Joe Carnahan Talks STATE OF AFFAIRS, Pairing Katherine Heigl and Alfre Woodard, Balancing Action and Character, Guest Stars, THE BLACKLIST, and More

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joe_carnahan_State of Affairs-interview

From writer/director/executive producer Joe Carnahan, the new NBC drama series State of Affairs follows top CIA analyst Charleston Tucker (Katherine Heigl), as she prioritizes the biggest international crises facing the country to present them in the President’s Daily Briefing (PDB).  Along with that, Charlie has a close personal relationship with President Constance Payton (Alfre Woodard), having once been engaged to her son before a tragic terrorist attack took his life.  And as she delves into who’s responsible for her fiancé’s murder, the answers will reveal themselves as a shocking mystery.

During this exclusive interview with Collider, Joe Carnahan talked about why he wanted to get into television, why The Blacklist (for which he is an executive producer) and State of Affairs were so appealing to him, how exciting it is to have the pairing of pairing of Katherine Heigl and Alfre Woodard, that they’re looking to get some cool guest stars, the balance between great action and interesting characters, why he likes the constraints of a TV budget that force you to get more creative, and telling a story with close-ended episodes that also have an over-arcing incident.  Check out what he had to say after the jump, and be aware that there are some spoilers.

Red Band HOME SWEET HELL Trailer Features Patrick Wilson and Katherine Heigl as a Killer Couple

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Did you know that Patrick Wilson, Katherine Heigl and Jordana Brewster made a movie together?  Probably not and this new red band trailer proves why.  Anthony BurnsSkateland follow-up, Home Sweet Hell, looks absolutely ridiculous.  But the question is, is it a so bad it’s good type of situation?

Wilson leads the film as Don Champagne.  He used to be a used car salesman, but now he’s got it all – a beautiful home, loving marriage and his very own rugs and furniture store.  But then Brewster’s character comes in and ruins it all.  She sleeps with Don and then blackmails him for money by threatening to tell his wife.  The thing is, Mona Champagne (Heigl) isn’t about to leave her man over a little fling; she’d rather just kill Brewster instead.  Hit the jump to check out the Home Sweet Hell trailer.  No word on a release date just yet, but Vertical Entertainment has the US theatrical rights to this one.  The film also stars Kevin McKidd and Jim Belushi.

New Images from Andrew Niccol’s GOOD KILL, YOUR RIGHT MIND Starring Katherine Heigl, and HUNGRY HEARTS

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It’s hard to believe it, but the fall film festival circuit is fast approaching.  Things kick off with the Venice Film Festival on August 27th, and today new images from three films that will be showcased in Italy have landed online.  Briefly:

  • Good Kill – Writer/director Andrew Niccol (Gattaca, Lord of War) returns to timely material by telling the story of a Las Vegas-based drone pilot.  The film stars Ethan Hawke and January Jones.
  • Your Right Mind – Actress Katherine Heigl fronts director Ami Canaan Mann’s (Texas Killing Fields) contemporary romance as a former country singer fighting for custody of her daughter.  Ben Barnes and Clea DuVaal also star.
  • Hungry Hearts – Rising star Adam Driver leads this offbeat love story of a couple that meets, gets married, and anticipates the arrival of their baby until they are told that they will have an “indigo” child.  Alba Rohrwacher and Roberta Maxwell also star.

Hit the jump to check out the new images and synopses for the aforementioned films.  The 2014 Venice Film Festival runs from August 27 – September 6th.

First Look at Pierce Brosnan in HOW TO MAKE LOVE TO AN ENGLISHMAN and Katherine Heigl in YOUR RIGHT MIND

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Debut images from a pair of upcoming films being shopped at Cannes have been officially unveiled.  Firstly, the How to Make Love to An Englishman image reveals star Pierce Brosnan in the “sexually charged and sophisticated romantic comedy” from director Tom Vaughn (What Happens in Vegas).  Brosnan plays a Cambridge University professor who meets his match in Salma Hayek, but is forced to face the music when a complicated romantic entanglement emerges with her graduate student stepsister, played by Jessica Alba.  The film is currently in post-production but doesn’t yet have a release date.

Additionally, the first Your Right Mind image highlights star Katherine Heigl as a former country singer fighting for custody of her daughter.  Ami Canaan Mann (Texas Killing Fields) directs the contemporary romance, which stars Ben Barnes (Chronicles of Narnia) as a traveling folk singer who strikes up an unlikely friendship with Hegil’s character.  The film also stars Clea DuVaal, Sheryl Lee, Emily Alyn Lind, and Ryan Bingham.  Check out both first-look images after the jump.

