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For most of his career, Kevin Smith freely admitted that screenwriting—particularly dialogue—was his strong suit, but he wasn’t a tremendous director. In my review of Red State, I noted that visually, the movie was miles ahead of anything Smith had ever done, but it was hamstrung by a scattershot tone and shoddy screenwriting that was too reliant on juvenile humor. Although his follow-up, Tusk, keeps the same commendable visuals as Red State, Smith’s talent as a screenwriter has greatly declined as he descends into self-parody with conversations and monologues that go on endlessly but rarely advance the story or provide insight into the characters. Instead, his greatest passion is for his grotesque monster, a creature that looks more silly than disturbing.

Justin Long Talks A CASE OF YOU, Where the Story Came from, Avoiding the Stalker Stereotype, Kevin Smith’s Horror Movie TUSK, and More

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Written by Justin Long, Christian Long and Keir O’Donnell, the indie flick A Case of You tells the story of a young writer named Sam (Justin Long), who has a crush on a cute and quirky barista named Birdie (Evan Rachel Wood).  By studying her Facebook profile, he makes himself into the man of her dreams, in order to woo her, but when she falls for his alter ego, he realizes that he needs to tell her the truth, even though he could lose her.

During this recent exclusive phone interview with Collider, actor/screenwriter Justin Long talked about where the idea for this story came from, what their writing process was like, how writing about a subject like this made him rethink the way he communicates with people, and making sure this character never came across like a creepy cyber-stalker.  He also talked about shooting the Kevin Smith horror movie Tusk, and writing a TV pilot with his brother, that he expects to also star in.  Check out what he had to say after the jump.

First Trailer for A CASE OF YOU Starring Justin Long, Evan Rachel Wood, and Peter Dinklage

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The first trailer for the romantic comedy A Case of You has been released online.  Directed by Kat Coiro, the film is set within the world of online dating and stars Justin Long as a young writer who tries to impress a girl (Evan Rachel Wood) he meets online with an embellished profile, adjusting his personality to fit her specific likes and dislikes.  Long co-wrote and produced the film in addition to starring, and it looks to be a funny and sweet indie with a potentially scene-stealing performance from Peter Dinklage as Long’s roommate.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.  The film also stars Sienna Miller, Brendan Fraser, Busy Phillips, and Keir O’Connell.  A Case of You opens in limited release on November 6th.

Christian Slater and Justin Long Join UNDISCOVERED GYRL Adaptation, Connie Nielsen Boards McG’s Latest and Ben Mendelsohn in Talks for MISSISSIPPI GRIND

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Check out the latest casting news below:

  • Christian Slater (Broken Arrow) and Justin Long (Live Free or Die Hard) join the indie drama Undiscovered Gyrl, an adaptation of Allison Burnett’s novel which Burnett himself will direct.
  • Connie Nielsen (Gladiator) has joined the latest McG project, previously reported as Three Days to Kill.  The pic is a darkly comic action thriller that involves a Secret Service agent who comes out of retirement for one last mission in exchange for a drug that could save his life.
  • Ben Mendelsohn (Killing Them Softly) is in talks to join Mississippi Grind, a road trip pic of sorts with a plot focused on gambling addiction.  The indie also stars Jake Gyllenhaal who will produce.

Hit the jump for more on each picture.

Exclusive TV Spot for MOVIE 43 Starring Naomi Watts, Emma Stone, Halle Berry, and Many More

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movie 43 emma stone kieran culkin

The comedy omnibus Movie 43 has something for everyone with its enormous, star-studded cast: Emma Stone, Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Naomi Watts, Terrence Howard, Halle Berry, Jason Sudeikis, Gerard Butler, Kristen Bell, Chloe Moretz, Josh Duhamel, Johnny Knoxville, Elizabeth Banks, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Richard Gere, Anna Faris, Justin Long, Liev Schreiber, Uma Thurman, Seann William Scott, Kieran Culkin, Leslie Bibb, Jimmy Bennett, Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, Kate Bosworth, Patrick Warburton, Tony Shalhoub, Chris Pratt, Jack McBrayer, Aasif Mandvi, Bobby Cannavale.

Movie 43 opens on January 25, 2013, so Relativity sent over an exclusive TV spot.  If you can handle jokes about homeschool incest and inappropriate uses for hot sauce, watch it after the jump.  And make sure to check out the red band trailer.

6 New Images from MOVIE 43 Featuring Elizabeth Banks, Josh Duhamel, Halle Berry, Hugh Jackman, Jason Sudeikis, Richard Gere, and More

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Relativity Media has released few new images from the upcoming comedy omnibus Movie 43.  The film boasts a ginormous cast and multiple directors, as the central conceit focuses on a bunch of different people trying to track down “Movie 43.”  Peter Farrelly spearheads the pic which includes a collection of shorts directed by Brett Ratner, Elizabeth Banks, Mike Judge, Bob Odenkirk, and many more.  These images give us a peek at the characters played by Banks, Josh Duhamel, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Justin Long, Jason Sudeikis, and Richard Gere.

Hit the jump to check out the images, and click here to watch the red band trailer.  The film also stars Gerard Butler, Kristen Bell, Chloe Moretz, Uma Thurman, Ricky Gervais, Chris Pratt, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Anna Faris, and many, many more.  Movie 43 opens on January 25, 2013.

Red-Band Trailer for MOVIE 43 Features Jason Sudeikis Admiring Kristen Bell’s Crotch and So Much Ad-Libbing

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If you like your movie trailers short on plot, heavy on the ad-libbing and redder than a Romney state, then you’ll love this new red-band effort from Movie 43.  The Peter Farrelly ensemble comedy stars everyone you’ve ever heard of in Hollywood and even some you haven’t.  Movie 43 has released another red-band trailer previously, but the new one mostly focuses on a stream of improv from Jason Sudeikis who is admiring Kristen Bell’s crotch.

