the year—Silence of the Lambs is probably the most famous example, having won Best Picture after being released in February of 1991.  The first half of 2013 has seen at least a couple of potential Best Picture contenders, and in addition to more than a handful of standout performances in smaller indie fare, we may very well have already seen the release of the film that will go on to take home the Oscar in technical categories like Best Visual Effects or even Best Production Design.

Hit the jump to read on as we examine the possible Oscar contenders from the first half of 2013.

Alamo Drafthouse Presents BEFORE MIDNIGHT’s Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke in this “Don’t Talk” PSA

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You’re not one of those people who would go up to a couple having a private, romantic conversation and just start texting and talking over them, are you?  Odds are you’re also not one of those people who would do the same thing in a crowded theater, right?  Well, just in case you need a reminder that the movie theater is not your living room, the Alamo Drafthouse is here to do just that.  Teaming up with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy of Before Midnight, this new PSA shows you what happens when you derail a star-crossed romance.  Hit the jump to watch.

TOP 5: Xbox One Reveal, MAN OF STEEL Final Trailer, THE HANGOVER PART III Interviews, THE WORLD’S END, BEFORE MIDNIGHT Interviews

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Whether you’re a gamer or not, if you have the slightest interest in pop culture happenings then you probably know that Microsoft announced its next-gen console, the Xbox One, earlier this week. As someone who has already decided to throw all of my console eggs into Microsoft’s basket, I was a little disappointed that my two primary questions: 1) “When can I get it?” and 2) “For how much?” weren’t answered. Nevertheless, the Interwebs are also filled with grumblings from undecided consumers who thought Microsoft’s big reveal focused too much on the other entertainment features of the One as opposed to the gaming experience (see this amusingly edited video of the announcement as an example of their frustration). Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t care less about using my Xbox to check fantasy football stats and/or being able to power the console on with my voice as opposed to the physically intensive act of pushing a button on my controller. That said, I would offer that those ready to commit to Sony’s PS4 at least give Microsoft a few weeks to roll out more details of the One’s games at E3. If we come out of that still talking about our ability to seamlessly switch between The Price is Right and a Skype call then we may have something to complain about.

If the above paragraph whetted your appetite for more console talk from a novice gamer then you’re in luck. This week’s Top 5 includes more on Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal, the final trailer for Man of Steel, The Hangover Part III interviews with Bradley Cooper and more, the U.S trailer and a couple of new posters for Edgar Wright‘s The World’s End, and Before Midnight interviews with Richard Linklater, Ethan Hawke, and Julie Delpy. A brief recap and link to each of the above awaits after the jump.

Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy Talk BEFORE MIDNIGHT, Deleted Scenes, Fan Expectations, Their Writing Process, Improv, and More

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Opening in limited release this weekend is one of the best films you’re going to see this year: Before Midnight, director Richard Linklater’s follow-up to Before Sunrise and Before Sunset.  The new film takes place 18 years after Before Sunrise and 9 years after Before Sunset, and sees Celine (Julie Delpy) and Jesse (Ethan Hawke) navigating married life on a trip to Greece.  Like the previous films, it’s a lot of walking and talking, but it absolutely works because of the intimate and lived-in chemistry between the lead actors, who also co-wrote the film with Linklater.  I can honestly say this is one of the best films I’ve seen in a long time, and even if you haven’t seen the previous films, you should see it when it comes to a theater near you.

The other day, I landed an video interview with Hawke and Delpy here in Los Angeles.  We talked about whether they were more nervous writing the 3rd installment than the previous films due to fan expectations, deleted scenes, how they once tried to improvise and failed miserably, did they make any radical changes to the story during the writing process, the reasons why they filmed the sequel with little fanfare, and a lot more.  Hit the jump to watch.

New Clip and Release Dates for BEFORE MIDNIGHT Starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy

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A new clip has been released for Richard Linklater‘s Before Midnight.  The new film takes place 18 years after Before Sunrise and 9 years after Before Sunset, and sees Celine (Julie Delpy) and Jesse (Ethan Hawke) navigating married life on a trip to Greece.  In the new clip, Celine and Jesse continue to examine their relationship, and you can see the easy-going shorthand between the two characters.  However, if you’re looking at this clip and the previous clip, and you’re uneasy about two people just walking and talking, then this movie (and the previous two) may not be for you.  For everyone else, Before Midnight that’s absolutely worth your time (click here for my full review from Sundance).  Just be sure to see the first two before coming to the latest installment.

Hit the jump to check out the clip and to find out when the movie is playing near you.  Before Midnight begins its limited release on May 24th.

First Clip from BEFORE MIDNIGHT Starring Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke

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Sony Pictures Classics has released the first clip from Richard Linklater‘s Before Midnight.  The new film takes place 18 years after Before Sunrise and 9 years after Before Sunset, and sees Celine (Julie Delpy) and Jesse (Ethan Hawke) navigating married life on a trip to Greece.  Like the previous films, it’s a lot of walking and talking, but it absolutely works because of the intimate and lived-in chemistry between the lead actors, who also co-wrote the film with Linklater.  I adored the movie when I saw it at Sundance, and this clip provides a good sense of the second act as the couple reflects back on the arc of their unique relationship.

Hit the jump to check out the clip.  Before Midnight opens in limited release on May 24th.

New Images from BEFORE MIDNIGHT Starring Ethan Hakwe and Julie Delpy

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Sony Pictures Classic has released some new images from director Richard Linklater’s follow-up to Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, the sequel Before Midnight.  The film picks up nine years after the events of Before Sunset as we once again catch up with Ethan Hawke’s Jessie and Julie Delpy’s Celine, but to say anything more would be to ruin the experience of the film.  These new images, in fact, could conceivably be considered spoilers.  I caught the film at Sundance (read Matt’s review here) and thought it was a brilliant addition to the series.  It’s emotional, funny, bare, and revealing, and once again Hawke and Delpy shine in roles that both speak to and about the audience.  You’d be hard pressed to find a trilogy better than this one, and Before Midnight might even be the best film of the bunch.

Hit the jump to check out the images, if you wish to do so, and click here to watch the trailer.  Be aware that the photos do spoil a few of the film’s surprises, but I doubt that it would affect the film’s overall quality.  Before Midnight opens in limited release on May 24th.

First Trailer for BEFORE MIDNIGHT Starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy

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Sony Pictures Classics has released the first trailer for director Richard Linklater’s sequel Before Midnight.  I caught the film at Sundance and it’s tough to say anything about it without ruining the film’s surprises.  If you were a fan of Before Sunrise and Before Sunset and have every intention of seeing Before Midnight opening weekend, I might suggest you not watch this trailer.  It doesn’t give anything away outright, but it’s much more fun to go into these movies knowing as little as possible.  That said, this trailer does a nice job of playing on the nostalgia from the first two films while teasing what Midnight has in store.  I will say that I had impossibly high expectations for Before Midnight going in, and I found that it somehow surpassed them.  This trilogy is truly one of the great works of cinema, and Before Midnight is not only a fantastic and worthy addition to the saga of Jesse and Celine, but it’s also one of the best films of the year so far.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer, and click here to read Matt’s review of the film from Sundance.  Before Midnight stars Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy and opens in limited release on May 24th.

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