Will Arnett and Katherine Heigl Talk THE NUT JOB, Creating the Voices for Their Characters, Collaborating with the Director and Animators, and More

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Director Peter Lepeniotis’ animated 3D comedy caper, The Nut Job, follows the adventures of Surly (voiced by Will Arnett), an enterprising but mischievous squirrel who’s banished from his park by a villainous raccoon (voiced by Liam Neeson) for destroying the winter food supply.  To help his pals in the park survive the winter, he plans a heist of his town’s biggest nut shop and takes the ragtag crew he’s assembled on an action-packed adventure they’ll never forget.  Opening January 17th, the film also features the voices of Katherine Heigl, Brendan Fraser, and Maya Rudolph.

At a recent press conference in Los Angeles, Arnett and Heigl talked about creating the voice for their animated characters, the recording process, collaborating with Lepeniotis and the animators, their favorite character in the movie, doing a small independent film compared to a big studio production, their children’s reaction to seeing their work on screen, when they first knew they wanted to become actors, their advice for parents whose children want to act, and the importance of teamwork, redemption and family.  Heigl also revealed her upcoming feature comedy, Jenny’s Wedding.  Hit the jump to read the interview. 

Teaser Trailer for THE NUT JOB Featuring the Voices of Will Arnett and Liam Neeson

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Open Road Films has released the first teaser trailer for director Peter Lepeniotis’ upcoming animated film The Nut Job.  Based on Lepeniotis’ short film of the same name, the film takes place in fictional 1950s Oakton and follows the adventures of the mischievous squirrel Surly and his rat pal Buddy as they plan a nut store heist that gets out of hand.  This trailer has all the clichés of the animated film genre and absolutely none of the charm.  There’s an obligatory pop culture-related dance break that makes zero sense, and of course a fart joke.  Hilarious.

Hit the jump to watch the teaser trailer.  The film features the voices of Will Arnett, Liam Neeson, Katherine Heigl, Jeff Dunham, and Maya RudolphThe Nut Job opens in theaters on January 17th.

New Trailer for THE BIG WEDDING Starring Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon, and Katherine Heigl

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Lionsgate has released a new trailer for director Justin Zackham’s ensemble romantic comedy The Big Wedding.  The film centers on a divorced couple (Robert De Niro and Diane Keaton) who are forced to pretend like they’re still married when their adopted son’s (Ben Barnes) deeply religious biological mother comes to town for his wedding.  Though the cast boasts some actual talent, the way the movie is framed in this recent trailer almost plays like a parody, complete with cheesy voiceover, zany physical comedy, and The Romantics’ “What I Like About You.”  The pic was previously scheduled for release last October before Lionsgate decided to push it to this spring.

Hit the jump to take a look at the new trailer.  The film also stars Katherine Heigl, Amanda Seyfried, Susan Sarandon, Topher Grace, and Robin WilliamsThe Big Wedding opens on October 26th.

Dermot Mulroney in CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR; Jack Huston Joins David O. Russell’s Untitled Abscam Movie; Wilson and Heigl to Star in NORTH OF HELL

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Today’s casting updates include:

  • Dermot Mulroney (My Best Friend’s Wedding) joins Nick Jonas, of Jonas Brothers fame, and Isabel Lucas (Immortals) in Careful What You Wish ForElizabeth Allen (Aquamarine) will be directing from a script by Chris Frisina and Gregg Hurwitz.
  • Jack Huston (Boardwalk Empire) has been added to the already stellar cast of David O. Russell’s untitled Abscam movie.  The rest of the cast includes Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Jeremy Renner, and Louis CK.
  • Katherine Heigl and Patrick Wilson are set to headline the dark comedy North of Hell. Anthony Burns (Skateland) will be writing and directing.

Hit the jump for more on each casting.

2013 Razzie Nominations Announced; TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN – PART 2 Gets Nominated in Every Category

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As we await the 85th Academy Award nominations announcement on Thursday morning, we now have a look at the opposite end of the 2012 film spectrum.  The 33rd Golden Raspberry Award nominations have been announced, celebrating the very worst of what 2012′s movie slate had to offer.  Leading the pack is The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 with 10 nominations, as the film landed a nomination in every single category.  The Twilight closer will go head-to-head with Battleship, A Thousand Words, That’s My Boy, and The Oogieloves in Big Balloon Adventure for the Worst Picture title.

It’s easy to beat up on the Twilight franchise, and even though I wouldn’t go so far as to call Breaking Dawn – Part 2 a good movie, it’s in no way the worst movie of the year.  The sheer amount of beheadings alone in director Bill Condon’s climactic fight sequence is enough to make the movie worth watching.  Anyway, hit the jump to check out the full list of Razzie Awards nominations.

Katherine Heigl, Will Arnett and Brendan Fraser to Voice Characters in THE NUT JOB

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Director Peter Lepeniotis has landed a solid voice cast for his upcoming animated feature, The Nut Job. Katherine Heigl (Grey’s Anatomy), Will Arnett (Arrested Development) and Brendan Fraser (The Mummy) are among the actors that will lend their voices to characters in the film. The Nut Job will be based on Lepeniotis’ 2005 short film, Surly Squirrel. Disney veteran Lorne Cameron (Over the Hedge) scripted the film, “an action-packed comedy set in the late 1950s in fictional Oakton [that] follows the travails of the mischievous squirrel Surly and his rat pal Buddy as they plan a nut store heist that gets out of hand.” Hit the jump to see who else is joining the picture’s voice cast and to check out Surly Squirrel. 