Starring Elizabeth Banks, Kristen Bell, Halle Berry, Leslie Bibb, Kate Bosworth, Gerard Butler and everyone else, Movie 43 opens on January 25th, 2013.  Hit the jump to see the new red-band trailer.

4 Clips from Phone Sex Comedy FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL… Starring Lauren Miller and Ari Graynor

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for-a-good-time-call-ari graynor lauren anne miller slice

Four clips from the sex comedy For a Good Time, Call… have been released.  The film centers on a pair of roommates who bond when they go into business as phone sex operators.  It premiered at Sundance to a fairly positive response, with our own Matt Goldberg calling it an enjoyable little film (read his review here).  Lauren Miller and Ari Graynor star as the titular roommates, but a number of actors like Seth Rogen and Kevin Smith pop up for cameos as phone sex customers.

Hit the jump to watch the clips.  The film also stars Justin LongJames Wolk, and Mark WebberFor a Good Time, Call… opens in limited release on August 31st.

First Trailer for 10 YEARS Starring Channing Tatum, Rosario Dawson and Chris Pratt

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We’ve got the first trailer for 10 Years, an ensemble comedy centering on a group of friends at their high school reunion.  The directorial debut of Jamie Linden (Dear John), 10 Years stars Channing Tatum as Jake, who is ready to propose to his girlfriend (Jenna Dewan-Tatum) until he runs into his old flame (Rosario Dawson) at the reunion.  The film also stars Chris Pratt, Justin Long, Max Minghella, Kate Mara, Oscar Isaac, Ari Graynor and Lynn Collins.  Hit the jump to watch the trailer.

New Trailer for FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL…

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for-a-good-time-call-ari graynor lauren anne miller slice

I thought For a Good Time, Call… was an enjoyable albeit forgettable flick that relied heavily on dirty words for laughs.  The film centers on a pair of roommates who bond when they go into business as phone sex operators.  The red-band trailer did a good job of summing up the plot and humor, but the new green band trailer can only deliver the plot synopsis because dirty words are the devil’s language and thus not appropriate for all audiences.  I would recommend watching the red-band and green-band trailers back-to-back so you can marvel at the comparison of how bland the film looks when it can’t rely on its filthy-language hook.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer.  The film stars Ari Graynor, Lauren Anne Miller, Justin Long, James Wolk, and Mark WebberFor a Good Time, Call… opens in limited release on August 31st.

Justin Long in Talks for THE TEN O’CLOCK PEOPLE, Dylan McDermott Boards OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN, Oscar Isaac Negotiates for TWO FACES OF JANUARY

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Here are some recent casting additions at a glance:

Hit the jump for more on each picture.

Red Band Trailer and Poster for FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL… Starring Ari Graynor and Lauren Anne Miller

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for-a-good-time-call-ari graynor lauren anne miller slice

Focus Features has released the first trailer for For a Good Time Call…—given that the story centers on two young women (Ari Graynor and Lauren Anne Miller) who team to up to start their own sex hotline, the trailer is red band.  Matt saw the comedy at Sundance, and wasn’t especially impressed.  The trailer fails to rebut Matt’s criticisms thoroughly, but Graynor and Miller appear to have a) chemistry and b) fun with the characters.  That could be enough to carry a movie like this.  The trailer is at the very least worth a watch for the surprise cameo at the end.

Justin Long, James Wolk, Nia Vardalos, and Mark Webber co-star in For a Good Time, Call…, directed by Jamie Travis.  Hit the jump for the trailer and a new poster.

Justin Long, Evan Rachel Wood, and Peter Dinklage to Star in A CASE OF YOU

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Justin Long is gearing up to stretch his filmmaking chops behind the camera. Long wrote and will produce the indie A Case of You, which he will also star in alongside Evan Rachel Wood and Peter Dinklage. Variety reports that the story centers on “a young writer who tries to impress a girl he meets online with an embellished profile, but finds himself in a real mess when she falls for him and he has to keep up the act.” While the logline seems a bit “teen comedy”, I’m encouraged by the cast and, ultimately, Long’s involvement. He’s been a standout in a large number of films over the past few years and I’m interested to see something that comes straight from his creative voice. Also, Dinklage rules. Neither Wood nor Long have anything (officially) on the immediate horizon, but Dinklage can be seen in the second season of Game of Thrones starting April 1st on HBO. He returns to film season three later this summer.

Sundance 2012: FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL… Review

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Eventually, society will accept that people saying dirty words won’t be the downfall of Western civilization.  Over the past few decades, words that weren’t permissible on television have become commonplace.  I believe within ten years, “fuck” will be used as casually as “ass” or “damn” on network sitcoms.  In this way, For a Good Time, Call… is a trailblazer in using a sitcom-y premise and filling it up with filthy language.  All of the clichés are still in place, the humor is inoffensive (unless you’re one of the vulgarity-western-downfall people), and the film provides a nice little distraction.


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20th Century Fox has released the first trailer for Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, the third movie in the series, and it’s absolutely painful. Really and truly. It’s basically Lost with annoying pop song-singing Chipmunks. The story finds Jason Lee and his Chipmunks “chipwrecked” on a desert island after a luxurious cruise. Lee is split up from his chipmunks, and said chipmunks wonder how they’re ever going to find their master in between singing Lady Gaga songs. I guess kids will enjoy it, but this is one of those kids movies that has zero appeal to the parents that are dragged along.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer. The voice cast features Justin Long, Matthew Gray Gubler, Jesse McCartney, Amy Poehler, Anna Faris, and Christina Applegate.  Jason Lee, David Cross, and Jenny Slate will reprise their live-action roles.  Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked is scheduled for release on December 16th.

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