First Trailer and Poster for THE BIG WEDDING Starring Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon, and Robin Williams

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The first trailer and poster for the ensemble romantic comedy The Big Wedding have been released.  The film centers on a divorced couple (Robert De Niro and Diane Keaton) who are forced to pretend like they’re still married when their adopted son’s (Ben Barnes) deeply religious biological mother comes to town for his wedding.  Zaniness ensues.  Though the involvement of Katherine Heigl puts this one immediately on iffy ground, the highlight of the trailer is the chemistry between De Niro and Keaton. If the film focuses mainly on their relationship, we might be in for a fairly amusing rom-com.  That said, the clip definitely plays up the farcical tone and “wacky antics” that occur when everything goes awry, so I’m not exactly holding my breath.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.  Directed by Justin Zackham, the film also stars Amanda Seyfried, Susan Sarandon, Topher Grace, and Robin WilliamsThe Big Wedding opens on October 26th.

NEW YEAR’S EVE Blu-ray Review

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Emboldened by the success of Valentine’s Day, Garry Marshall took another crack at the holiday-based all-star anthology in 2011, with similarly repulsive results. This time, though, movie-goers commendably ignored him (and hopefully quashed plans for Columbus Day or whatever the hell was coming next). Of course, it’s never a good idea to interpret the commercial failure of a terrible movie as anything more than an aberration. But in this case, there was an encouraging sense that the world had finally revolted against a sub-genre populated by cynical, bald-faced cash-grabs.

And indeed, New Year’s Eve is the romantic comedy distilled to its basest form; a film that trots out a dizzying array of A-listers and expects applause, while abandoning time-consuming chores like character, story and dialogue. Hit the jump for the full review.

Isabel Coixet to Direct THE AGE OF ADALINE, a Fantasy Romance Which No Longer Stars Katherine Heigl

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the age of adaline

Isabel Coixet has signed on to direct The Age of Adaline for Lakeshore Entertainment, Sydney Kimmel Entertainment, and Anonymous Content.  The fantasy romance centers on a beautiful young woman born at the turn of the 20th century.  She hasn’t aged in a hundred years following an unspecified accent, but “after years of a solitary life, she meets a man who might be worth losing her immortality.”  Katherine Heigl was set to star, matched with Andy Tennant (The Bounty Hunter) as director.  That would have been waste of a perfectly good premise, but THR says Heigl is no longer attached.

I know the Spaniard best as the director behind the touching drama My Life Without Me—I’d love to see Coixet reunite with Sarah Polley (the anti-Heigl) here.  Of course Penelope Cruz, the star of Coixet’s Elegy, could also pull off Ageless Beauty.  I mean, sorry to add to the hate, but I am excited by the possibilities now that Heigl is off the project.

Casting Call: Katherine Heigl Up for Film Noir Puppet Comedy THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS; Al Pacino Set as Villain in DESPICABLE ME 2

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We’ve got some casting news concerning two upcoming “kids” movies to share with you this afternoon. First up, Katherine Heigl is in talks to star in the film noir puppet comedy The Happytime Murders. You read that right, a film noir puppet comedy. The film comes from director Brian Henson (son of puppet pioneer Jim Henson) and has been in development at the Henson Company for quite some time. The pic takes place in a world inhabited by both humans and puppets, but puppets are viewed as second-class citizens. The logline goes like this:

“When the puppet cast of an 1980s kids TV show gets murdered one by one, a disgraced detective-turned-private eye puppet takes on the case.”

Hit the jump for more on this decidedly dark puppet tale, as well as news concerning Al Pacino in Despicable Me 2.

Katherine Heigl to Star in Psychological Thriller FACE BLIND

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Fear not, Katherine Heigl fans! Though it’s sad that the opening weekend of One for the Money has already come and gone, leaving us with many Heigl-less moviegoing weekends to come, the 27 Dresses star won’t be absent from theaters for long. Deadline reports that Heigl is set to star in an independent thriller called Face Blind. If you’re thinking to yourself “That’s a terrible title,” I point your attention to the film’s arguably more terrible logline: Hegl stars as “a psychologist struck with a rare affliction that makes it impossible to distinguish people by their faces. When a man who terrorized her most vulnerable patient stalks her, the psychologist can’t recognize him, and her husband thinks she’s the one who is going crazy.” Sure.

It appears that Heigl’s attempting to go the “serious dramatic route” after languishing in romantic comedy hell for the past few years, but she’s chosen a seriously awful premise with which to stretch whatever dramatic chops she may possess. In addition to starring, Heigl will also produce Face Blind (I sincerely hope they keep this title). The actress most recently starred in the aptly named One for the Money, and will next be seen in the star-packed romantic comedy The Wedding.

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